Window-sill made of stone: reliable nobility (23 photos)

Renovating the interior, the owners of housing are often forced to deal with the sill. Standard plastic is not popular with everyone, but there are other options. Always presentable are the windowsills made of stone.

Window-sill made of beige stone

Window-sill of white marble

Of artificial stone

Most often, the injection molding stone is produced from three components:

  • mineral filler;
  • dye;
  • resin.

By joining, they form a strong, thermally stable material. The solidified monolith is thoroughly ground, after which the windowsills made of artificial stone are virtually indistinguishable from analogues of natural material.

Window-sill of white stone

Black window sill made of stone

What is good about a stone window sill?

The structure of the artificial analog does not provide for pores and sutures, so the emergence of microcracks, fungus, bacteria, the release of harmful substances is excluded. In addition, window sills made of artificial stone have many positive consumer qualities:

  • They are very durable, durable;
  • resistant to the sun, moisture, home "chemistry", other aggressive influences;
  • much lighter than natural;
  • They can heat up and keep warm, making the room cozy;
  • A virtually unlimited palette of colors and shades is possible;
  • any defect in the surface (chips, cracks, scratches) without any problems is eliminated by a special composition;
  • unpretentious in care, hygienic: the surface is completely cleaned from any contamination, does not absorb moisture, odors.

People with creative queries will appreciate the possibility of creating from an unclouded mass of a product of any shape and color, with impregnations of shells, glass, mirror fragments, stone crumbs.
Window-sill made of stone in the living room


Against the background of such advantages, the artificial material has flaws. The main thing is the intolerance of the heat. Heavily heated objects will leave spots on the windowsill, which will not be able to be removed.



The market presents products from several types of artificial stone.


The most demanded, consists of the same resin and fillers. Window sills made of acrylic stone can be of any shape and color, guaranteed to be unique in design.

Window-sill made of granite

Granite window sill in the interior


The cheaper, problematic in processing, so the sills made of artificial stone of this kind make an exceptionally rectangular. The resin, which is part of its composition, has a specific odor that does not immediately erode.


The agglomerate, almost entirely composed of natural fillers: natural quartz and decorative additives. Quartz provides excellent performance: quartz stone sills are aesthetically pleasing, resistant to mechanical damage and chemical attack.

Window-sill made of artificial stone

Stone window sill

Casting marble

Particularly strong, elite, durable variety of liquid stone. For manufacturing, a painted artificial stone or marble dust is used. Produced by casting, reliably imitates the texture and color of a natural analog. It has all of its qualities, but such sills made of artificial stone are more affordable. It is considered a worthy substitute for expensive natural marble.
Window-sill made of porcelain tiles

Brown stone window sill

Of natural stone

Window sills made of natural stone - an attribute not cheap, it can be afforded by people provided or those who categorically do not accept any synthetics and at any cost seeks to have everything natural.


Natural stone is the best suited for the role of a window sill, because it has all the necessary qualities for this:

  • Increased strength, as a consequence of an endless period of operation compared with other materials;
  • Immunity to moisture, ultraviolet, chemistry, abnormal temperatures and their differences;
  • ease of maintenance: any dirt can be cleaned;
  • The dye is also not terrible: it simply does not absorb, does not even leave a trace;
  • ecological cleanliness and safety.

Consumer properties are supplemented by aesthetics: everything made of natural stone looks expensive and respectable. Such things in the interior immediately alert you about the high status of the owner.

Stone window sills are suitable for creative or scattered natures: nothing will happen to them if the owner accidentally places a red-hot iron or a coffee maker on them, but synthetics can not stand it.

Window-sill of marble chips

Window-sill made of stone in the kitchen


Essential flaws in natural material are not so many:

  • massiveness;
  • limited color gamut;
  • high price.

The last circumstance can only be called a deficit: everything is of high quality. It pays for the costs of window sills made of natural stone to preserve their original flawless appearance over the life of the plant in the tens of years.

Monolithic window sill made of stone


Several types of stone are used to make window sills.


