Wallpaper with a picture: limitless design possibilities (34 photos)

Questions about how to choose wallpapers for walls based on materials, how to combine wallpapers, what attributes in the interior are combined those or other products for decoration of walls and ceiling, excite many people. Typically, the difficulties of choice affect both the basic features of the decor, and its style, and the relevance of the chosen pattern in a particular room.

Beige wallpaper with a picture

Turquoise wallpaper with a picture

The more difficult the selected wallpaper in the hall, the corridor or the kitchen, the more unusual the layout, the more problems arise when gluing materials on the work surfaces. When gluing the most problematic is the docking of the picture on the wallpaper. To avoid annoying troubles during the repair, it is important to understand the key nuances of combining patterns, to study the types of wallpaper drawings, as well as the format of joining the canvases. Even the most simple wallpaper for the kitchen should be chosen with all seriousness.

Paper wallpaper with a picture

Black and white wallpaper with a picture

Basic wallpaper groups by image type

Sometimes it is very difficult to find a drawing. All the fault is an unusually wide range of such finishing materials. Even the simplest gray wallpaper is represented by many shades. You can find the most unusual option, given a lot of nuances: shades, the volume of the pattern and texture, the relief, the base color and style.

Most experts advise: "Choose first the type of pattern itself, determine the stylistic direction, and only then select a specific pattern on the wallpaper. Even a combination of monophonic wallpaper can bring a lot of difficulties if you do not approach the solution of such a specific task with all responsibility. The most usual brown wallpaper for the kitchen can look elegant and refined or completely will not be combined with the surrounding environment.

Classic wallpaper with a picture

Wallpaper with a picture of flowers


Decorative wallpaper with flowers

Small drawings

Wallpapers with a small pattern most often try to choose in the corridor, for kitchens and children's rooms. This allows you to form a discreet background, characterized by calm and a certain stylistic endurance.

The gluing of wallpaper with a picture, which is distinguished by especially small details, allows further complementing the interior of the room with more contrasting and unwieldy details. This can be a massive curb, and expensive textiles, and bright, spectacular furniture. In this particular case it is important to know how to properly glue the wallpaper.

To a small picture quickly get used. For example, light wallpaper with a green or red small print will eventually lose its "liveliness", transforming into a cozy and unobtrusive background.

Wallpaper with a picture for a tree

Wallpapers with a picture in the nursery


Cloths with painted abstract elements, ethnotypes or floral ornaments, as a rule, are not burdened with complex graphics. Due to the lack of a certain rapport (repeating graphic elements), sticking such canvases will be quite simple. They are adjusted only if there is a need to emphasize the complexity of the layout and the intensity of chiaroscuro by means of a fine print.

They prefer a similar image of creative people who gravitate toward romance and appreciate home comfort. Among the wallpapers you can find not only smooth canvases, but also three-dimensional elements. The drawing can be printed, convex, with roughness or convexity.

Violet wallpaper with a pattern

Flizeline wallpaper with a pattern


The wallpaper with painted fine patterns or the finish "miniature geometry" should not be carefully considered. It is better to use a defocused look.

As a wallpaper with a relief, and with a classic smooth canvas is better to use for small rooms. The fine print looks good in the corridor, in the living room, which is characterized by miniature shapes, and also in the kitchen. The general rule is this: the smaller the elements that form the ornament, the more spacious the room will appear.

Geometry and strip

Wallpapers with geometric patterns are extremely popular. This is a real "magic wand", which is used in many projects. Even the darkest wallpaper can visually transform the interior.

Wallpaper with a vertical pattern can visually make the room higher. The horizontal print will expand the space, allow you to place accents in the house, emphasize the original layout.

Geometric pattern wallpaper

Wallpapers with blue pattern

The strip is a versatile option that fits into any situation. Moreover, if you choose an interesting option among monochrome wallpapers, with the help of small fragments of striped cloths, you can dramatically transform the space in the room.

