Shelf design: original solutions for comfort and beauty (29 photos)

Cumbersome cabinets and nightstands serve as reliable storage for things of all sizes. However, it is with the help of hanging shelves that you can decorate the wall in any room in a special way. If you approach the selection of these interior elements particularly responsibly, the beautiful shelves can also be very roomy.

Black shelves in the office
Wooden shelves in the interior

Special advantages

The universality of the shelves is that such attributes can be created from any materials, using a variety of decor. They look organically in the interior of any stylistic trend and ideological concept. Beautiful placement of these items is appropriate in the bathroom and in the kitchen, in the nursery and living room, in the bedroom and even in the toilet.

Shelves in the nursery

Shelf made of particle board

Among the main advantages of the shelves can be identified the following points:

  • This is an excellent way to store things that should always be at hand. It is much more convenient to take shampoo or hair spray if these items are placed on open shelves;
  • The illumination of open shelves is easiest to do, having achieved the ultimate spectacular appearance;
  • Simple designs are easy to make by themselves, saving on the finished product and creating an exclusive thing;
  • In children's rooms, a drawing room or an entrance hall competently made installation from shelves will allow to save essentially a place for games and work;
  • Interesting design and spaciousness of the shelves for flowers or books will eliminate the "empty" walls, making the situation in the room much more comfortable.
Geometric design of shelves
Shelves in high-tech style

Any wall construction is a simple and inexpensive way to decorate both large and small rooms. With the help of the most insignificant shelves for shoes or glass supports in the kitchen, you can add a special charm and color to the everyday atmosphere, and even save your workspace.

Features of construction and scope of use

The design of shelves largely depends on their design features. There is a huge number of options for the design and configuration of similar products:

  • Removable;
  • Fixed;
  • Mounted;
  • Outdoor;
  • Corner;
  • Minimalist with one functional surface;
  • Huge designs in the interior, looking like huge closets with open niches;
  • Decorated installations in the voids and niches of interior walls.

There are closed, open and combined structures. One of the alternatives that combine the functional qualities of both, are the shelves with glass doors.

Design of shelves in the office
Design of bookshelves

Decorative forged shelf

Wealth of forms and a variety of stylistic decisions

The design of the shelves implies complete freedom not only in choosing the material, but also in terms of the choice of shape, configuration, dimensions and auxiliary decor. A conventional kitchen shelf can be curved or curved, formed into a whimsical line or even a complex pattern.

Round design of bookshelves
Decorative shelves in the kitchen

On a wide wall in the living room or bedroom with the help of simple elements it is possible to form a shelf, imitating a wave. In a miniature hallway or corridor, there is room for a modest "rhombus" or "square".

An important role is played by the supposed functional load. For example, the design of shelves in the kitchen intended for storing spices, and the design of glass shelves in the nursery, where photographs and awards of the child are located, will not differ much from each other. But the design of bookshelves and the creation of a design for massive floral compositions will differ significantly from each other.

Rack from the boat in the kitchen
Book shelves in loft style

Layout Secrets

The decor of the shelves, like the layout of all interior items, requires imagination and a certain taste. Carried away by miniature products, it's important not to overdo the amount of detail. For example, in a room with a total area of ​​18 square meters there should not be more than 10 shelves. This is a valid number. In general, it is necessary to limit 3-5 shelves. You can arrange them as you like:

  • Complementing the overall cabinets and "walls";
  • Filling voids on the wall;
  • Forming an independent installation on the wall.
Shelves in the form of a bear
Original design of metal shelves

In the interior, shelves organically look above the sofa, under or above the window opening, along the entire wall, low on the floor or almost under the ceiling. The most functional places for shelves:

  • Book shelves in the study or in the children's room, directly in the training area;
  • A small construction above the desk in any room;
  • Installation in the kitchen for storage of various products, household items or as a decoration in the interior;
  • In the bathroom near the shower, bath or washbasin;
  • In the hallway and corridor as a store for keys and other small attributes.

Lovers of "green corners" use shelves as elements for creating true floral compositions. Using simple elements near the window (if a good insolation is required) or in a more secluded corner (if the plants like a shadow), you can create a comfortable design for home colors in all respects.

The minimal design of shelves in the interior
Book shelves in the Art Nouveau style
Original design of the bookshelf


Today, furniture manufacturers offer both austere classics and a shocking avant-garde. Find a suitable model for the style will not be difficult. And special craftsmen can do something with their own hands or use simple models as the base allowing the most breathtaking decor of bookshelves or attributes for the kitchen.

Design of suspended shelves
Shelves for dishes

Here are just a few examples:

  • In the interior of high-tech, minimalist modernism or laconic classics, weightless shelves with a hidden type of fastening made of glass, high-quality plastic or metal are placed;
  • A lot of interesting ideas can be realized in the thematic children's room. Angle shelves in this case are considered the most capacious and reliable. The simplest variant is the multi-colored models, which can be supplemented with colorful drawings;
  • In the kitchen, you can place a symbiosis of open and closed shelves, which are designed to store "unaesthetic" things, as well as for an effective demonstration of the kitchen decor. To the housewives easily open the right door at the right time, it is important to place the shelves at arm's length near the work area;
  • In the bathroom there are hanging or corner shelves made of materials that tolerate moisture well. Usually it is glass and plastic;
  • In classical interior compositions, simple wood shelves for books, souvenirs and various decor items are placed.

The most extraordinary ideas and ideas can be realized in reality, using a simple shelf (you can even old and dilapidated) for a spectacular decoration of space. In this case, all possible materials are used: from ordinary paint and attributes for decoupage to 3D 3D stickers and drawings of the child.

Shelves in the interior of the hallway
Shelves in the style of Provence

Classic design options for space

The simplest design of wall shelves involves the use of a game with a background and objects that are placed on an installed structure. You can use a shelf of unusual shape and arrange it in a discreet interior. There is also a reverse version: a simple and devoid of any decorative excesses mount against a background of unusual and unusual decor.

The interior can be transformed not only by creating an original design of bookshelves built into a standard furniture set, but also by changing the height of their layout, if possible. In addition to the new location, it is important to refresh the filling of the shelves themselves. Vases, statuettes, goblets and other memorable souvenirs always look great.

Rack with diamond cells
Design of through shelves

How to make a shelf with your own hands?

If the design of shelves on the wall with your own hands implies the presence of a special design, you can make furniture and decor yourself. When ideas are already formed, materials for decoration and other equipment are selected, it is necessary to carefully consider the structural qualities of the shelf itself.

Book shelving in the bedroom

The most popular materials: chipboard, wood and plasterboard. In this work you will need a drill, a screwdriver, a level, a ruler and an ordinary pencil. Do not forget about the fastening. This can be a special system with corners or a reliable glue, if it is a question of light hinged structures, performing a purely decorative mission. Also it is worth remembering that the corner shelves do a little more difficult than the wall shelves.

Shelves of glass in the interior
Book shelving in the interior

First they make up the drawing of the future shelf, form the details, think through the nuances o
f how they will be attached to each other. If you have the skills to work with electricity and are familiar with the specifics of the work of LED lighting products, a new piece of furniture can be supplemented with a corresponding illumination.

Triangular book shelves

In fact, absolutely any ideas can be translated into reality. This requires only the most necessary knowledge, minimum skills and a responsible approach to work. The final result in this case will not disappoint.

Corner book shelves

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