Door and window slopes from laminate (24 photos)

After the installation of the window or the front door, the finishing of the slopes is also required, in order to make the whole structure of the finished attractive look.

For this purpose, the following can be used:

  • drywall;
  • plastic;
  • MDF;
  • plaster;
  • laminate.

Slopes from a laminate on entrance doors and on windows are not only beautiful, but in many cases it is not difficult to make the skin of the openings yourself.

Arched laminated slopes

White laminated slopes

Advantages of laminate

The fact that slopes from the laminate floor can be increasingly seen in offices and in apartments due to the presence of laminated panels, widely represented today in the construction market, a number of positive qualities listed below:

  • Availability (material can be purchased almost everywhere and at an affordable price).
  • Aesthetics (it has an attractive appearance, it is well combined with other finishing materials, especially with wood, since the laminate is mostly made with a surface imitating a particular type of wood).
  • A wide range (in terms of shades, texture, wear classes and at cost).
  • Simplicity of installation (finishing of slopes with a laminate can be carried out even by beginners in the field of construction works).
  • Wear resistance (the material has a high resistance to abrasion, it is not easily scratched even with metal objects).
  • Strength (withstands moderate impact and bending stresses).
  • Moisture resistance (in some modifications of the laminate there is not only the upper, but also the lower protective layer, which counteracts the penetration of moisture into the thickness of the material).
  • Long service life (20 years and more).

All the information given in the article is equally suitable for window and door slopes from laminate, so in the future only the slopes of the entrance door will be considered, although the finishing of the slopes of the entrance door with laminate, in turn, differs little in technology from the decoration of the door slopes of interior doors.

Black laminated slopes

Classic laminated slopes

Criteria for choosing a laminate

When choosing this material, in order to make slopes from the laminate, it is recommended to adhere to the following rules:

  • There should be compatibility, both types, and shades of the floor covering and door leafs with slope facing.
  • Contrasting colors should be avoided, as a rule, this is a sign of bad taste.
  • Choosing expensive wear-resistant laminate, it is necessary to take into account the fact that after 15 or 20 years the interior of the room in which there is a concrete doorway from the laminate can significantly change and, perhaps, more than once.
  • Good looking slopes on the door from the laminate, in color coincide with the shade of the door itself.
  • An important role in the skirting board, which should also harmonize with its coloring both with the color of the floor and doors, and with the material of the slopes.

If you cover the floor with a laminate, then considering that almost always in this case there are many lengths of different length, think about whether it is impossible to use them for facing the slopes of the door. This, on the one hand, will save money, and on the other hand, it will be a deliberately advantageous solution from the point of view of observing the laws of aesthetics and ensuring a combination of shades.

Wooden slopes

Wooden window slopes

How to make slopes for the door yourself

Today, the most popular are basically three ways to mount a laminate on the slopes of both the door and window. Consider them in order:

  1. With the use of adhesives. Most often, they use either liquid nails or similar compounds. To avoid unnecessary problems, it is necessary to align the surface of the slope base in advance, using either gypsum plasterboards or plaster.
  2. With the construction of the frame. This method is quite laborious, but it allows to obtain an even surface of the slopes without preliminary alignment of the base, and simultaneously a thermal layer can be laid. Plates laminate in this case are fixed with nails or glue on a frame of wooden blocks or plastic. Can also use the groove method.
  3. With the help of mounting foam. The simplest option, available for anyone who wants to make slopes from the laminate with their own hands. It is slightly similar to the first option, but it is simpler, since the elimination of unevenness occurs automatically due to swelling of the foam.

In addition, laminate can be installed in all three of the above cases:

  • Vertically. Then the lamellas are joined together along the narrow part (although this is often not required if the laminate has a sufficient width).
  • Horizontally. Individual short material plates are connected to each other with locks, starting from the bottom and up to the top.

Window slopes of laminated plywood

Door slopes made of laminate

Window slopes from the laminate in the kitchen

Preparation of the base of slopes

Before you begin to seal the slopes with a laminate with your own hands, you need to take care of the state of the surface of the base. At the same time, the degree of necessary alignment of the side parts of the opening depends on the chosen method of mounting the laminated material. It is recommended to pre-lacquer lumens, lay (if necessary) insulation, and after that already apply a special mesh and cover it with plaster. If laminate is to be puttied or fixed with glue, it is also necessary to additionally perform the priming of the base.

Slopes from laminate in the attic window

Slopes from the array

Door interroom laminated slopes

The next stage - marking the laminate and its cutting

Slopes should be without slots to cover the
wall in the place of the opening. Begin the installation from the bar located across the door jamb in the upper part of it. After it is fixed, determine the length of the side slats. For cutting a laminate it is better to use an electric jig saw, but it is also possible to use a hacksaw with small teeth. Also you can not do without a gon, metal ruler and roulette. If you are afraid of making a mistake in the correctness of the dimensions, you can make a template from some other material available, for example, from GKL or cardboard.

Laminated slopes in the Art Nouveau style

Mounting of doorways

Laminated door casings

Installation of laminate

To perform this work with their own hands, many choose the installation of slopes using a mounting foam, as compared to other methods, it is the simplest technology, therefore this method of mounting laminate panels is further considered.

Before proceeding with the self-installation of slopes, it is necessary first to designate the boundaries of the limits in which the laminate will be located. For what it is necessary to install auxiliary slats around the perimeter of the door frame, which will limit the movement of the slats.

Laminated slopes on the window

Laminated slopes for walnut

Laminated brown slopes

Next, first apply the top element and check that when the door is opened, it does not catch it. Then apply a mounting foam to the top of the door frame and not to the front side of the laminate, after which the laminate plate is applied back to the place of mounting and fixed with a paint tape.

The longer the length of tape, the more reliable it holds the material.

Do not apply a very thick layer of foam to the lamellas, as this can cause their displacement.

Next, install the side parts.

Laminated slopes

Doorway made of laminate

Carved doorways

Take into account when cutting a laminate, if it is installed in locks, that the markings need to be made only when assembled.

To ensure that the laminate panels do not separate after installation and no crevices are formed between them, grease the joints of the lamellas with glue.

After the final hardening of the mounting foam, its protruding excess should be cut off with a knife with a sharp blade. To disguise the cracks in the joints, the gaps in the corners, both internal and external, should be sealed with a decorative plastic corner, which is usually chosen close in color to the shade of either the door, or the floor, or the laminate. The final form of the entire construction will be provided by the platbands.

Laminated slopes of a folding door

Dark laminated slopes

Laminated slopes of the entrance door

In summary, we can say that the slopes, finished with laminate, is a very modern and good solution. You can create a very attractive cover for the door or window opening with your own hands. In this case, the use of laminated materials will ensure you and the quality, and will require little financial costs.


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