Wallpaper with a geometric pattern in the interior (including with a 3D volume) can give the location a special dynamics. Even if you paste the "geometry" only on a separate section of one wall, the room will change dramatically.

Wallpaper with a picture in the interior

Brown pattern wallpaper

Large pattern wallpaper

Expert opinion

Specialists in the field of modern design strongly recommend dosing using bold geometry in the interior. It is best if the combined bright cloths and wallpaper with a pattern of "geometry" will be located only on one wall. The rest of the surface is better to decorate in quiet neutral tones.

In the bedroom and the children's room, it's better to stick wallpaper with a "quiet" coloring. In the hall you can buy brighter and unusual materials for decoration. The most vivid and "aggressive" wallpaper with an abstract pattern or psychedelic is better to use in rooms where the inhabitants of the house spend a little time - in the corridor, bathroom, hallway.

Wallpapers with a picture in the Art Nouveau style

Orange wallpaper with a picture

Vegetative motifs

The wallpaper with a floral pattern is a "classic" that will never lose its relevance. For the urban dweller, vegetable decoration is both an element of pronounced aesthetics and an opportunity to make the urban environment unnecessarily more natural and attractive.

Fantasy designers have no boundaries. Today, the popular not only traditional wallpaper with a picture of flowers, but many more original ornaments:

  • Herbal background with a bamboo pattern;
  • Stems of exotic plants;
  • Shells;
  • Placer of flowers on a light green background;
  • Butterflies;
  • Wallpaper blue with imitation of the sky, supplemented by green branches of trees;
  • Fruit compositions;
  • Floral exposition on the background of stone walls;
  • Brown wallpaper, simulating the soil with plants;
  • Wallpaper with a picture of a stone and floral elements;
  • Any elements that often occur in nature.

Ideal style, on the basis of which any wallpaper with a floral pattern will survive - Provence. The scattering of small flowers, light ornaments from leaflets and stems, large drawings in pastel colors are welcomed. Wallpaper with a picture of a bamboo or imitation of a tree with plant elements is suitable for oriental interiors. Heraldic lilies with a red background - ideal for classical compositions.

Paisley pattern wallpaper

Wallpaper with a picture in the style of Provence

Classics in all its glory

For classical interiors use either monophonic wallpaper (most often referred to as ceiling products), or materials based on vinyl or flizeline with a very complex pattern. For the classics the following motives are characteristic:

  • Monogram;
  • Curls;
  • Medallions;
  • Complex abstractions.

Luxury vinyl wallpaper on a non-woven base with a spray or a special gloss will look spectacular in the interior of the living room. In the bedroom, hall or office complement the dazzling decor of the walls should expensive antique furniture, stylish textiles, massive respectable accessories.

Wall-papers with a vegetative drawing

Drawing wallpapers

Art options and wallpapers

Vinyl wallpaper with a picture that more like a photo or an original installation, for a while forgotten. For a long time, wallpapers were considered a relic of the past. Today, monochrome walls are often decorated with drawings and photographs. The "offensive" trend returned, becoming more vivid and expressive. If wallpaper with a picture of the city is a classic solution, then a family picture in the living room or an unusual 3D decor in the bathroom is distinguished by a more original serve.

On a quality canvas, more and more bold and original elements are depicted, allowing to bring a touch of exclusivity, extravagance, to set the tone in the simplest interior. The only drawback: flizeline wallpaper with a pattern can quickly become boring.

Wallpapers with pink pattern

Gray wallpaper


While some are attracted to nature, naturalness and eco-trends, others enjoy the confusion, chaos and "artificiality" of the city lifestyle. The loft style is preferred by those people who are attracted by the vanguard of megacities.

To emphasize the charismatic stylistics of loft locations, designers recommend choosing wallpaper with a picture of a tree or a brick print. Simulation of a particular texture using wallpapers is always justified in the operational plan and in terms of saving money.

Black wallpapers and several stone elements will make the interior brutal and original. The painted urban ornament is applied to neutral canvases. To do this, use white, brown, silvery, gray wallpaper.

