Wooden ceiling in the interior (19 photos): beautiful colors and decoration

The wooden ceiling is not a "last century", but a new trend in the interior. If you properly design, you can create an unrivaled atmosphere in which important details will be highlighted. Such modern techniques are often used in practice, so they can be freely considered to draw certain conclusions.

Wooden ceiling in the white bedroom

Different options for finishing the wooden ceiling

Thinking about how to trim the ceiling in a wooden house, some people choose a hanging or pulling option. Yes, it shortens the terms of repair, and also has several advantages, but this option changes the general atmosphere, causing irreparable harm to it. It is much more practical in a private house to apply natural material in various ways:

  • With exposed beams;
  • Without beams.

In the interior, both methods can be applied without restrictions, correctly comparing materials. Such beautiful options can not be ruled out to achieve coziness and comfort.

Beautiful bedroom design with wooden ceiling

Beams of a wooden ceiling

Today, finishing the ceiling with wooden beams has become a sign of luxury and wealth in the house. Similar modern variants are found in new projects, where the initial requirement is the creation of convenience for each member of the family.

Experts suggest two types of use of beams:

  • Bearing structures;
  • Simulation of the design.

In a complex interior of the room you can use different materials, and even the traditional white ceiling will look attractive. To do this, you need to think through the dark design, making it decorative details.

Wooden ceiling with beams

Bearing structures

Beams can remain load-bearing floor structures. In this case, the wooden ceiling simultaneously carries a functional load. Although this does not deny the complex design and design of the amazing elements. And their color is selected in accordance with their own wishes. The only limitation is the preliminary drafting. At the first stages, this nuance should be considered. Usually people prefer to hide such elements, but they can be used successfully, visually removing the low ceiling.

Bearing beams on the ceiling

Bearing beams on the ceiling
Bearing beams on the ceiling in the interior

Simulation of construction

The most widely used variants of finishing, where imitation of the bearing structure is applied. In such cases, the wooden ceiling is completed with beams, but this is an ordinary decor. For him, often not even using natural materials, which reduces the weight of the finish, professionals are advised to refer to the conifers with their elegant pattern. You can arrange by any means to change the appearance of the bathroom or other room. The techniques are justified by the beauty, although the design is slightly complicated by the details, which are affected by the color.

Beams in the interior of the kitchen
Wooden beams on a white ceiling

Wooden ceiling without beams

Beams are not the only option for finishing. Wooden ceiling is created in other ways, but its design requires a good vision of the surrounding space and professional skills. No suspended ceiling in the apartment can be compared with it for its attractiveness, so it is profitable to spend money, creating coziness.

Decorative appearance is achieved with the help of natural materials. It is more practical to finish with a lining, which is easier to work with, but completely conveys the feeling of natural wood. And this is not imitation, but the correct application of available resources. After that, the room does not require painting white, considered a classic.

Beautiful wooden ceiling in the house

Wooden ceiling with spot lighting
Wooden natural ceiling in the living room
Beautiful wooden ceiling in the bedroom

Roof ceiling in the kitchen: pros and cons

Often people like the wooden roof rack. On the one hand, its color and design attract the eye, but on the other - this decor has several drawbacks. During the renovation, the apartment has to address all the nuances, so it is necessary to consider both approaches in detail.

Roof ceiling in the living room and kitchen

Pros of the ceilings:


Decorative ceilings from the lining are not difficult to meet. In the interior they are used constantly, especially since it is difficult to make good decorations from the boards. It should be noted certain advantages, which make the registration profitable and useful:

  • Elegant appearance;
  • Average cost;
  • Durability.

Use of lining in the first place allows you to get amazing design in a private house. No panels will replace racks in the interior, so professionals prefer a reliable approach
. And the ceiling lights will give the right lighting, highlighting the wooden surface in the room.

The wooden surface well resists mechanical damage and temperature changes. Because of this, the use of lining is expedient in any room, unlike boards. The lifetime of such a ceiling is great, and painting to preserve color is not required, which certainly will please the owners.

Light wooden ceiling strip

Cons of the ceilings:

When you are going to make a wooden ceiling in the kitchen or in the bathroom, do not immediately resort to racks. Clapboard is better to trim other rooms or walls, so as not to create unnecessary complications in advance. The design chosen depends not only on color or attractiveness, it is necessary to approach materials in a practical way. What are the disadvantages of coverage?

  • Complex care;
  • Additional finishing.
Beautiful wooden slatted ceiling

A beautiful color and look makes you return to natural materials once or twice. Now lining the professionals clean up any premises, but they remind us of the disadvantages. So, you need to prepare for the application of impregnation, if not used panels, because in the bathroom or in the kitchen will have to face increased moisture. They will create a protective layer, emphasizing the design and making it reliable.

Unlike lining, imitation of wood does not require permanent care. Its color and design is almost no different from natural material, and if you choose the right lighting, the panels will be an ideal replacement. For this, both lamps and chandelier are perfect, so there is no limit.

Retic wooden ceiling with beautiful lighting

Wooden ceiling in the living room

Looking through the projects, you can be sure that in a private house professionals do wonders. They freely choose colors and lamps, creating an indescribable interior even in the bathroom. Only people still prefer natural materials and natural lighting, so the painting of the boards of the wall has remained in the past. The cozy living room is completely finished with wood, becoming fabulous.

Wooden ceiling in the living room-kitchen

The ceiling was a long-standing issue. Some people prefer panels, although in the bathroom they successfully refuse them. In some ways, they are right, because the species does not change much, but why abandon a better approach?

In a private house, the living room can be finished in any form. Both white and dark color perfectly complements the decorative ceiling design. Chandelier and lamps remain in the background. They turn into ordinary lighting, retaining only functionality. What is the secret of taking designers?

Creating a decorative design, professionals use visual weight and power. This effect can be created with the help of boards and beams on the ceiling, if you mount panels on the walls. Reception allows you to apply any color, although white still remains more attractive. The living room is drowned in it, even dim lighting, for which lights and a chandelier are used, provides comfort.

White wooden ceiling in the living room

If you want to see a dark color in your house, it's better to work with contrasts. In this case, the chandelier and fixtures play an important role, because the painting of the wall and furniture should stand out, leaving the details in the background. Usually, bright panels are used for this, for example, from light wood species. In the bathroom, the colors almost do not affect the sensations of a person, as his attention is attracted not by coloring, but by plumbing. When the designer changes the living room, he has to change even the lighting, free to instantly change colors.

The tree is perfect for finishing the ceiling, if its color is selected in accordance with the surrounding space. In this case, the chandelier and lamps give sufficient illumination, but the colors and the pattern of the material remain a topical problem. In the bathroom you can use inexpensive panels, but in the living room or in the kitchen you should look at complex tricks.

Natural wooden ceiling in the living room with fireplace
Wooden ceiling in the kitchen with a bar counter

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