Russian style in the interior (17 photos): examples of design in the traditional rustic style

The value of the work of our ancestors is more weighty for our contemporaries. And as one of the examples of respect for our great culture - the traditional Russian style in the interior began to revive. Incredible fabulous motifs, bright painting of the house, log cabin furnishings - all this characterizes modern Russian design.

Living room in Russian style with a decorated fireplace

Features of the direction

Our ancestors invested their souls in building and decorating their homes. Each corner was saturated with warmth, comfort and love. Russian style in the interior is often called rustic. What is different about the Russian design of the house and rooms from the others?

  • Maximum use of the tree. It should be used not only for finishing floors, walls and ceilings, but also in furniture. It is recommended to use tree species that are common in Russia.
  • Bright colors and floral ornaments in the decoration of walls and furniture.
  • It is recommended to age artificially objects of everyday use: dishes, furniture and lighting fixtures.
  • Use in the interior of wooden shops and massive tables.
  • A huge role is played by a classic Russian stove or at least a fireplace. This village attribute is always decorated with paintings or laid out with ornaments made of tiles.
  • Particular attention to the tissues in the design. It must necessarily be natural fabrics, it is desirable that the textile was made of linen, cotton or cotton. Complex drapery is not welcome, but embroidery, knitted napkins and applications will be very appropriate.
  • To design the design in the Russian style, you need to additionally add to the interior elements of decor with embroidery, lace made of clay, traditional Russian toys.
Dining room in the manor in the Russian style
Spacious bedroom in Russian style
Kitchen with an island in the Russian style
Decor of the room in the Russian style
Mansard bedroom in the Russian style

Several varieties of this style

The fabulous Russian style in the interior in modern design is divided into three types:

  • "A la Rus"
  • Russian cottage
  • "Russian Tower"

"A la Rus" has long been known throughout the world and is distinguished by the use of original ethnic motifs and household items. They can be found in shops with souvenirs and shops. Practical examples are bast shoes, nesting dolls, samovars. Often used for the decor are bears' skins, painted utensils, characteristic curtains, tablecloths, pillows and a Russian folk instrument - a balalaika. This style does not have a village motive, but rather expresses the characteristic Russian elements of decor.

Cozy bedroom in Russian style

This design is more popular with foreigners, as something exotic and unusual for their culture. To create it, you do not need to radically remodel houses or apartments, build baths and manors. More than enough small changes in the design of rooms - the addition of several characteristic elements.

The style of "Russian hut" is more practical and more like a classic rural design. Vivid motives are rarely used, more often - necessary household items. Most suitable for decorating estates, villas or country houses. It is very important to use natural natural materials, so plastic windows and tables, suspended ceilings and floors, covered with linoleum, the wallpaper does not fit into this design.

Carved stairs in a house in Russian style

Give preference to wooden frames for windows, wooden floor boards, massive carved beams of wood. In general, everything that characterizes the country style. If there is no possibility of using the tree when decorating the walls, it can be replaced with "whitewash", plaster or usual painting.

For the rustic use, a classical Russian stove was needed, so it is necessary to seriously think about its creation. It was multifunctional: it was used for heating, cooking and as a bed. Traditional Russian style in the interior giving, manor, country house and even a bathhouse requires you to use massive wooden furniture from shops, tables, stools, cabinets. To create a cozy and special charm, you can add barrels, chests, boxes. Try to exclude all objects from plastic as much as possible, as this will cause dissonance in the design. The same applies to modern appliances. Yes, it is impossible to exclude it, but it's quite satisfactory.

Finishing the kitchen in the Russian style

The style of the "Russian tower" is full of rich design items. It is widely used bright patterns, rich chests and other items used by Russian nobles. Russian style in the interior is typical not only in the form of a village house or a hut, the rich in Russia lived in their world and with their decor elements.

This design allows the decoration of walls with fabrics, upholstery and even some types of wallpaper. Floors can be covered with parquet, and the cover can be covered with soft carpets. In contrast to the rustic style, here you can move away from rough furniture and use chairs, sofas. But the casing should be made of velor or other rich, good quality fabric. Skin is allowed.

Objects of lighting are also different. A large chandelier of crystal can hang under the ceiling, and metal elements can imitate bronze and gold. Textiles have their own preferences. It is advisable to arrange everything inside the rooms with brocade.

Kitchen in Russian rustic style
Small light bedroom in Russian style
Bedroom with fireplace in Russian style

Design options

  • Gzhel style will please fans of a combination of blue and white. Gentle tints of blue tones over white creates an atmosphere of lightness and weightlessness.
  • If you like something unusual, fabulous, at the same time stylish, give preference to the style of lubok. These are colorful pictures resembling children's books with fairy tales.
  • Khokhloma's decor looks very bright and elegant. Khokhloma is in harmony with wooden covers, home textiles can also transmit this image, where black, red and gold colors predominate.
  • For sewing interior draperies choose simple fabrics with repeating textures, use natural linen cloth.
  • A blanket of rags, where each piece is a separate story, as well as slides of cushions, folded in size, will add a Russian color to the dwelling. This design of bedrooms previously symbolized a rich family, where friendly spouses raise many children.
  • Fans of elegance and visual aesthetics can be advised by Russian rococo. This is a palace style. You will be helped to create this design tapestry fabric for furniture, carved, gold-uncovered wooden furniture, filigree plates and openwork figurines. How much it is necessary to pay for such registration is is defined by subtleties of manufacturing and wishes of the customer.
Beautiful interior lighting in Russian style
Beautiful kitchen apron in Russian style
Modern kitchen with details of Russian style
Large living room with fireplace in the house in the Russian style
Palace Russian style in the interior of the bedroom

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