Orthopedic pillow-cushion: features of healthy sleep (63 photos)

Cushion in the form of a roller ensures complete relaxation of the shoulder muscles during sleep. This is due to the uniform distribution of body weight. Orthopedic pillow-roll when laying it under the head helps improve blood circulation in the hands and neck, reduce headaches, normalize sleep. Such an object is very useful for people whose work is related to a sedentary lifestyle. It is also good to put a roller under the neck or lower back for a comfortable position of the body. With swelling or spasms of the legs, it is desirable that the pillow-cushion for the bed is under the knees, which prevents varicose veins.

Satin cushion-bead
Velvet cushion-roller

Pillow cushion satin

Cushion velvet cushion

Beige cushion cushion

Cushion white cushion

Pillow cushion black and white

Cushion classic cushion

Cushion color cushion

Insomnia, pain in the neck and head may well arise from an incorrectly selected pillow. Lush pillows have a negative impact on the condition of the upper spine, so the classic cushion should be replaced by a long hard cushion-roller. Only it will not allow the torso of the thoracic spine, acting as a support for the neck.

White cushion-roll

Pillow cushion with flowers

Pillow cushion in nursery

Cushion sofa cushion

Cushion cushion is long

Pillow cushion for double bed

Pillow cushion under the head

Decorative cushions-rollers

Decorative cushion-roller is used in any room of the house, in the place where there is a sofa. The product configurations can have a variety of: straight cylindrical, "bone", "horseshoe" and many other kinds.

Cushion cushions for the sofa are used not only for placing under the upper spine, lower back or head. The product can be used as elbows or legs. The scope of decorative cushions-rollers depends on the imagination of their owner. The cushion-pillow must necessarily be combined in color with the color of the sofa.

Cushion-cushion in classic style
Decorative cushion-roller

Pillow cushion blue

Pillow cushion in living room

Pillow cushion platen

Pillow cushion brown

Cushion leather cushion

Special fillers

Manufacturers have turned the pillow-roller into a real remedy. A sleeping pillow for sleeping can have many different fillers. The most common filler is buckwheat husks, inexpensive and environmentally friendly material. In addition, the pillow-roll for sleeping can be filled with polyurethane foam, latex and many other materials. More and more often you can find products with a memory effect, able to adjust to the contours of the body and provide additional back support. Women are happy to use neck pillows with a cooling effect, which, according to the producers, prolong youth.

Children's cushion-roller
Roller for children

Red cushion cushion

Pillow cushion on the bed

Linen cushion cushion

Cushion cushion art nouveau

Pillow cushion with inscription

Pillow cushion with pillowcase

Pillow plain cushion


Since the orthopedic cushion-cushion is designed for rest on the side, the height of the cushion should correspond to the distance from the beginning of the neck to the end of the shoulder. The comfortable position of the body during sleep is influenced by other factors:

  • filler cushion-roller;
  • hardness and other characteristics of the mattress;
  • body weight;
  • favorite positions in a dream.

It is best when choosing to lie on the cushion-roll, as the elasticity and volume of the product for each person are individual. If in the supine position there was complete relaxation of the neck and shoulders, then the pillow fits perfectly. It should be borne in mind that the pillow-cushion for the neck should not be pressed under the weight of a person. As a result of a well-matched pillow-cushion, a person wakes up with a pleasant sensation of lightness in the whole body and with a good mood.

Cushion cushion
Roller in the style of eco

Orange cushion cushion Orange cushion cushion

Pillow cushion orthopedic

Pillow cushion in the form of armrest

Pillow roller

Pillow cushion in strip

Application of cushion-cushion for children

The use of a cushion in the form of a cushion for children is of great importance. She realizes the possibility of a small child sleeping on her side and playing the role of a support for the weak muscles of the baby. Cheerful children's cushions-rollers are produced in the form of various animals: cats, dogs, tigers. They are pleasant to the touch and have colorful bright colors.


Pillow-roller does not require special care. Removable cover must be washed from time to time by hand or by washing machine. Dry the cushion in the form of a roller is recommended in a ventilated area, away from hot batteries and avoiding sun exposure. Do not use dry cleaning to prevent chemicals from impregnating the product filler and causing allergies.

Cushion under the head
Pillow-roller of cotton

Pillow cushion in the hallway

Pillow cushion with print

Cushion cushion in the style of Provence

How to sew a pillow-pillow yourself?

On how to make a pillow-roller on its own, on the Internet you can see a lot of master classes with step by step instruction. The pillow-cushion is made by hand quite easily. We cut out the details, sew a pillowcase, fill it with filler, add buttons and shoelaces. The production process requires:

  • Roller made of foam rubber;
  • batting and thin material of rare weaving for stretching foam rubber;
  • fabric for pillowcase;
  • Threads that match the color;
  • two large buttons or brushes;
  • lace for cant;
  • fastener;
  • sewing machine.

All the necessary accessories can be purchased at specialized stores that sell fabrics and various accessories.

Cushion-roller in the style of country

Pillow cushion with pattern

Pink pillow cushion

Pillow cushion in the bedroom

Pillow cushion with stitch

Pillow cushion for the ottoman

Pillow cushion with pattern

Particular attention should be paid to the choice of fabric, from which the pillowcase is sewn. Usually for this purpose velor, tapestry, satin and other materials are used.
The color is chosen according to your taste taking into account the interior of the room. The sides of the cushion-roller are decorated with details that can be combined in color or, conversely, be contrast.

Pillow-cushion in the cage
Liner cushion

There are several ways how to sew a cushion-roller. The most common is the manufacture of three parts: the basic element in the form of a rectangle and two side parts. To make the pillowcase perfectly fit the pillow, you need to carefully take the measurements.

Pillow-roller with synthetic filler
Foot cushion for legs

Velor roller cushion

Pillow cushion with embroidery

Pillow cushion green

In addition to solid foam rubber, the cushion-roller under the head can be made of soft batting. To do this, the material is rolled up to the desired diameter and wrapped closely with gauze or other material with a rare weaving.

Striped cushion-roller
Cushion-platen in the style of Provence

An interesting variant of pillowcases for the cushion-cushion is the pillowcase "sweetie". A large cloth of rectangular fabric turns into a foam rubber mold, is pulled together by ribbons on each side and the cushion looks like a big candy.

Cushion-cushion for neck
Pillow-roller for a dog

It is not a bad idea to make a decorative pillow-roller for any purpose together with children. The fantasy of children is unlimited, and they will necessarily bring unusual ideas into the design of such an object for the home.

Pillow-roller in the bedroom

Pillows-rollers are made for those who care about their health and the health of close people, especially children. Original multifunctional cushions-rollers for sleep will help to cope with problems of the upper spine, upper and lower extremities, eliminate headaches, normalize sleep and prevent certain diseases. They do not require special care and complement the interior of the room, being an original decoration.


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