Rack in the room (108 pics): zoning and decorating the interior

Become the main functional items of furniture in the living room, help organize the collection of your favorite porcelain figurines, serve as a kind of dressing room for outerwear and shoes, competently divide the space or emphasize the exquisite style will only he, a practical and weightless, stylish and magical rack.

Original shelving in the interior

Shelf white

Shelf large

Rack for living room with office

Shelf for living room black

Shelves for living room classic

Rack for living room with flowers

Until recently, it was not easy to imagine a room without shelving or shelving because there was no alternative. Shelving for the living room was replaced by chests of drawers, modular systems and mini walk-in closets. However, the owner who values ​​his own comfort, coziness and free space, chooses a rack for any other item of furniture for storage of things.

White shelving for living room zoning

Shelving for the living room

A shelf with a decor for the living room

Wooden Shelving Rack


Wooden Shelving Rack

Rack for living room design

Shelve for living room design

Rack for living room in the house

Oak living room shelf

Constancy of choice: top-7 reasons to place a shelf in the living room

In modern homes and apartments, racks are used for shading and decorating natural and modern styles - with the help of design, strict or ornate lines, impeccable shapes. That's why they are easy to see and in the territory of a small studio apartment, and in loft style apartments, and in a usual three-room "Khrushchevka". So why is the shelving so loved by everyone?

Shelving rack in the living room

A shelf with a table in the living room

Shelf for dining room

Rack for living room in studio apartment

Rack for living room dark

Teak living room shelf

Rack for living room triangular

Because the rack is:

  1. Versatility. High or wide, open or closed, made of wood, innovative plastic, wrought iron, glass and even stone, the rack can easily fit into the interior of any room in the house or apartment. It will be appropriate in the nursery for two children, in the kitchen for storing the collections of dishes, in the bedroom, the hallway, the corridor and even in the bathroom.
  2. Flawless design. You can use for storage of things and objects as a frame (open) rack, which consists only of shelves and racks, and choose a variant more complicated, which is a rack wall. Such a piece of furniture is the possible presence of a back wall and doors in some sections of the rack. Also, do not forget that you can choose not only a classic rack in the entire wall of a rectangular shape, but also prefer a corner option for maximum use of useful space.
  3. Simple storage of things. An open rack will allow you to find and take all the necessary things without looking for them for a long time. This will greatly facilitate the search for things for parents and children, in the room where there is a rack. Such a piece of furniture will allow your friends to view the latest collection of purchased porcelain plates, for example, without much effort. And no hassle!
  4. Maximum useful area. Everyone will always be able to choose that model of the rack, which is unequivocally suitable for a certain area of ​​the hallway, kitchen, bedroom or nursery. If you have a non-standard room, order the rack on an individual sketch. In this case, it will fully match the shape of the room and will not take up an extra space that you can use for the intended purpose.
  5. Zoning space without unnecessary complications. By purchasing an open rack, you can use it to separate different functional areas of one room. It takes a minimum of effort and everyone will know that behind the rack begins a completely different territory.
  6. Decorative component. Increasingly, those who prefer ra
    cks in the living room, choose their choice not only because the racks are functional, convenient to use, durable, but also because they are stylish, exquisite and unique in its kind. That is, they make a note of beauty in a completely pragmatic design.
  7. The minimum cost in comparison with a full book, cupboard, library, closet or modular system, dressing room. At the same time, you can prefer natural materials like stone, glass, metal, wood, and prefer more affordable options with bright decorative details. In addition, do not forget: if after a while you will not be satisfied with something in your rack, you can add to it colors, drive and charisma. Technique craquelure, decoupage or the like - and your rack will turn into a work of art!
Decorative shelving in the dining room
Brown shelving in a gray interior
White metal shelving in the Scandinavian interior
White shelving in the interior of the cabinet
Large bookcase in the interior

Shelves for living room turquoise

Rack for living room with doors

Eclectic style living room shelf

Eco-style living room shelf

The best place for a rack, or the rule of location

So, shelving for the living room - the best option for you. And you are already considering the models, measuring the size of the room and planning what basic function the shelving in your room will perform. And all this is good, but it's worth remembering the location rules that will allow you to use the shelves without hassle, store a whole bunch of things with it, while "presenting" it in the most favorable light, turning it into the main decorative piece of furniture in your space.

