The latest fashion trends in the interior of the apartment in 2016 (27 photos)

Every person lives in a cozy and beautiful house, but not always it turns out. During repair, I want to get a beautiful, comfortable and fashionable interior design, which will be relevant for many years. Fashion trends in interior design are more durable than podium fashion. Therefore, you can focus on popular trends in order to get modern look of apartments or houses.

Beautiful modern living room interior with wooden panels

Preparing for the repair work, it is important to familiarize yourself with the various finishing options, their variety, explore fashionable design solutions, new trends and trends. With this approach, you can implement the most vivid and innovative ideas, while ensuring aesthetics, convenience and practicality. What are the trends in the trend in 2016?

Bright interior of the living room

Trends in interior design in 2016

In 2016, the idea of ​​diversity and variety of finishes is declared. In this case, not a wide choice of materials is taken into account, but a huge number of shades, new scales, palettes and textures. In 2016, at the height of popularity will be brickwork, pastel colors in the interior, creative wallpaper and a black and white combination. There are also other interesting modern trends and trends in the design of the interior of the apartments, which should definitely pay close attention.

  1. Designers in the interior design of apartments offer both bright and dark colors, combine classic lines with original details, mix luxurious, traditional and exotic materials.
  2. Furniture in the interior of apartments should provide functionality, practicality and comfort.
  3. Mirrors in the interior design of the apartments will allow visually increase the small rooms. Therefore, they should be more so, how much less room.
  4. If the mirror surface consists of several parts, the joints must be made vertically to visually enlarge the space.
  5. Light in the interior design of apartments should be more. For example, light can be made from below, creating a light illumination behind the back of the sofa or on the floor. Such novelties in the dark will raise the mood and give your home new colors.
White and black in a harmonious combination in the interior
Contrasting cuisine
Glossy floor in the living-dining room
Mirrors and glass with design
Mirror circle and additional lighting of the living room

Fashionable color trends

The color in any interior design of apartments makes a referral. In this case, there is always a basic color, as well as auxiliary shades, which complement it. In 2016, there were fashionable novelties that turned into extravagant trends in interior design.

  1. Marsala presents a deep wine color, which perfectly matches with copper, gold and all the tones of gray.
  2. Gold color is an ornament of any design, after all the interior of apartments can beautifully decorate separate decorative elements. It is not necessary to use real gold, you can use imitations or gold-plated details.
  3. All shades of gray are also popular in 2016. Gray color can look great with mint, blue, pink and white. This new trend looks fresh and interesting.
  4. Marble color in 2016 can be used not only in coloring and texture. The latest trends in interior design of apartments recommend the use of fashionable figurines, caskets, bedside tables and other accessories made of marble or imitation of this material. Marble color is distinguished by aristocracy and wealth.
  5. White color is perfectly combined with any tone and color. In rooms dominated by snow-white color, the interior design of apartments looks majestic and magnificent.
White walls and ceiling expand a small space

The combination of gray and light colors in the office
Contrasting interior design of the living room

Styles and nuances in decor

  1. Trends in 2016 are such that eco-style strengthens its position. Natural texture, natural materials, brick walls, wood, stone and all natural - this is not only the current trends, but also the desire to make a piece of naturalness in the apartment.
  2. Severe and cozy at the same time you can call the Scandinavian style. In 2016, he lightened a little, including a diminished decor. And only soft anatomical furniture with all sorts of decorative cushions remained unchanged.
  3. Fashion in 2016 loves to supply apartments and houses with transparent interior elements, especially furniture. Tables, chairs and armchairs made of plexiglass and plexiglas will bring fashionable urban touches to the interior, providing space with plenty of space and light. Designers as novelties offer to use different solutions, both full transparency and semi-transparent interior design options: translucent curtains, accessories and partitions.
  4. An exceptionally new trend is the use of words in the design of premises. The main tendencies suggest using quotes, statements, phrases and usual thematic words on shelves, walls, in the form of prints on wallpaper and pictures. You can even use ready-made sets of letters to diversify your interior and make it stylish, fashionable and unique.
Eco-style living room
Eco-style bedroom
Eco-style with high-tech elements in the living room
Scandinavian style kitchen-dining room
Scandinavian style living room and work area
Scandinavian style bedroom
Letters in the interior

The latest trends in the interior of the kitchen

Trends in the interior of the kitchen are quite numerous, which allows you to create a variety of designs.

  1. Warm shades of metals. Warm metals such as brass, bronze, copper and gold continue to excel over stainless steel, chrome, nickel and silver in the design of the kitchen in 2016, as this is the most refined way to add warmth and comfort to this room. Metal faucets, pendant lamps, kitchen furniture accessories and hoods are the best elements for introducing these shades into the kitchen interior.
  2. Vintage style kitchen. The world's leading designers are unanimous in opinion, the design of the kitchen, which combines ultra-modern elements and an antique vintage style, will be particularly fashionable in this year's 2016. Timeless, functional and truly home-like style of the kitchen can be created with the help of calendars and retro posters on the wall, vintage dishes, numerical desktop accessories, grandmother's fabrics with an antique armchair in the corner and the like. Especially good these elements will look in the kitchen, made in a cold color scheme.
  3. Ceramic surfaces. A novelty in the design of the kitchen is the ceramic countertop. They are made of low porosity ceramics and high density, such surfaces look very original and warm. You can also look at the artificial stone and quartz.
  4. Textured walls and other surfaces in the kitchen. Today, expressive textures are increasingly being introduced into the kitchen design. Smooth and shiny surfaces of glass, glossy plastic and tiles are not practical and have lost their relevance. In 2016 it is recommended to look at the textured laminate, which is increasingly used for the facades of the kitchen. It adds warmth, home decor, regardless of style and color.
  5. Neutral and other muted shades. New trends in the cuisine tend to create a comfortable, warm and cozy environment. The best background for this purpose are neutral colors, in particular brown, gray and white.
  6. Mint shade has become extremely popular, it creates a pleasant freshness, as well as original beauty.
Kitchen warm yellow will please every morning
Elements of yellow color in the kitchen
Cozy kitchen with wooden panels
Spacious kitchen in vintage style
Kitchen with ceramic apron
Modern capacious kitchen
Small kitchen with brick wall
Kitchen with bright red wardrobes and panoramic view
Kitchen with a black facade and wooden parquet
White kitchen with emerald facade of the lower cabinets

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