Forged metal entrance doors – steel classic (25 photos)

If the theater starts with a hanger, then the house is from the entrance door. Because the beautiful and stylish door meets the guests, the external appearance of the whole dwelling and the impression it produces are dependent. However, the quality entrance door should not only be attractive in appearance, but also provide security for tenants, because this is one of its main destinations.

The most popular options that combine these listed qualities are the metal entrance doors. If in a multi-storey house an apartment will usually be crowned with a continuous smooth canvas, then residents of private houses prefer to install forged structures. We will talk about the latter today.

Decorative forged door

Wooden door with a forged decor

Features of forged structures

Iron forged doors or doors, decorated with forged elements, entered the human life a very long time ago, when a person first became concerned about the safety of his own home. The first doors were quite rough and not at all like the modern versions. However, metal forging masters developed their craft, and today we are met with truly masterpieces, about which it's hard to even think that we have cold and strict metal.

Forged door design

Forged door to the house

Modern forged doors can be solid or have inserts made of glass and wood. Drawings on such doors can be folded into geometric patterns, intricate abstract compositions, to be very complex or the simplest. In fact, there are a lot of options for the forged finish of the doors - it all depends on the imagination of the author and the skill of the performer.

If we talk about the advantages of this option of the entrance door, then we can recall that:

  • this door is reliable and durable;
  • provides the necessary level of security;
  • has high sound and heat insulation characteristics;
  • with proper care is not one decade;
  • has an original design and attractive appearance.

Of course, like any element of interior and exterior, such doors have their drawbacks. The most important for many is the high price of the product. Often forged doors are made individually and under the order. The master makes a unique design, relying on your requirements. Undoubtedly, this minus makes you think, but on the other hand, you can always be sure that no other of your neighbors will have such a door. In addition, the high strength characteristics of the design itself deserve to be paid for properly.

Forged elements on the door


Door forging

Wrought Iron Gate

If the forged door seems too expensive, the masters always have a spare option - they can use forged settings on the door. In this case, only some parts of the door will be made by the mother forging, the main part will be occupied by a simple door leaf. Forged items can be of different shapes, colors and sizes - there are many options, and the choice depends on the result that the owner wants to see.

Forged door in the apartment

Forged metal door

Forged interior door

The second disadvantage can be called the probability of corrosion of metal, but it is so small and primarily depends on the professional qualities of the master who makes you a door, so you should refer this deficiency to the category of possible troubles.

Forged door with lining

Forged door with canopy

Forged door for antiquity


The most popular option for this type of entrance door is forged doors with glass. Such a door looks very attractive and gentle, the glass passes a sufficient amount of light into the house and allows you to view the incoming without opening the door. The design with glass differs in its light weight and interesting execution. The glass can be transparent, matte or mirror. Any of these options adds its zest to the composition, making the combination of metal and glass organic and attractive.

Forged swing door

Forged door with extender

Forged steel door

It may seem that the door with glass is less reliable and does not provide the necessary security, there is some truth in this, but only if there is a chance to see life inside the house from the street. The same glass is made specifically for use in the front door and is characterized by high strength and durability.

Very often, forged doors are made in the kit for such a door. Most often they are designed in the same style as the door, they have interlocking elements with the decoration of the door, but the main thing is that they reliably protect the door and the space in front of the door from the rain.

Forged door with glass

Forged front door

Forged stained glass door

Also known for their demand forged doors for the past. These designs, on the contrary, are known for their heaviness and resemble the entrance constructions of ancient castles. Such doors are decorated with coarse elements and various rivets, which may seem somewhat original. Naturally, the facade of the house must correspond to this choice, otherwise the old door will definitely be lost among the finishes with modern materials.

Forged gates

Forged door in the country house

Wrought iron door

As you can see, there can be a lot of variants, it is important that the forged door is liked by you, approached the exterior and met all the technological requirements. Only the door that meets all these aspects can make a pleasant impression on your guests and tell you about your good taste.

Arched hammered door

White forged door

Forged door with bronze


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