Wall curtain rails: all about design features and nuances of choice (25 pics)

Decor windows and doors are especially important in any room. The main component is the curtains and curtains themselves. To home textiles and various attributes of decorative design looked impressive and did not cause trouble during the operation, it is necessary to pay special attention to the fastening systems.

Curtain rod for curtains in English style

Framing curtain rod for curtains

Curtain rod for curtains - this is the joint name for the structures by which textile elements are attached to a wall, ceiling or window frame. This includes not only the cornices in the traditional sense of the term, but also fixatives for fabrics, tips, brackets, guides.

Cornice for curtains made of bronze

Black curtain rod for curtains


All cornices are classified according to the nature of the assignment. They can be used both for decorating specific openings of certain parameters, and for a universal direction. Also there are devices for upgrading window "lamps".

By the design of the elements, modern cornices can be string, round, profile. According to the type of ceiling or wall mounting. The last option is the most popular classics. The construction consists of a bar, on which cloths are fastened, as well as fastening systems.

Curtain rod for curtains in classic style

Decorative cornice for curtains


Round wall cornices

Round eaves - designs consisting of laconic bars and brackets. To strengthen the decorative qualities of models, special tips are used - the flerons, as well as the fastening rings with hooks or dispense with them.

Wooden curtain rod for curtains

Usually all elements of the design are consistent in one color and style. Less common are complex compositions created for a specific extraordinary interior. The rounded bar in the classical format is made of a wide variety of materials:

  • Tree;
  • Plastic;
  • Metal-plastic;
  • Metal.

Wood is an elite raw material. Carved and complex elements from expensive varieties of wood can be found in a classic interior. Natural materials look good in country, retro, vintage, provence and various eco-directions.

Wall brackets for curtains made of metal perfectly complement the situation in the style of high-tech, Art Deco, Nouveau, Art Nouveau, futuristic ensembles or loft locations. Products made of plastic in bright colors and unexpected shapes are used to create thematic children's rooms.

Curtain rod for curtains in eco-style

Curtain rod for curtains on the bay window

String cornices on the wall

String curtain rod - a simple and inexpensive option for any room. You can choose both single-row and two-row version. The string is suitable for attaching lightweight home textiles:

  • Tulle;
  • Organza;
  • Capron;
  • Silk.

Heavy fabrics can cause deformation of the string or even break away under its own weight. For the very fastening of the canvas, rings, eyelets, clips, magnets are used. As accessory decorative attributes light elements are used: lace, silk bows, ties, light folds.

Flexible curtain rod for curtains

Curtain rod for curtains in the living room

Profile cornices

The wall cornice is represented by a guide with slots along which runners can move. Curtains or curtains are attached to these elements. Profile structures can be made of such materials:

  • Aluminum;
  • Metal-plastic;
  • Polymer-metal constructions.

Depending on the type, type, size of the window, a single-row or two-row profile is selected. There are models where the profiles on the T-like brackets form three or more rows.

Flexible cornices for curtains are preferable if the window opening in the room is not of a standard shape (for example, it is decorated in the form of an arch, an oval, a trapezium or a bay window). For each specific architectural solution, you can choose several options for cornices at a flexible base.

Cornice for curtains cafe

Cornice for curtains in colonial style

Baget variant

Cornices with baguette allow to combine in one complete composition all the attributes in the room: from cabinet furniture and window openings to the curtain composition and decorative auxiliary structures. The selected baguette closes the places where the canvas is fastened.

Forged curtain rod for curtains

Cornice for curtains in laconic style

Most often the designs are presented in such variants:

  • Wooden bars, decorated with carvings or unusual inlays;
  • Plastic cornices, painted in a variety of colors;
  • Wall-mounted metal plates (sometimes gilded or copper patina);
  • Fretwork in combination with "invisible" fasteners.

Classic wooden structures with stucco and carvings - an ideal solution for rich classics, ro
coco, baroque. Metal-polymer constructions with an aluminum profile are suitable for progressive interior compositions.

Small cornice for curtains

Lifting mechanisms

Lifting mechanisms (there are single-row, double-row and multi-row type of construction) are used for curtains of complex configuration. Typically, multi-layered heavy fabric compositions are lifted manually or mechanically.

The lifting mechanism is necessary for such types of curtains:

  • London curtains;
  • Roman;
  • Rolling shutters;
  • French.

There are different types of curtain rods with complex mechanisms of both open and closed type. For open systems, the mechanism is used directly on the profile itself.
Closed systems allow you to hide all the technical stuffing under a separate profile or in a sealed canvas. Choosing one or another option for the design of the opening, you need to take into account the interior features: it will take root in it the complex design of the cornice.

Metal curtain rod for curtains

Semi-fluted curtain rod for curtains

Sliding cornices on the wall

Sliding mechanisms are chosen in case if it is necessary to simplify the process of opening windows as much as necessary. The main lever is a conventional cord. If the cornice is a two-row, sliding mechanism is installed on each row separately. The system is suitable for multi-row heavy compositions of expensive textiles.

Special advantages of wall constructions

Wall cornices (and all varieties) are very popular quite justified. Among the special functional and aesthetic advantages are the following:

  • Simplicity of installation (the single-row cornice can be established independently, even without having special skills of similar work);
  • The possibility to use in the interior of massive bulky structures of textiles, harmoniously fitting them into the stylistic ensemble of the room, without worrying about the fact that the cornice can not withstand the load;
  • Wide assortment (you can choose any product not only in appearance, but also in size, material, quality level, complexity, type of construction and mechanism for controlling textile fabrics);
  • There is no need to carry out any additional repair measures before installing new eaves.

In addition, wall construction is the only solution for apartments where stretch ceilings are installed. As though the apartment owners did not want to use ceiling structures for any reasons, this is not possible, and skillfully selected double and single-row cornices for wall mounting can solve all conceptually important design tasks.

Transparent curtain rod for curtains

Carved cornice for curtains

Types of curtains and features of cornices

Before choosing a cornice, you need to think through all the nuances. First of all, the design should correspond to curtains or curtains in all parameters. For example, for a thick massive velvet fabric, only a very strong cornice is suitable. It is better to give preference to a wide array of wood or round varieties of metal. Plastic in this case is contraindicated.

Cornice for Roman curtains

Steel curtain rod for curtains

Lightweight or translucent air compositions made of textiles on a massive base will look inappropriate. It is better to choose a single-row string cornice for such elements.

Curtain rod for curtains in the dining room

Point curtain rod for curtains

Short curtains "cafe" with a complex texture look good with a wooden carved suspension. For Japanese curtains, a rigid frame is provided on the basis of multi-row rail structures (preferably with electric drive or other high-tech devices). To install lambrequins, it is worthwhile to look at the three-row structures and fasten the wall systems high above the window, at any rate to the ceiling itself. This will ensure the optimal arrival of light.

Corner curtain rod for curtains

In the kitchen you can play with the form and serve. For example, choose a fun design with an unusual decor in the form of fruit. Similarly, you can do in the children's room, where on the cornice there is a place for the most fun little animals or other interesting characters that the child loves.


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