Tile 2017: fashion trends of the season (63 photos)

Decoration of the bathroom, sauna, kitchen, another room with ceramic tiles helps to create a unique image of the environment, comfortable conditions of stay in it. New trends of the industry, presented by leading manufacturers for the season of 2017, allow designers to open their own potential, consumers - to improve and brighten everyday life.

The novelties of the "Week of high ceramic fashion"

The most successful, appropriate developments of the times of development of foreign companies are demonstrated at the annual International Ceramics Exhibition Cersaie in Italy. It has been held regularly since 1983. Efficiency, quality, advanced technology, rigor, simplicity of solutions - the principles of the exhibition.

Tile 2017 in the interior
Tile 2017 in the interior

Beige Tiles 2017

White Tile 2017

Tile for concrete 2017

Turquoise Tiles 2017

Tile black 2017

At the largest, prestigious, influential exposition "Tile 2017" the best novelties of the industry were presented. Among them - facing materials, design items for the bathroom and baths, ceramic fireplaces, stoves. Of interest were the original samples of the apron laying for the working area of ​​the kitchen using a practical, beautiful tile.

Tile 2017 in the interior

Tile 2017 in the interior

Tile black and white 2017

Tile of the scale 2017


Tile for a tree 2017

Tile on apron 2017

Tile for kitchen apron 2017

Tile of unusual shape 2017

Geometrical tile 2017

Classics of natural surfaces

One of the main trends of the coming season is ceramic tiles with an ideal imitation of wooden slices. Artistic techniques attract attention:

  • stylization under exotic, rare tree species;
  • the appearance of the aged surface;
  • Fashionable vintage texture with realistic details. It provides for a similarity with the natural structure of wood, the reconstruction of possible natural defects.

Not less popular was the use of ceramic tiles with the texture of stone, semi-precious minerals. In contrast to natural material, it requires less financial costs to purchase, reduces operating costs. Tiles with a marble design, another rock of stone, allows you to form an apron and work surfaces in the kitchen, resistant to contamination. It is convenient to lay a scratch-resistant floor covering, easy-care cladding of walls, columns, niches.

Tile 2017 in the interior
Tile 2017 in the interior

Glossy Tiles 2017

Glazed tile 2017

Stone Tile 2017

Ceramic tile 2017

Ceramic granite tiles

Tile 2017 brick

Tile 2017 combined

Unique textures for the original design

To distinguish themselves by the original surfaces of ceramic tiles provide the possibility of novelties in design, which previously did not differ from tiles. In its modern form embodied knitted, wicker, knitted subjects. Elements on a hard surface imitate lace, macrame, tweed, other types of fabric. They can be similar to the skin of animals, reptiles, marine life.

Tile 2017 in the interior
Tile 2017 in the interior

Tile 2017 brown

Tile 2017 round

Tile 2017 shallow

Tile 2017 in the Art Nouveau style

Tile 2017 mosaic

Fashionable mixing of disparate tiles on a common surface creates unique, visually playful motifs. Collections, in which, as if randomly chosen by different in structure mosaic elements, convey a sense of eclecticism, a harmonious symbiosis of different styles.

Combined with the idea of ​​convenience and comfort, the patchwork mosaic becomes a bright part of the interior. Such an accent for a small kitchen can become an apron, in a more spacious room - a panel on the wall.

Tile 2017 in the interior
Tile 2017 in the interior

Tile 2017 marble

Tile 2017 monochrome

Tile 2017 patchwork

Tile 2017 marble

Floor Tiles 2017

Tile 2017 with print

Tile 2017 relief

Retro theme with new motifs

Designed trends of 2017 indicate a revival of the retro style, supplemented by modern strokes. Elegant bold models borrow the best traditions of the past, with confidence reflect the actual vision of the world. Thanks to non-standard solutions, an entourage is created, combining refined taste and advanced views on art.

Sophistication acquired a country style, in which there were textured metal, stone inserts. With their help in the classic rural image, the mood of modernity is introduced. At the device of a fireplace, a kitchen apron of a country house the ethnic style is popular. It allows original patterns to reproduce the atmosphere of national color.

Tile 2017 in the interior
Tile 2017 in the interior
Tile 2017 in the interior

Tile 2017 retro

Tile 2017 with a picture

Tile 2017 gray

Tile 2017 silver

Tile 2017 hexagonal

Tile 2017 laying

Leading colors of interior tiles

In the color design of the rooms, the achromatic colors became fashionable: white, black, gray tones in all variations. Despite neutrality, they are able to create perfectly harmonious surfaces of walls and floors in private apartments, public buildings.

Tile 2017 in the interior
Tile 2017 in the interior
Tile 2017 in the interior

Tile 2017 with a pattern

Tile 2017 bright

Tile 2017 with golden trowel

Tile 2017 yellow

Juicy, matt, bright black, a variety of shades of gray ceramic tile is appropriate for the bathroom, living room, hallway.

Tile 2017 in the interior
Tile 2017 in the interior

It remains popular blue color, released from the marine palette last year's season. He becomes more saturated, approaching one of the favorites of the actual coloring of interiors - the blue color. Gray-blue tiles in the kitchen are associated with coolness, cleanliness, freshness. She elegantly looks on an apron, in harmony wit
h pastel tones and shades of wood.

Tile 2017 in the interior
Tile 2017 in the interior

Commitment to fashion trends forces designers and manufacturers to create products that are perfect in form and function. It is possible that the proposed in all the variety of tiles in 2017 will remain among the leaders of subsequent seasons. It will allow unique interior solutions using tile ceramics, mosaics, tiles to stay in trend for a long time.

Tile 2017 in the interior
Tile 2017 in the interior

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