Puffy in the interior (19 photos): a little island of comfort

The place of our daily stay is our home. Sometimes it is the interior that determines whether the room is convenient for certain purposes. For example, the office must be practical, without distracting elements. And the most important thing in creating a home cosiness is furniture.

White square ottomans in the interior

It is difficult to imagine a modern interior without such a familiar thing as padded stools. They are not an obligatory element of any style or direction, however how much comfort this furniture can give! These charming chairs fit into almost any room. It is important only to choose the most convenient and interesting option, which would correspond to the functions of the room and the taste of the owner. So how to choose suitable ottomans? Soft or hard? Large or compact?

Bright ottomans in the living room

Poof in the interior should be ergonomic. Height and stiffness are determined depending on the purpose of the chair. Therefore, in order to choose the ideal ottoman, which will please your owners for a long time, you need to know some nuances.

Puffy in the interior and their location

When choosing a puff, first of all it is important to determine where, how and for what it will be used. There are many different options. What is important to consider?

  • Functionality of the pouffe
  • In which zone of the house will it be located
  • What is the appropriate style and design model
  • Materials from which the ottoman is made and its design

Often, padded stools are chosen for a recreation area, for example, for a bedroom or a living room.

Beige soft ottomans in a small living room

Living room and ottomans

For the living room it is better to choose soft and low padded stools. Since in this zone they are usually used as a footrest. Therefore, their height should not be above the chairs or sofas. Such padded stools are made, as a rule, using leather, textiles or polyurethane foam. Due to their softness, they will be an ideal option for relaxation.

Beige ottomans in the living room

Tougher options are suitable as a coffee or coffee table. Relax on them will be very problematic, however, if you want to add a room of originality and coziness, such ottomans can become an ideal option. The main advantage of padded stools is their compactness and multifunctionality. In each living room there is a cozy tea table. However, if you select a pouf for these purposes, it will become both a storage box and a footrest.

Also, when decorating a living room, do not forget about color solutions. The most profitable in the living room will look padded stools in the tone of the main furniture.

Beige leather ottoman in the interior of the living room
Soft gray ottoman in the living room

The hall and the pouf are an ideal option

For some, the design of the hallway is secondary, but this opinion is erroneous. If you want to create a complete picture in the house, it is worth paying special attention to the design of this zone. After all, starting with the hallway, guests will get acquainted with your house.

Ottoman with a compartment for shoes in the hallway

The entire space of the hallway should be filled with maximum efficiency. Poof in the interior of the hallway will bring great functional benefit, especially if you choose soft padded stools with a lid - a seat. This option will be the most profitable for owners of not very large, modest hall sizes. The ottomans perfectly save space and serve as an extra storage compartment.

Gray ottoman in the hallway

The ottoman in the hallway can become not only a practical, but also a stylish addition. However, it has the maximum compactness, which is especially important for the design of a miniature hallway.

Beige-brown ottoman in the hallway

Ottomans in the children's room

If you choose furniture for a nursery, then it's worth paying attention to soft padded models, without sharp corners, strong enough and easy to clean. For example, an ottoman bag, or as it is also called a frameless chair. This model is ideal for children. Thanks to the removable cover, the bag is very convenient for washing, and thanks to the unique filler, it has a very soft texture without hard parts.

Armchair-bag for children's room

Expanded polystyrene foam, thanks to this model will be a very warm and cozy cold winter evenings. Polystyrene pellets freely fill the bag, so the frameless chair takes the shape of the body and creates maximum comfort. A large ottoman can also be an interesting addition for a bedroom or living room.

Bright ottomans in the children's room

Autumn and winter are difficult to imagine without cozy knitted sweaters, they provide us with not only warmth, but also a special mood. To add more coziness to winter holidays, you can add a variety of knitted covers to furniture in the interior of the house. This is a great opportunity to create a magical atmosphere, making knitted puffs a highlight of the interior. Knitted things have always been associated with warmth and comfort. Therefore, using crocheted covers you can easily create in your home a unique atmosphere of comfort, which is especially important in the cold season. After all, it's nice to warm yourself up on a winter evening in a soft, knitted chair with a cup of hot chocolate.