Durable, damage-resistant material. Everything made by him, including the window sills, is durable, durable, able to serve for cen
turies. Granite window sills are impressive in appearance, a variety of shades and degrees of granularity. Such windowsills made of natural stone have an exclusive pattern that never repeats.

However, when choosing granite, it should be remembered that it accumulates radiation, so when buying it is necessary to familiarize yourself with the certificate.

Window-sill of marble

Window-sill made of natural stone


A mysterious stone, somewhere between limestone and marble, is recognized by its characteristic porous structure. For a more aesthetic appeal, the pores are filled with a special composition: a smooth, beautiful surface is obtained. Gamma shades: white, yellowish, cream, light gray, comes across brown.


Semi-precious half transparent stone with a magical ability to pass through the light. It can be used in the interior, installing under the stone window sills any light source. Stunning effect is guaranteed.

Disadvantages are poor tolerance of mechanical influences and prohibitive price.


The most environmentally friendly, not absorbing radiation and other dangerous substances. A favorite of architects due to the rich palette of colors and shades.

Low window sill made of natural stone

Stone sill finishing

Marble stone windowsills serve for a long time, without changing externally. Strength gives a special structure of the stone. Marble is capable of withstanding significant loads, in this it is at times superior to any analogue and many natural stones. It is profitable to put a window sill out of it for a number of reasons:

  • its entire surface is smooth, perfectly smooth, with a soft glow;
  • if defects are formed on it (chips, cracks), they can be easily eliminated without a trace, applying the achievements of technology;
  • Since marble does not crumble and does not separate, it is very convenient for processing: drilling, cutting, sawing. Even after such influences, the structure of the stone will not be disturbed.

Hence, it is possible to make marble from a marble window of the most bizarre shape. Colors: white, pink, yellow, green, red, black. It is an exquisite, noble breed, whose popularity has not declined for several millennia.

Marble window sill

Window-sill with stone coating


Window sills made of stone are made, as a rule, by individual order. The procedure is standard:

  1. development of a sketch (alone or with the help of a designer);
  2. summoning a gage;
  3. creating a drawing;
  4. selection of color and texture;
  5. cutting a window sill from a single sheet or collecting and gluing individual fragments with a specially selected color composition, the excess of which is removed by a grinder.

The polished and polished array is ready for installation on the prepared place.

Semicircular window sill made of stone


Installation of a stone window sill is carried out in two ways.

  1. The structure is fixed transverse stiffeners. The remaining voids are filled with a mounting foam.
  2. The window sill is installed on a concrete screed. Additionally it is fixed by brackets.

Both methods require the involvement of a specialist, amateur performance is undesirable.

In the interior

Windowsills made of stone are harmoniously combined with wood, ceramics, glass, stained-glass windows.

Equally successful as an independent piece of furniture or a complement to the overall situation with a stone flooring, sink, countertop.

The king of the interior is marble. Light, gentle varieties decorate the bathroom, the bedroom in a romantic style, complement the plastic window binding. The colored stone ennobles the office, the living room, the dining room, the kitchen, the wooden window frames.

In addition to the classic rectangle, the marble window sill can be rounded or oval. It's not only beautiful, but also safe, especially if the house has children.

You need to be prepared for the fact that the chic marble window sill will radically change the interior. Perhaps, it will have to be "pulled up" to the level of a noble stone.

Worktop and window sill made of stone

However, a natural stone is not suitable for all premises (for example, it is inappropriate in hi-tech or techno), so do not neglect synthetic analogs. Thanks to a larger range of colors, suitable sills made of artificial stone can be selected for any style of interior.

What to consider when choosing?

Buy the material better directly from the manufacturer. This will avoid surprises when installing, because the photo on the site can not adequately reproduce the fancy color and texture of the stone.

Narrow stone window sill

When preparing to pay a substantial sum for a product made of natural stone, in any case, require a confirming certificate: modern technologies allow making cheaper synthetic analogs for stone indistinguishable from expensive natural ones.


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