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Increasingly popular are LED spotlights, found in the interior of most people. What is the reason for such a stir? The answer to this question will help to analyze the advantages of these lighting devices and a detailed classification of models. Knowing all the nuances and subtleties, to choose the right lighting device for the interior will not be difficult even to the average person in this matter.

Spotlights in the interior of the kitchen in the style of high-tech
Spotlights in the hallway

Spotlights in the interior

Spot lights for ceilings have this name due to the fact that they create narrow-beam streams of light at one of the points. That is, the lighting does not cover the whole room, but only a specific area under the lamp. Their lighting angle is 30 °. In this regard, the installation of only one lamp will not be enough for a full and comfortable illumination of the room.

Point ceiling lights are very small, so they are placed far from being a single copy. Designers particularly fond of this type of lighting, because you can create real masterpieces of lamps. Most often they are used to simulate the night sky with stars or for zoning the room.

Two chandeliers and spot lights in the kitchen
Spotlights in the bathroom

Spot lights with a backlight are a beautiful decorative addition in the interior, because in addition to the main lighting they have on the body additional lighting. Not without reason, all the design projects are full of the introduction of these lighting products.

Kitchen lighting
LED spotlights on the veranda

Particular attention is paid to installation. Decorative spotlights are installed in such a way that only a flat overlay remains in sight. The body itself hides behind the ceiling surface, so as not to spoil its kind of room. This must be taken into account in the installation, as it is worth leaving a distance to accommodate the full length lamp.

Spotlights with decor
Spotlights in the interior of a country house

Types of spotlights

In the range of stores, ceiling recessed lighting sources are presented in a variety of options, so that you can easily find the right model even in the most refined and unusual interior.

Spotlights on the ceiling of gypsum plasterboard
Spotlights in the living room

Types of spotlights amaze the imagination. However, there is a conditional classification of models that divides them into two groups according to the type of installation: in gypsum board ceilings or stretch fabrics.

Spotlights above the top
Spotlights in the interior of high-tech

Installation of spotlights in ceilings from rigid structures, such as gypsum board, plastic panels or aluminum rails occurs due to the two clips on the body of the device. With their help, the chandelier is inserted into the hole and securely attached to the base of the ceiling. Spotlights for lath ceilings are easy to install with their own hands, you just need to squeeze these two springs and release them when the casing is inserted into the hole.

LED lighting in the interior
Round spotlights

For tensioning sheets such models will not work. Spotlights for stretch ceilings are installed on the upper levels of the room with the help of special brackets. After their installation, the web is stretched according to all rules and precautions. For spotlights on a stretch ceiling, it is better to choose lamps with low heat dissipation, otherwise dark colored circles from overheating can form on the canvas.

Spotlights in the kitchen
Square Spot Lights

If we consider lamps from the point of view of the appearance of models, then in addition to round they are also square, rectangular, oval and other forms. Square spotlights look just as good as standard round lights, found almost everywhere. If one prefers unusual options, then it is worth considering devices with angular shapes.

Spotlights in the interior of Art Nouveau
Spotlights on the suspended ceiling


Despite the fact that spotlights in the interior are classified according to the type of installation, it is worth paying attention to this and such a time as the selection of lamps. They come in the following forms:

  • LED Light;
  • luminescent;
  • halogen;
  • standard incandescent lamps.
Starry sky from spotlights

Filament lamps, known since Soviet times, it is better not to use. They are very hot, therefore the lamp body will always be exposed to overheating. This can lead to fire-hazardous situations, and in general these lamps only suffer losses in terms of electricity costs.

In the overhead spotlights most often insert fluorescent and LED lamps. The latter generally enjoy great popularity because of their special advantages: they do not heat up, but they give away a lot of light radiation, serve for many years and are available to everyone.

For some, the cost of LED ceiling lamps for lighting fixtures seems slightly overstated, but if you compare the service life and the cost of electricity, then this option is optimal from all sides.

Spotlights along the perimeter of the ceiling


Having painted all the variations of models, it is necessary not to mention the advantages and disadvantages of spotlights. Built-in LED lighting devices are characterized by the following advantages:

  • simplicity of installation and operation;
  • quick and inexpensive replacement of lamps in case of their burnout;
  • low cost;
  • huge opportunities for the embodiment of fantasy in design.

The only drawback that can be noted about recessed spotlights is the heating of the case when the lamps are working. Often the basic equipment includes a halogen or fluorescent lamp, which are distinguished by such properties. When self-replacement for LED sources, such problems do not arise.

Spotlights of swivel type

Zoning with spot lighting

Separate attention deserves consideration of a question on what to choose an arrangement of dot fixtures on a ceiling. There are no special rules for placement, so it is worth starting from personal preferences and opportunities.

Spotlights in the hallway
Spotlights with illumination

For example, in a small room it is not advisable to install many devices, as this is irrational and uneconomical. Spot lights in the kitchen should be placed in such order that most of them fall on the working area. Thus, it will be highlighted for a comfortable stay in it and the convenience of cooking.

Spot lights in the living room will help to differentiate the zones thanks to special control panels. Especially this option will have to by the way those who use the hall as a recreation area and work. If you want to darken one area, just turn the swivel lever and highlight the place where it is required.

There is also a separate type of chandeliers, referred to as rotary lamps. Their corps can be sent to the right side depending on the wishes, in connection with which they received such a name. Rotary spotlights, despite their clear advantage over other models, have a high cost. Because of this, they are not so often found in apartments.

Spot lights in Scandinavian style

Luminaire location: tips

How to arrange the spotlights on the ceiling in the children's room? Here, one's own imagination should not be limited to any framework, but one must remember one thing. Yet in the children's room the child plays most of the time or does the lessons, so the lighting should be at the highest level. Do not neglect the installation of built-in lighting, because if desired, their brightness can be adjusted with special levers.

Spot lights for the bathroom are no different from those that are installed in residential areas. The only thing is to choose among those suspension models that are protected from above by glass, in order to avoid splashing water into the housing. Short circuits and faults are not needed by anyone, so it is better to secure everyone in advance. Glass spotlights are presented in a large assortment, so there will be no problems with the selection of the model for the desired design.

Spot lights in the bedroom

In addition to the children's room, you need to carefully select lamps for the bedroom. This room, by and large, is a place of rest and relaxation, so bright lighting will be of no use. It will be enough to place a small amount of ceiling luminaires along the perimeter of the ceiling for a comfortable stay and movement. Well, in terms of choice of design, fantasy should not be limited to any conventions.

LED Bathroom Lights

Lamps in the hallway are most often located one after another on the same line with a step of 40-50 cm. Such a distance is enough to provide a comfortable and pleasant light to the room. And in the corridor too bright light is not required.

Bathroom lighting with spotlights

The most popular type of room lighting are spotlights. Classic or unusual models, located in a strictly ordered or chaotic order, will add a twist to the interior and will ideally fit both into a spacious living room and a small bathroom.

Spotlights with blue backlight

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