Design of the front door (19 photos): examples of the original decor

The front door is almost the hallmark of each house. It opens the veil of the tastes of the owner of the room and indicates its viability. The main feature of the door is its double design. It is quite possible to decorate the outside with one style, but the inner one in another. Thus, the door will look harmonious and with the lining of the house, and with the interior of the living space.

Wooden front door

Any door in an apartment or house must solve several problems:

  • Attractive appearance. This aspect is always paid attention in the first place. Criteria for choosing the door you like are enough for everyone and the final choice is completely individual.
  • Security. The outer part should have sufficient protective properties. This factor depends on the manufacturer and on the needs of the client. Here, the quality of the door unit itself and the correct installation are important.
  • Isolation of sound and heat. In some houses, increased insulation is required, and this can be achieved with the construction of doors. Sound insulation may not be as important as quality insulation. The front door should not allow any weather conditions to escape from the street and moreover, it should keep the temperature in the room as much as possible.
  • Delimitation of space. This point is more relevant to interior doors.
Design of the entrance door inside the apartment

The design of the entrance door depends on its design. For all types of doors there are sliding, swinging and arched models. Sliding options are now quite popular for interior decoration of the room, but for the outer door does not fit. Arched variants consist only of slopes, the door itself is rather formal. So for the entrance door is suitable only swing construction. The door itself hangs on hinges and opens when opened. Despite just one type of suitable construction, you can find quite a few unusual and original door models.

Different materials

The design of the entrance door directly depends on the materials from which it is made. Here you can distinguish:

Made of wood. Wooden doors are always very popular for their ecological compatibility and pleasant design. The plus is that the tree can be combined with other materials and it will look harmonious.

Entrance door made of wood

Made from MDF. This is a more budgetary version of the wooden door. Of wood, usually only slopes are made and sometimes the "box" of the door itself. Internal filling - honeycomb cardboard or pressed plates. Doors of such material can be given any shape and form.

Made of metal. Metal doors are very common among outdoor models. They are distinguished by their increased strength, which means they provide special protection, which is especially appreciated.

Entrance door made of metal

Made of plastic. These doors are modern in design and affordable. A fairly high-quality door, but still it's not the best option for the input model. Such doors are often installed on verandas and balconies. However, if the climate is temperate and there are not wide temperature differences, then such a door will be practical.

Made of glass. Glass doors are decorative rather than functional. Often used in the design of shops, shopping centers and offices. However, quite often glass inserts are used in the design of exterior doors. Inserts can be of different size, color and shape.

Black front door with glass inserts
Light designer front door

Determine with color

The color of the door should harmoniously fit in the interior. The classical option is the color of the wenge. It is combined with any facing materials, including stone. Also wenge is appropriate in almost all styles and can imitate wooden textures. Another advantage of the Wenge color can be considered its non-malleability.

For the outer part of the door, it is desirable to use a non-marking color, so that dust, drops and the like are not so noticeable. If there is a desire to additionally take care of the entrance door, then it is possible to decide on juicy and audacious tones, or alternatively, pick up the door in a pastel romantic palette. On the part of the hallway, the door can be white or completely completely in the style of the room.

Beige front door

The design itself still depends heavily on where the door will be installed. Cottages can not limit themselves in size, form, or additional elements of decor. And the door itself can be chosen from ready-made options or made according to individual sizes and designs. For apartments not so often install something unusual and exclusive, so as not to attract excessive attention, but the original design can be inside, from the entrance hall. On the other side of the apartment you can find a better finish and stylized design.

The simplest and cheapest option for decorating the door will be the usual painting or upholstery of vinyl skins. Using additional hardware cardinally changes the whole appearance. On the surface of the door can be added forged elements, lining of various materials, airbrushing, inserting glass and stained glass, even bringing the lighting system to the door itself.

Entrance door with the finish of their skin inside

Golden metal door
Beautiful entrance wooden door

Narrow the selection circle

The most reliable and strong are steel models and rece
ntly steel doors are more popular than wooden doors. Earlier, steel was not considered for residential buildings because of too rough appearance, but now this metal is perfectly lined with all sorts of decorative elements and special stylistic preferences are added to special strength.

The front door, painted in pink inside

For those who still love wood products, you can use the lining of wood. Outside, the door will look as simple as a wooden one, and inside it will be a steel sheet. Facing the stone beautifully decorate the door, decorated in antique style or even in vintage. Completely wooden patterns are found quite often, but choosing the type of wood, pay attention to the weather conditions of the site. High humidity, heavy rainfall, temperature changes can quickly ruin the tree. The same recommendations apply to wooden upholstery.

Beautiful entrance doors with glass inserts
Carved entrance wooden door
Entrance door made of wood and metal

Express yourself through the accessories

Even the most ordinary painted door can be radically changed, just by installing new handles and numbering. And adding overhead sockets, the simplest door leaf will change and show itself on the new side. Such items can be found in specialized stores, they are performed in different price ranges. Having seen all the variety, do not buy everything in a row and create an abstract applique. Decorations should be chosen in one color and style.

Red front door

The design of the door changes with the replacement of loops and locks. Despite the fact that these elements are small and do not have to be very noticeable, getting out of the picture, they strongly spoil the whole view of the door. Massive loops will add doors of reliability and aristocracy, and a well-sealed castle will not break out with its modern look.

Brown front door to apartment

More often now you can meet at home, where they place a bell, a gong or a knob-handle instead of a door lock. Such cute elements may not carry a functional load, but definitely give the house design a certain charm and style. Such attributes can be found already ready or to order manufacturing on an individual sketch. A variety of materials can be used to emphasize the original style of your home as much as possible.

Entrance door made of wood and stained glass
Black and silver entrance door to the apartment
Black entrance door between windows

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