Knitted padded stools in the interior

If the mistress of the house loves needlework and has decided to make knitted cases independently, it is necessary to provide that they were easily removed.

Using knitted things, you can add coziness to any room, especially if it's a children's bedroom. Such things can be safely washed in a washing machine and not afraid for their safety. Today the most popular are traditional, classic ornaments, various knitted ornaments and buttons.

Not only furniture can be decorated in this way, an interesting option may be the design of the same ornament puff, and, for example, covered beds, if it is the interior of the bedroom. And if you do not have time or desire to create covers, you can simplify the task by purchasing it or ordering it. For this purpose, the seat-bag would ideally fit, thanks to its simplicity of changing the covers and the variety of designs. And the most important reason for which more and more people are choosing their frameless chair is its longevity. The armchair-bag does not absorb moisture, so it does not rot. He is not afraid of dampness.

Bright chair-bag in the nursery

Bedroom with ottomans

The bedroom is a resting place, so the ottomans usually choose the same color with sofas and armchairs so that the furniture looks like one set and is not striking. For fans of experiments and original color solutions, color combinations are perfect. For example, to match the color of the ottomans with the color of the curtains or sofa cushions. The ottoman can also serve as an accent, with nothing incompatible, bright and self-sufficient unit.

White leather ottoman in the bedroom

All the same, furniture is not just part of the interior, it's one of the ways of self-expression of the owners. In the interior of the bedroom everything should be as comfortable as possible, no annoying elements. Only things that are dear to the heart and eye-pleasing color combinations. Therefore, properly selected furniture is half way to the ideal bedroom. Since the bedroom is the most important place for recreation, it is worth sticking to the minimalist solutions in its design.

White ottoman on legs in a classic bedroom

The ottomans with seat-cover will perfectly complement the interior and will allow maximum free space. If there is a dressing table in the bedroom, then it is worth giving preference to more stable models of medium height. If the bedroom space for you is not only a place to sleep, it is worth to diversify and supplement it with a banquet. So you will have several zones for sleep and leisure.

White fluffy ottoman

Knitted options will create an additional comfort and become a highlight of the interior. For those who prefer all the space to occupy only the most functional things, the ottoman-transformer will do. Some models in the unfolded state become an armchair or a single bed. Thus, the bedroom area can replace the office or any other place in the house, thanks to functional furniture.

Black and white ottoman in the interior

Product Selection Tips

Charming benches and cute ottomans for all their comfort, are more auxiliary furniture. Its main task is to fill all the voids and place accents. For small apartments such furniture is a real find because of its versatility and roominess. Living room, hallway or part of the bedroom, and maybe a study - in any area of ​​your home the pouf will be a successful addition, or maybe the main highlight in the interior.

Knitted, openwork or textured options for every taste will help create your ideal, cozy home.

Umbrella with a place for shoes

And at the end of the article we will give some recommendations for choosing the right product:

  1. Furniture should be safe first. Pay attention to the purchase, so that all the necessary quality certificates are present, as well as a hygienic conclusion.
  2. Poof or banquet should be as stable as possible. You should carefully inspect the legs of the product.
  3. When buying carefully inspect the product, check for defects in the model, the reliability of the mechanisms and attachments.
  4. If the family has kids, it is better to give up furniture with sharp corners.
Different padded stools in the interior

If you decide to give preference to a frameless chair:

  • Check for an internal cover. This will ensure longevity of the product. In addition, there will be many difficulties with washing the product. After all, it will be necessary to fill out the filler somewhere for the time of washing. And if there is an internal cover, this problem does not arise.
  • The zipper of the outer cover must be at least 100 cm. Otherwise, the risk of damage to the bag when changing covers is great.
  • Check the presence of the handle. It does not affect functionality in any way, but its absence can significantly complicate its movement around the house. Indeed, despite the low weight of the chair has a large enough volume.
  • The filler should be only from the primary polystyrene pellets. Some manufacturers use the shredded version for saving. Be careful.
  • Check the presence of the repair kit, the manufacturer must provide you with a filling filler.

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