Raspberry interior: successful combinations and unequivocally bad decisions (24 pics)

Crimson color is bright, youthful and energetic. Like any color that can be used in interior decoration, it is able to influence the mood of people. In the right combinations, it causes optimism, improves mood and fills with energy. However, if you use unsuitable shades in combination with it, the effect may turn out to be unpleasant, pressing and causing a headache.

Raspberry accents in the interior
Raspberry color in the classical interior

What you should not do

Raspberry interior can be an excellent solution, but it can also look uniquely losing. Often the difference is in the details, which you just need to remember that their use is not justified.

Raspberry color in the interior visually reduces the room. A small room with a low ceiling, which can look very cozy, decorated in light light shades of warm colors, because of the crimson will seem tight and narrow than it really is.

Raspberry sofa in the interior
Raspberry apron in the kitchen

Raspberry color in the interior has to activity, causes a surge of energy and optimism. Apply this color in the bedroom: paint the wallpaper or ceiling, put a sofa or hang such curtains - definitely a bad idea. The room will be hard to relax and fall asleep. The only possible option is to use crimson color exclusively for accents and accessories.

Raspberry color can look easy, juicy and light, but only in combination with light colors. The combination of colors, which are dominated by dark shades - black, purple, brown - will look oppressive and unpleasant.

In addition, in the interior of a crimson is not always appropriate - for minimalism, high-tech, Japanese or Scandinavian style, it will look too bright, too flashy and provocative. You can use it only in accessories, and only if you have the confidence that it will look good.

Raspberry in the living room
Raspberry interior of the living room

What combinations are good?

No color can not be used in the interior alone - this will create an unpleasant atmosphere and deprive the room of accents, so the combination of crimson color in the interior is the first thing to think about.


Universal color, perfectly in harmony with the raspberry. You can use it as the main color, then there will be a crimson sofa, crimson curtains and other textiles in the room, or you can use it as an additional, and then white furniture and white accessories will be combined with raspberry wallpaper.

Crimson color in the interior
Raspberry in the office

Light pastel colors

Also a universal solution, which allows to soften the natural brightness of crimson color. Can play a dominant role, can shade a crimson color; well suited to it warm beige.


By itself, the gray color looks stern, unpleasant, dusty. He lacks brightness, but if you combine it with crimson, the effect can be perfect, especially if you sustain a balance.

Close shades

Purple, lilac, pink in combination with crimson make it possible to create a very delicate interior, which is ideal for a teenage girl's bedroom. The main thing is to use crimson to highlight accents, and not as the main color.

Carpet of crimson color
Raspberry color in the interior of the loft


Different shades of yellow can look great in combination with raspberry - the shade should be warm, not too bright and pleasant looking.

The black

The color that can make a room in crimson tones terrifying, but it can also look very stylish. The main thing in handling it is not to overdo it and use it for accents.

The shades with which the crimson color combines can be very different: contrasting or related, warm or cold. Before you start the work, you need to make a sketch, by which to check how much they look good.

Furniture raspberry in the interior
Crimson color in the interior of the modern

Where can I apply a crimson color

The main advantage of crimson color is that it is universal. There is not a single place in the house where it can not be used if you approach the matter with imagination and understanding of the basic principles of working with the interior.


The perfect place to apply crimson color. First, it is in the kitchen that the day begins, when optimism and energy are so needed. Secondly, the bright kitchen looks daring, not defiant or inappropriate. Even a raspberry fridge or crimson sofa in the interior of the kitchen will look appropriate if everything is well thought out.

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Raspberry color in pastel shades in the interior
Raspberry cushions made of velvet


As simple as with the kitchen, it does not work, but if you correctly combine colors, the result can get no worse. For a very young child with a raspberry you need to combine soft pastel shades. For the schoolboy-sorbent bright colors (ideally, however, it is necessary to fence the sleeping place directly with a curtain or screen so that the brightness does not prevent the child from falling asleep). For a romantic girl, a combination with a gentle pink or lilac is a good match. Raspberry curtains in the interior of such a children's room will be very appropriate.

Raspberry curtains in the living room
Raspberry color in the interior of the bedroom

Living room

Slightly more controversial. Raspberry walls in the interior do not look strictly, representative or important. On the contrary, they look youthful, unusual, energetic and therefore will not suit for any style. No classics with them will not work, but if you want to design a cozy, maximally informal living room, they will look perfect.

Bedroom with raspberry accents
Raspberry wall in the bedroom


Raspberry harmonizes with soft pastel colors, and therefore can be used in the bedroom. The main condition - it should not be too much, no wallpaper, just accents, accurate selection, very careful use. Still, it is better for kitchens than for the place where it is supposed to sleep.

Raspberry color in the interior of the dining room
Textile of crimson color in the interior


Not ideal, but quite suitable place. Bright tiles, bright floor, combination with white or yellow will look great. This bathroom will be nice to use in the morning to cheer up and provide yourself a good mood for the whole day.

Raspberry bathroom

It is not necessary to be a professional designer to know what kind of interior looks good, and which one should be changed. What's more important is good taste, attention to detail and the ability to sketch first and then start repairing.

Japanese curtains of crimson color

Patience, accuracy, interest in detail will allow to inscribe the crimson color in the interior so that it will look absolutely delicious.

Raspberry color in the interior of a country house

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