Panoramic windows in the interior of houses and apartments (20 photos)

Panoramic windows or, as they are called, French are able to transform the interior and appearance of a country cottage and one-room apartment. Due to the opening-panorama, the dwelling acquires a visually more spacious appearance and receives additional lighting. Panoramic windows are irreplaceable for those houses where you can see the wonderful scenery of the surrounding nature. With the right selection of panoramic apertures, you can transform both the kitchen, the living room and the bedroom into luxury apartments, as well as decorate the terrace and attic, and arrange a room for a studio or loft-style studio.

Panoramic glazing in a country house

Types of panoramic glazing

The main difference between panoramic windows and standard ones is the width that is several times larger than the height. Such proportions are used when glazing the whole wall, loggia and a small window opening.

Panoramic glazing at home

Depending on the appearance and the way of installation, the panoramic windows are divided into:

  1. Ordinary, which differ from the standard only in form and are used more often than others. Suitable for installation in multi-storey buildings, if the architecture of the building allows, that is, for a loggia or balcony. In a private house, such an opening panorama wins against the background of modern finishing materials.
  2. Corner, occupying two adjacent walls or parts of walls. Such panoramic windows will emphasize the exquisite landscape and will enable you to observe the nature without leaving the apartment. The installation of corner frames in high-rise buildings is counter-indicative, as the load-bearing structure of the building may suffer. But for a country cottage next to a forest or water body, this kind of panoramic windows is perfect.
  3. False windows coming to the rescue of those who really want to become the owner of panoramic glazing, but the architecture of the building does not allow it to be done. Another false panorama is used when the window opens a very sad landscape. Panoramic false windows are glass panels with illumination and a pre-prepared picture of the landscape, sometimes even a few for a change. When installing this type of windows, remember that the picture of a beautiful landscape must be of very high quality, and special lighting will entail additional costs for electricity.
  4. Garden, which will transform the park buildings, gazebos from the timber, garden houses, terraces and turn them into a favorite place for family rest and reception of guests.
Panoramic windows in the apartment

By the way of opening the doors there is one more classification of panoramic windows:

  1. Sliding, in which the opening system is due to the shift of one of the wings to the side. Such frames are often used for glazing of terraces, balconies and loggias.
  2. Swing, opening system in which is familiar to all, swivel-folding.
  3. Portal, when the sash opens and then moves to the side. Such windows are suitable for installation in the bathroom, in the kitchen, in small studios and attics.
Panoramic windows in a private house
Panoramic glazing of a two-storey house
Panoramic corner window in the bathroom

Advantages and disadvantages of panorama windows

The popularity of panoramic glass does not affect the higher cost than standard windows. Panorama windows allow you to:

  • to let in the room more natural light;
  • from any place in the room fully observe the surrounding landscape;
  • give housing, even a small one-story house made of timber, exquisite and original look;
  • achieve a high level of noise insulation.
High panoramic windows in the living room

But with the installation of panoramic windows, there are some inconveniences, among which:

  • high price;
  • the need to install a high fence around one-storey cottages to avoid viewing rooms by strangers;
  • difficulty in cleaning and airing;
  • the need for additional ventilation to prevent condensation;
  • forcing a higher temperature inside the building during the hot season due to the large area of ​​the window and the need for additional shading;
  • burnout of upholstery and wall decor due to the penetration of a large number of rays;
  • mounting alarm, which will prevent from penetration into the housing;
  • the need to cut or demolish the wall, which will entail the involvement of specialists and additional costs, not to mention the permits for multi-storey buildings.
Panoramic windows in the bedroom

Having decided to install panoramic windows, you should weigh the pros and cons, consult specialists for advice, and also measure your financial possibilities.

Panoramic windows with curtains in the bedroom
Panoramic windows in the interior of a modern house
Panoramic glazing at home in high-tech style

Nuances of the interior with panoramic windows

Installation of panoramic windows in most cases entails changes in the interior. What exactly needs to be changed, it depends on what kind of panorama and in what room they installed.

Modern construction only begins to use the panorama windows for the construction of residential apartments. The new housing mark
et is represented in most apartment-studios. For such a layout, a large amount of light is needed, so that any functional area is sufficiently illuminated. The studio can be divided into zones with the help of sliding decorative systems, or furniture. In any project, full-scale natural lighting can only provide a panoramic window from ceiling to floor.

Panoramic glazing in the interior of the bedroom

Panoramic windows in the living room or the hall give the apartment a more light and cozy appearance. Experts recommend to abandon the curtains and stay on the tint film. It perfectly filters the sun's rays and creates a shadow effect in the room. If you do not want to lose the additional illumination of the living room, then it is recommended to purchase Japanese or usual light curtains of light tones. Also suitable vertical blinds. On the floor in the hall it is recommended to put a small carpet, when decorating in the spirit of minimalism, you can abandon the floor decor.

Panoramic glazing in the interior of the living room-kitchen

In the design of the kitchen, panoramic glazing can be done on the whole wall or in the form of a tape, depending on the size of the room and its location. In a private house, with a significant height of the room, you can install the tape panoramas under the ceiling and at the level of the working surface. With a similar design of the kitchen from the curtains can be discarded altogether.

Panoramic windows in the living room with fireplace

The interior of the bedroom depends on the type of panorama. If the window is ordinary, then for its decor you can use horizontal blinds (only not plastic, preferably bamboo) and Roman blinds. While designing a bedroom with a window on the whole wall, it is recommended to choose light opaque curtains or compound vertical blinds. On the floor, you need a soft carpet in the tone of the window decor.

Panoramic windows, especially with a well-designed project, will help turn a non-residential premises into a cozy apartment. The modern loft-style houses seem careless in appearance. If there is brickwork on the walls, it is recommended to install wooden panoramic windows. Those who decided to equip their homes in loft style, do not necessarily look for abandoned businesses or attics. It is sufficient for the design of a bedroom or a hall in an apartment to preserve the main features inherent in this style.

Panoramic window in the bedroom in an industrial style

For panoramic glazing of the attic you can install frames between rafters. A small height of the attic floor allows you to admire the surrounding world from an unusual perspective. When installing in the attic of vertical windows from the floor, you can use a large sash to access the balcony. For the design of this room is perfect style loft or finish under the bar.

In the bathroom, the usual panoramic window is recommended to be installed above eye level and portal type. Such a layout will help you choose any finish of the bathroom and leave space for mosaics and furnishings. In multi-storey buildings, we allow the installation of false panoramas. At installation it is important to consider the humidity of the bathroom.

Panoramic windows in the house

In multi-storey buildings, panoramic glazing can be used only when installing frames on the balcony and balcony, and instead of the window when you enter them. It is recommended to use sliding systems. It is also possible to install a conventional panoramic frame of small dimensions instead of the standard without additional wall cutting. The installation of corner frame skylights can damage the building.

Glazing of the cottage with panoramic windows

What you should know about installing panoramic windows

The installation of panoramic glazing in a new building and already inhabited house has significant differences. For a newly constructed building, the installation of the panorama will take a little time, as it is not necessary to cut down the walls and obtain permits from the architecture. It will be enough to choose the window view, the material, call the master for the measurements, pay for it and wait for a while while the window is ready. And in the project usually in advance are provided window apertures of the certain sizes.

Panoramic glazing of the attic

In any case, the installation of panoramic windows, no matter what material and what kind, gives the home a refined look. Additional costs that may entail interior decoration, additional ventilation, high fence, design and mounting of alarms are more than compensated by the comfort that the apartment acquires after installation of panoramic windows.

Panoramic apartment glazing
Panoramic glazing in a modern interior

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