Window-sill in the interior (21 photos): ideas for use and decoration

The bulging window sill is a characteristic feature for Russia. This is due to the climate: thick walls of houses must protect the apartment from the cold and reduce heat losses. It is for this reason that it is impossible to design neat and shallow windows.

A cozy window-sofa in the interior

A window sill is a very promising element for design. Its functional application can solve several problems:

  1. Expansion of the recreation area. It is very pleasant to sit by the window and indulge in dreams, contemplating the street.
  2. Desk. Typical apartments suffer from a lack of space. A window sill in the form of a table will save space.
  3. Table top for the kitchen. The window sill made of artificial stone is excellent for the work area.
  4. Storage system. The window aperture is easy to beat, if you use case furniture, suitable in size.
A large window-sill-sofa is an excellent place to read
Large window sill for rest

Design of window sills for a beautiful life

In old houses, the layout with the use of bay windows is very common. This element is typical for the kitchen and living room. Create on the window-sill in the bay window a tea-drinking area, a winter garden or a hobby area. The arrangement of space does not require much effort. Colored stained glass in the bay window will replace the curtains. Make a window opening in the shades of your room, so that it blends harmoniously into the overall space, or use the white color for the window and bright details.

Sofa in the form of a window sill

By arranging a tea corner for an interior in antique or classical style, give preference to sills made of natural or artificial stone of light tones. Having placed chairs and a lamp in the bay window, you will get an almost separate room.

From the window sill you can make a bench or corner sofa. Putting the table in front of him, you solve the problem with the dining room. Do not forget to reinforce the wooden window sill, if a large load is expected. Placement of the dining area near the window will solve the issue with lighting. For evening time, one lamp is enough. Color curtains, candles and decorative pots will help decorate and highlight the opening.

The sofa in the form of a window sill in the living room

There is one more option. Let the sill cease to be just a surface. Place under it drawers to get a real chest of drawers. This is an excellent option for using an empty space. If there is no heating device under the window sill, then in this place you can make a nook for a cat or a dog.

If the house or apartment has a window in the bathroom, use it as an extra storage space. But do not use a wooden countertop in rooms with high humidity. Choose a plastic or artificial stone surface for the window sill.

Spacious sofa along the windowsill in the dining room

Entrance to the terrace as a rest area

Ways to look at a window sill from a different angle

Very lucky to the owners of the beautiful view from the window. The functional use of space and the surrounding landscape can bring twice as much pleasure. In addition, the windowsill becomes part of the interior. The use of wood, natural or artificial stone significantly changes the general appearance of the room and introduces additional color solutions.

To equip the window sill is easy enough

Window-sill - rest area and bed

A large window opening can be turned into a sofa or a bed. First you need to decide on the project of the future zone. To rest and sleep on the windowsill are two different things. If it is wide, then you can use it as a berth. In case of an insufficient size of the window sill, the podium will come to the rescue. This design does not require a window extension. It will only become its logical continuation and will enable to design a full-fledged sleeper. In the podium, you can make boxes for clothes, as well as stairs, so it's convenient to climb onto the windowsill.

Window-sofa-storage system in the children's room

Choose a color that blends with the overall design of the room. Then the window will not look foreign. Very interesting is the option, when the sill, profile and accessories are selected according to the principle - one color, but with a gradation of the hue. This technique gives an effect of volume. For an interior in the Greek style, baroque or hi-tech, it is appropriate to use white color to decorate the window aperture. It looks very beautiful wooden window sill, matched in one color range with a podium.

Window-sofa in the living room

When decorating a berth, do not forget to purchase a full-fledged mattress. If the window sill serves as a rest area, a thin substrate is placed for softness. Decorate the space using colored pillows, plaid or hide the animal. Do it with the style of your interior. Using a window sill as a couch allows you to disguise the radiators.

Window-sill in the home library

Window sill - desktop

The most common option - a window opening, converted into a workspace. The immediate proximity of the window helps to distract yourself dur
ing a period of hard work. This is an excellent opportunity to stay near a natural light source. The scale of the future interior solution will depend on the size of the opening. A wide window sill will allow you to design a large table, on each side of which you can arrange places for storing stationery. The optimum height of the working area is 75 centimeters. The depth should be from 50 centimeters for comfortable placement of objects (table lamp, monitor, books). The color of the table top can be selected in the tone of the rest of the furniture.

Window sill-work desk on the balcony

Consider the heating system in your house. If the batteries work at full power, then when designing the table, do not forget to put the temperature regulators on the radiators. With them it will become much more comfortable.

Window-desk in the kitchen

Such an improvised table is perfect for a children's room, arranging a corner for creativity or needlework. To protect the surface from abrasion and damage, the use of artificial stone is recommended. Picking the color, you can play on the antipodes. The meaning of this technique is the combination of opposites. Use the color of the countertop as an antipode to the basic color of the interior. Dark wallpaper will be interesting to look with a light shade of artificial stone.

Window-desk in the apartment

Window-sill - kitchen countertop

Rational planning is an important point in the design of a small kitchen. On account of every centimeter of useful area. The worktop in the window opening is the best solution for the kitchen. After all, it's completely wrong to put plants on the windowsill, and then suffer and not know how to use a small footprint to accommodate the dining group.

The window sill is used not only as a kitchen table. It will become an analogue of the bar counter or the working surface where you can mount the sink. For the owners of the kitchen is a way to combine routine work and the opportunity to distract from the window. The most popular option is a wooden window sill. If the opening is not wide enough, designers resort to tricks. For example, for a small kitchen you can use a flip surface. For guests or a large family, this window sill easily turns into a dining table.

Window-sill - kitchen countertop

As a material for the working area, it is best to choose artificial stone surfaces. By its characteristics, it surpasses natural marble or granite. The material can be easily processed, which makes it possible to produce a window sill and a working zone of any shape. You can choose any color - from standard color solutions, to all kinds of shades of natural material. Strength and durability of artificial stone is the main advantage for the kitchen. Its surface is not afraid of sunlight. A table made of artificial stone, located in the opening of the window, will not burn out during the whole service life.

White sill - kitchen countertop

Window sill - storage system

The wall with the window is rarely used in the general interior of the room. The opening is decorated with curtains, flowers are placed and that's it. When it comes to furniture, the headache begins. Things do not fit in dressers and cabinets, and there is no room for new interior items. The system of storage built into the window opening comes to the rescue. Variants of the location of the shelves and shelves set. If there is a battery, then the storage system is located on each side of the window. In the absence of a heater, in the area under the windowsill, drawers and a sectional cabinet will perfectly fit.

Window sill - storage system in the living room

If the slopes are deep, then you can build in them niches for storing small things. This option is suitable for the kitchen, where a window sill is used as a countertop.
The design of the window aperture is very appropriate in the children's room. The table can be made from a window sill, placing on the sides shelves for books and toys. The original solution for the children's room is a table top made of artificial stone with impregnations of shells and glass. The window sill is also suitable for sleeping. Under such a couch it is convenient to place a box for laundry.

Window-sofa-storage system in the living room

When choosing a color, play in contrast. This is a great option for those who want to revitalize their room. For contrast, use the primary colors and their shades. For example, the blue color of the window profile may correspond with the color of the furniture, and the window sill will be yellow at the same time. But do not abuse the bright contrast in the bedroom.

Thanks to the designers, the sills became part of the interior. Listen to your desires and choose the appropriate option in order to beautifully and functionally beat the window opening.

Window-sofa-storage system in the nursery
Sill-sofa-open storage in the bedroom
A cozy window-sofa in the living room

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