"Bricks", "wood" and "stone": the main motives. Fans of extravagant solutions designers are advised to choose black or brown wallpaper on the ceiling. This will further strengthen the loft concept, provided that the ceiling in the room is not less than 3.5 meters.

Wallpaper with a picture in the style of a shebbie-chic

"Flaps": original feed

Wallpaper with a large pattern allows you to realize on your canvas the most incredible ideas. The "patchwork" trend does not lose its popularity. Rather, even on the contrary, it is used even for fashionable decoration of walls. If the wallpaper is gray bored, and drawings of leaves and flowers are fed up, it's worth paying special attention to patchwork.

This style is full of contrasts. In the living room, children's room, bathroom or corridor: wallpaper with a large pattern in the form of massive "flaps" will be interesting to look everywhere. In general, the canvas looks like a crazy installation from fragments pasted on one base, differing from each other in color, texture and even style.

Wallpaper with a picture in the bedroom

Wallpaper with a picture in the dining room

For example, a blue background can "shelter" at the same time pieces of bright yellow wallpaper, ethnic, surreal and geometric ornaments. Sometimes the patchwork consists of completely uncomparable, at first glance, elements. However, it is in this chaos that lies the whole charm of the extraordinary design.

Choosing wallpaper, with the sele
ction of the picture should be extremely cautious. In this case it is very easy to overdo it with creativity and originality.

Types of wallpaper by type of materials and base

Considering wallpaper with a large picture, original photo printing, small ornaments and other fashion solutions, it is worth remembering the importance of the kind of finishing materials. From the quality, features of the base and the specifics of the materials, not only are the performance characteristics dependent, but also how the drawings themselves "manifest" in the interior.

Fabric wallpaper with a pattern

Patterned wallpapers

Before you glue wallpaper with a picture it is worth consulting with the designer or at least explore the range of products of this profile, focusing on the key features of the most common types. All products are conditionally divided into the following categories:

  • Paper;
  • Vinyl;
  • Flizelin;
  • Tissue.

Paper wallpapers are the most affordable type of products. A simple view is laconic without embossing. More advanced modern version - wallpaper for the kitchen, hall and other rooms with embossing. Vinyl products are characterized by a particularly pronounced functionality, as well as versatility in use. Experts identify the following categories:

  • Waterproof (ideal wallpaper for the kitchen, bathroom and extended loggias);
  • Washable (there are both neutral gray wallpaper, and very colorful options);
  • Foamed (a new kind that is just beginning to gain popularity.

Also there are products decorated with silk-screen printing. Especially refined look black wallpapers with gold and red decor, which are often purchased for the decoration of walls in the living room or bedroom.

Wallpaper with a picture in the bathroom

Vinyl wallpaper with a picture

Secrets of choosing the ideal pattern

Many do not know not only how to glue wallpaper with a picture, but also how to choose them correctly, because even the simplest gray wallpaper with embossing, which are combined with the curtain pattern, you need to be able to correctly paste.

To draw attention to individual parts of the interior, use the background finish with light wallpaper, and black wallpapers or paintings with bright patterns use at a minimum, highlighting only a fragment of the wall.

Japanese Patterned Wallpaper

Green wallpaper with a picture

The lighting of the room also plays a significant role. In dark interiors (if black wallpapers are used), there must necessarily be segments with a light finish. Brown wallpaper can be an excellent background for ornaments in beige color - caramel, terracotta, ivory, sandy tone. Places where the greatest number of light details are concentrated, should be highlighted with the help of lamps, sconces and other lighting devices.

Yellow wallpaper with a picture

Even if the room is very spacious and bright, it is better to refuse the combination of several types of colorful or variegated materials. Gray wallpapers combine well with floral decorations. Black wallpapers are effectively complemented by a strict "geometry". But to combine all the elements in one room is not worth it.
Not knowing how to glue non-woven wallpaper, how to competently combine them by type and style, it is better to consult specialists who are good at this. A competent approach and professional pasting of walls guarantee a positive result.


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