Seamless textile wallpaper – forgotten classic (28 photos)

Although this method of registration today is one of the most advanced and popular, glue seamless wallpaper began many centuries ago. This is how the houses of the famous nobility were designed. A heavy heavy cloth was placed on the walls, and thanks to its integral texture, the room was made complete and perfect.

Classic seamless wallpaper

Seamless wallpaper with flowers

Today, seamless fabric wallpaper is most often used in interiors made in classical styles or in the modern style. It can be monophonic canvases or whole pictures of complex shapes. Most often such wall-paper is made out by the whole room, but there are variants of interiors, when only one wall is framed by a seamless cloth.

Seamless gray wallpaper

Seamless wallpaper in the style of a chic chic

Seamless wallpaper in the dining room

In modern interiors also there are not only seamless wallpaper for walls, but also options for the ceiling. They are of high cost, and only specialists can mount such designs, but the end result is worth all investments.

Seamless wallpaper with decor

Seamless wallpaper with geometric prints


The fabric texture of the wallpaper is pleasant to the touch and keeps the heat well, which makes it possible to create a feeling of coziness and tranquility in the rooms. In addition, seamless wallpaper made of fabric sound excellent sound insulation, so these coatings are increasingly used in bedrooms and workrooms.

Seamless textile wallpaper

Seamless fabric wallpaper

Seamless wallpaper pattern

Varieties of seamless canvas

Fabric wallpaper of this type can be executed in various variations: from silk, jacquard, flax and other threads. Such a variety of textures gives rise to an abundance of possible colors. Monochrome, light, white and beige, bright and unusual - the seamless texture allows you to create unique design options. For example, silk wallpapers are often decorated with images of fantastic birds and flowering trees, which will look great if your interior is made in oriental style.

Seamless blue wallpaper

Seamless wallpaper in the living room

Seamless wallpaper in the interior

For those who can not decide on the choice of ready-made colors, designers have developed seamless wallpaper for painting. With such wallpaper you can not only create your own interior, but also change it whenever you want.

Seamless wallpaper in the office

Seamless brown wallpaper

Seamless wallpaper with swans

Children's fabric wallpaper seamless type have bright and cheerful colors and also perfectly preserve heat in the room and protect against extraneous sounds. Such wallpaper can be used both in a room for toddlers, and premises of children of older age.

Seamless wallpaper in art nouveau style

Seamless wallpaper with ornament

Seamless wallpaper pastel shade

Sticky seamless wallpaper

The essence of seamless wallpaper is that they are placed on the surface of a single web, hence the difficulties in the gluing of the material, so it is better to entrust this procedure to professionals or to work with a large company.

Seamless wallpaper with prints

Seamless wallpaper in the style of Provence

Seamless wallpaper with a floral pattern

Before gluing seamless wallpaper, once again measure the room's footage, remove all the platbands and plinths, stock up the necessary tool. For gluing it is better to choose glue for heavy wallpaper, it will provide better adhesion to the wall surface.

Cling seamless wallpaper horizontally from floor to ceiling, the canvas is not cut. A feature of gluing this type of wallpaper is that in the course of work all doors, windows and other openings in the room are pasted. At the final stage, they cut through the contour.

Seamless wallpaper with a pattern

Seamless pink wallpaper

Seamless wallpaper with roses

So, the algorithm for wo
rking with a seamless cloth:

  1. Clear walls and corners. If necessary, align and conduct additional surface preparation.
  2. Remove the platbands, skirting boards, baguettes.
  3. Roll to place in the corner where the work will begin. Most often this is the corner where all the massive furniture will be located in the future.
  4. Apply a glue to the area of ​​up to two meters and attach a cloth.
  5. Tightly press the canvas against the wall, top and bottom fix with special slats, this will keep the surface after drying.
  6. Unscrew the roll and glue it further along the perimeter of the room, tightly pressing against the wall and fixing. Every two meters, check the verticality of the canvas with a laser level or a plumb line.
  7. When you return to the point of reference, you need to fix the canvas in such a way that the seam is barely visible.
  8. Surplus cut, cut windows and doors.
  9. Reiki should only be cleaned after the canvas has completely dried out and is fixed on the surface.
  10. Install the removed platbands and plinths.

At first glance it seems that the procedure of gluing is very simple, however this impression is erroneous. It is better to entrust this work to a construction team consisting of several people, because the process requires coordinated coordination throughout the perimeter of the room and has an increased power load - seamless wallpaper is most often produced by rolls of 50 m.

Seamless wallpaper with oriental pattern

Seamless green wallpaper

Seamless wallpaper with gold


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