White shelving in the living room in the Art Deco style

Rack for living room from plywood

Rack for living room in a futuristic style

Rack for living room geometric

Rack for living room GKL

Shelves for living room glossy

Rack for living room in Khrushchev

If the room:

  • large, spacious and light (which is a rarity for small apartments), then the rack can take one of the walls and reach the ceiling in height. In this case, the rack will play the role of a hill or a traditional wall, which will make it possible to turn the hallway into a full rest room, placing the wardrobe items (closer to the front door) with the help of the shelving group, other things, trifles, household appliances, accessories and favorite trifles - on the rest territory;
  • small, then choose the optimal rack. In this case, it will not look cumbersome and monumental, but neatly fit into the territory it intended and perfectly cope with the practical side of the issue;
  • non-standard form. This allows you to choose for the hallway, living room or bedroom built-in shelving (often "old" apartments have numerous niches and grooves) or prefer a rack of round shape. Choosing this option, you can easily save on the shelves shoes and accessories, bags and hats, outerwear and other things.
Large book shelf in the living room

Industrial dining room shelving

Rack for living room in the interior

Cabinet rack

Shelf for books


Shelf cabinet

Shelf on brackets

Rack in the apartment

Having a rack in a small space, pay attention to mobile options. Powerful wheels will move the rack to another room if necessary, do a general cleaning without hassle or get a rolled-up object. When choosing a rack on castors, pay att
ention to the hardware: it must be reliable, durable and durable. This is the "detail" on which it is not worth saving!

A shelf at the stairs in the house
Small wooden shelving
Stylish white capacious shelving

Laminated living room shelf

Shelving for the living room by the stairs

Rack for living room staircase

Rack for living room loft

Color and lighting of the shelving

Shelving in the living room is not only functionality, pragmatism, but also a component of beauty. Therefore, when choosing a rack made in a certain color, think about what result you want to achieve. The classic solution is a white rack in a room of any color and shade. It will always look neat and stylish.

Black shelving for apartment zoning

Rack for living room in the attic

Shelves for living room from solid wood

Rack for living room from MDF

Metallic shelvings

Rack for living room in minimalism style

Multifunctional shelving for living room

If you want power, drive energy, something bright and dynamic in the hallway, choose a cognac, black or chocolate racks for pastel interior. Natural shades will give naturalness and special luxury to the room, charm and fascinate everyone. An intriguing idea for an open rack is the creation of an unusually bright wall behind it. And everyone will pay attention to it.

Stylish built-in shelving in the interior of the kitchen

Shelving unit for modern living room

Shelving for living room

Shelf for living room outdoor

Wall shelf for living room

Rack for living room unusual

Rack for living room with niche

Shelf for living room is low

Rack for living room in one-room apartment

Do you want to create the most harmonious and quiet room? Then the shelving and finishing should be done in one color, but in different shades. You can appreciate the beauty of this solution only when you install the rack. However, when playing with color, do not forget about lighting. The hallway is not a room where there are enough natural sun rays (with rare exceptions). In this case, highlight some cells of the rack more, some - less. And appreciate the direction of the flow of light and the uniqueness of the decoration created.

Fashionable shelving in the bathroom interior
White shelving in the zoning of the apartment
White shelving in the living room-cabinet

Shelf for living room original

Shelving for an open living room

Mobile shelving for living room

Shelf partition for living room< /p>

Different functions

So, the shelving wall is the most harmonious and effective solution in the living room, in which there is a mass of all kinds of things. You can place on its territory books and vases with flowers, live plants in pots, accessories, photos, a music center and even a TV. At the same time for some things you can choose shelves with doors, for others - free space without a back wall, some part of the shelf to decorate with a bar and hang your favorite outfits, some - a back wall and even a box opening in a special way. The design solution has no end - choose for yourself an alternative to a dull and boring cupboard or a slide.

Black and white shelving in the living-dining room

Shelves for living room, plastic

Shelving for the living room

Shelves for living room with shelves

Semi-circular living room shelf

Shelving for dishes in the living room

The shelf is outdoor in the interior of the living room

Zoning space - another "direct" appointment of the shelving in the living room. It is an open rack that will allow you to divide the working area and the territory of the reception of guests or to separate the place for active games of children from the dining area. At the same time, the interior will look luxurious, appropriate and interesting.

Black racks in the interior in the loft style

A rack around the opening in the living room

Rack in the living room colorful

Rack in the living room

Rack in living room retro

Shelving in the living room gray

Shelving in the living room blue

A shelf serving exclusively for decoration and storing only small items is a special piece of furniture in your territory. It can be any shape and color. Original decorations from a venerable designer or hand-made decoration will give him the style direction you dreamed about. And your standard living room will be exclusive!

Round racks in the interior
Shelving rack
Large rack in the corridor

Shelving in the living room is steel

Rack in the living room with glass

Shelving in the living room in the wall

Shelving wall in living room

Rack for living room from pipes

Rack for living room with TV

Rack for living room angular

Shelves for living room wenge

Shelving for living room in oriental style

Built-in shelf for living room

Drawer for living room with drawer

Rack for living room gold

Shelving for living room zoning


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