Red curtains in the home interior – the choice of passionate natures (24 photos)

Red is the color of action and passion. The walls, painted in red, excessively overload the psyche: there is a feeling of excess heat and stuffiness. As a rule, designers do not take red color as a basis for planning interiors of living quarters, it is used only as color accents, spots, impregnations. Accents can be considered furniture upholstery, decorative cushions and pouffes, floor mats, blankets, bedspreads, curtains of red color.

Red curtains with a bando

Red Blackout Curtains

Interesting shades of red

Scarlet, lilac, crimson, cinnabar, burgundy - act in different shades of red. All of them are conventionally divided into warm and cold.

Warm shades of red:

  • burgundy;
  • scarlet;
  • pomegranate;
  • cinnabar;
  • rusty.

Cold shades of red:

  • fuchsia;
  • crimson;
  • cardinal;
  • alizarinic.

Blouse curtains

Curtains with red flowers

Design of red curtains

Curtains blackout - sunscreen and soundproof curtains, designed for sleeping rooms. The threadbearing base of the blackout fabric contains a black thread, so that matter absorbs up to 90% of the sun's rays.

Curtains with a lambrequin are a common design of red curtains with a decorative top part. Modern fashion does not provide for portieres. Lambrequin creates solemnity and, if necessary, disguises flaws in the top of the window. Curtains with a lambrequin are ideal for the hall.


Red Roman curtains - curtains, which when stacked layered with horizontal folds. Good choice for bedrooms. From the palette of red, it looks good deep burgundy shade of Roman curtains against the background of pastel walls.

Red tulle is an elegant combination of crimson tulle and a light gray interior of the living room. Tulle shades of cinnabar or alizarin will set the mood of the kitchen, which faces north.

Red velvet curtains - one of the elements of the Baroque style. Soft light shades of red (scarlet, brick, cinnabar, coral) will enliven the big hall, which lacks natural light.

Red day-night curtains

Red curtains with geometric patterns

Red curtains in the interior

Before using curtains of red shades, it is necessary to take into account that red color visually hides space.

Guest room or room

Heavy red curtains in the interior of the living room are combined with wallpaper in pastel colors. The smaller the room, the more transparent and thinner the curtains should be. Red curtains in the interior of a small living room can be selected from airy tulle. Curtains of brick, scarlet or crimson shades plus white tulle - the classic elegant atmosphere of the hall.


Red embroidered with gold curtains in the bedroom - a sign of oriental style. A classic combination for a bedroom are: heavy night curtains of wine or brick color and light tulle.

Pink curtains in the living room

Double red curtains in the kitchen

Red curtains with a lambrequin


To decorate the children's room, use red curtains or red tulle is not recommended. Allowed red curtains, diluted with voluminous intricate ornament of light tones.

Kitchen and dining room

Kitchen curtains of red color can cheer and increase appetite.

Prefer a gentle English cage if the natural lighting of the dining room leaves much to be desired. Red curtains in the kitchen are suitable in case of dark work surfaces or when using dark wood in the interior. Accurate curtains for the kitchen raspberry shade on the background of the white room will create a feeling of a cozy country house.

Red curtains made of linen

Red curtains in Art Nouveau style

Red curtains of muslin

Curtains of fashionable colors, combined with red color

Gray Curtains

The combination of gray and red shades contrasting and energetic, suitable for decoration of the hall or guest room in the Art Nouveau style.

Red and gold curtains

The combination of red curtains in velvet and gold lambrequins is a solemn and pompous classic, suitable for large halls. In the living room, done in pastel colors, you can try a combination of external jacquard curtains of light-gold shade and interior burgundy curtains, sewn from satin.

Red single-color curtains

Red curtains with pick-ups

Red curtains in the interior of the bedroom

Raspberry green curtains

It looks interesting tricolor combination: raspberry / pistachio / white. For the composition, you can use tulle and dense lambrequin.

Red and white curtains

Scarlet or coral curtains with white ornaments or flowers are ideal for a poorly lit bedroom. Delicate scarlet curtains in a romantic style will decorate even the simplest setting.

Dark red curtains with gold

Curtains blackout exquisite wine or maroon shades with gold ornaments - a classic in the design of the boudoir.

Red curtains with print

Red curtains in the style of Provence

Red straight curtains

Red curtains with black ornaments

The combination of red and black looks contrasting and aggressive. Nevertheless, on the red background, black and white inserts look good.

Red curtains and white cage

Checkered fabric causes a feeling of comfort and a home. In the countries of old Europe, classic checkered curtains are an invariable attribute of a country house. In the 1960s, an English cage of two colors came into vogue: red-white and red-blue. Classic checkered curtains sew from a wide variety of materials. Depending on the general orientation of the interior, it can be flax, brocade, silk or tight tulle.

Red Roman curtains

Curtains with a red pattern

Red roller blinds

Modern designers use curtains of red color in all sorts of stylized interiors: from classics to the avant-garde. Saturated shades of red, dense fabric curtains, lambrequins - features classic curtains of guest rooms.

English cage (combination of white and red) sets the atmosphere in the kitchen. In the bedroom and the nursery, the choice of red curtains should be approached very carefully. In rest rooms, nothing should be irritating to the psyche of a person, regardless of health status and age.

Red curtains in the bedroom

Red curtains with a pattern

Red curtains in the bathroom


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