Wallpapers in the style of paintings by Van Gogh: a non-trivial story in the interior (20 photos)

People who want to give originality to the interior of the living room, bedroom, kitchen, children's room, as a decorative material for the walls choose wallpaper "Van Gogh". It can be bright, expressive, combined or contrast, monophonic canvases, which should harmoniously fit into the general situation of the room.

Van Gogh's paintings on wallpaper

The paintings of the famous Dutch painter Van Gogh have become an inspiring basis for creating unique wallpapers. Such decorating material for decorating the walls will especially please creative people who are not afraid of experiments and are ready to emphasize the individuality of the style.

Wallpaper"Ван Гог" в детской
Wallpaper"Ван Гог" в интерьере дома

On the "Van Gogh" wallpaper are episodic or full images of the best works of the master. The collection was still lifes, landscapes, as well as floral compositions, portraits in various color shades, clearly imitating masterpieces.

Wallpaper"Ван Гог" в гостиной
Wallpaper"Ван Гог" в интерьере

Why choose wallpapers with imitation of Van Gogh paintings?

Wallpaper "Van Gogh" is increasingly popular for decorating modern rooms. This is justified by a number of advantages of the finishing material.

  • A man has a great opportunity to admire the masterpiece in his own house. It can be full pictures on wallpaper or individual fragments copied from the works of the master. The collection also includes monochrome models that act as companions to complement the image of the room.
  • Each image is not just a beautiful picture transferred from the original. Thanks to innovative technologies, it was possible to obtain an excellent imitation of an old canvas on a non-woven basis.
  • For the strength and reliability of the finishing material, it is coated with a special protective compound. Therefore, the wallpaper can be washed, without fear of spoiling or breaking them. This will allow you to admire the beauty of paintings for many years.
  • Vinyl coating on the canvas makes it possible to use the finishing material for walls with any mechanical damage.
  • An important role in the selection is played not only by the image and the combination of shades, as well as the texture of the materials. The collection includes medium and high density models. Depending on the condition of the surface to be decorated, a suitable cloth is selected.
  • The popularity of van gogh's wallpaper lies in their complete adaptation to any interior style. This finishing material looks great on the walls of premises with a classical or modern orientation. He is favored by fans of the Baroque, Provence, Vintage and many others.

But one desire to see the wallpaper "Van Gogh" in the interior of the house is not enough. It is important to know which canvases fit the interior of the living room, bedroom or kitchen, children's room.

An image of Iris Van Gogh in the interior of the living room
Van Gogh's painting in the interior

Tips for decorating the living room

For the living room, designers recommend using wallpaper with a picture of flowers and greens. It is known that various shades of green have a positive effect on the psyche, the mood of a person, and also bring comfort and tranquility into the surrounding atmosphere. When choosing it is worth remembering that the wallpaper should be in the center of attention regardless of the chosen interior style. Therefore, preference should be given to models with a colorful, large image.

The wall, decorated with "Van Gogh" wallpaper, can not be cluttered with equipment, shelves, additional accessories or pieces of furniture. Finishing material is applicable for solid walls, in the continuation of which there are no windows or doors. So the image will be brighter and will attract attention.

Wallpaper"Ван Гог" на кухне
Wallpaper"Ван Гог" в интерьере квартиры

If the interior is presented in a classical style, then it can be supplemented with drawings from the collection on the theme of landscapes or almond trees. This also applies to rooms in which black and white colors predominate. Wallpaper «Van Gogh» in the interior of such a living room will add originality and emphasize the exquisite taste of the owner.

If the room is represented by one of the modern style directions, then you can choose a finishing material with bright colors and their compositions. However, it is necessary to decorate only one wall with a masterpiece, and the rest should be covered with simple, but always monotonous wallpaper. They can be dark or light, it does not really matter.

To make the picture more expressive, designers are advised to decorate the space of the room with similar details depicted on the wallpaper. For example, if a sunflower is painted on the canvas, you can put a large vase with the same colors on the floor. It will revitalize the interior, make it more vivid and beautiful.

Almond tree Van Gogh in the interior
"Звездная ночь" Ван Гога в интерьере
Wallpaper color palette of paintings by Van Gogh

Tips for decorating a bedroom

Wallpaper «Van Gogh» in the interior of the bedroom will help create a cozy and warm atmosphere for relaxation. For this occasion, choose a landscape, a marine theme or a floral composition on the wall, located at the head of the bed. In this case, the combination of shades in the picture and textiles should be in harmony with each other.


Winning will look like drawings of flowering trees in a small bedroom. It's better to paste the wallpaper on the wall opposite the entrance. So the space will seem endless. The best option is a picture in pastel shades with soft sketches. They bring peace to the general situation and are set to rest.

It must be remembered that in the bedroom the canvases should not stand out sharply and rivet your eyes.

Panel in the interior of the kitchen
Wallpaper"Подсолнухи" Ван Гога

Tips for decorating the kitchen

The best solution for the kitchen will be all sorts of still lifes. Despite the fact that the wallpaper "Van Gogh" is not prone to dirt, soaking up smells and moisture, it's inappropriate for them to cover all the walls of the kitchen space. Most interestingly, this material looks next to the dining table. As wallpaper companions, you can choose vinyl analogs, characterized by high resistance to damage and burnout.

The wallpaper design for the kitchen should not be very catchy or gloomy. Winning look floral images with infrequent repetitions. Such wallpaper should not distract the attention of household members, and it is desirable to harmonize with analogues in the overall interior of the house.

Designers do not recommend for the kitchen to use images of marine themes or portraits. The second option is preferable only for premises in the avant-garde style.

Gray wallpapers"Ван Гог"
Wallpaper"Ван Гог" в спальне

Tips for decorating a child's room

For a children's room, this option of finishing material is not entirely appropriate. A small child will not understand the pictures of the great master. However, for teenagers, decorating the walls in your own room will be very interesting. So you can instill the child's love for painting and beauty in the environment.

Wallpaper"Ван Гог" в интерьере спальни

A good solution will be the choice of wallpaper for quiet colors, because a teenager here is engaged, resting, sleeping. Wallpaper "Van Gogh" in the interior of the children's room should not be an accent, focusing on yourself. Therefore, it is worth taking a very cautious approach to the issue of choice.

Fabric wallpaper"Ван Гог" в интерьере

For the boy, the best option will be a wall, covered with wallpaper with a picture of the boat. To ensure harmony in the interior, it is enough to add a few elements of the decor of the marine theme. For example, you can pick up curtains, a blanket with drawings of an anchor, shells or a steering wheel.

Painting in the form of an almond tree on a curbstone

For the girl, a great choice will be the wallpaper on the wall with flowers and landscapes. To achieve complete harmony in the room, you can, if you add textiles, the shades of which are repeated on the walls. Here you must use wallpaper-companions, presented in pastel colors.

Wallpaper"Ван Гог" в ванной

Having certain information, everyone can choose the most suitable version of the finishing material with a picture of Van Gogh for any room.

Green wallpaper"Ван Гог"

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