Orange color in the interior (43 photos): a variety of shades and combinations

Such bright and warm color as orange is not often used in interiors. And in vain. Even a few elements of any of the shades of orange will add to any interior of warmth and comfort. The orange palette has collected all the warm shades: from soft sand tones, to bright fire. If you prefer this color, you should remember about its features.

Black and orange kitchen in high-tech style
Orange interior
Orange interior

Orange interior
Orange interior
Orange interior

Orange interior
Orange interior

Orange interior
  • Any of the shades of orange will always remain warm. Because of this, it is quite difficult to combine with cold colors and it is desirable to arrange it with warm colors.
  • Any object of this color will involuntarily attract the eye. The same applies to any element of the interior: walls, furniture, carpets and other things. This is suitable for creating an accent, but not hide the shortcomings of the room.
  • Saturated variations of this color displace all other colors from their environment. This is due to the fact that the orange immediately attracts attention to itself.
  • Orange makes any subject more voluminous.
  • Many shades of orange are used in ethnic interiors: Japanese, Mexican, Moroccan, minimalism.
  • Such bright walls, where reddish wallpaper and small rooms are used are not compatible. Psychologically, this is a powerful color and will not cause comfort. It will be enough to add several elements from this palette.
  • This color is ideal for raising the mood. It is an active color, giving impetus to new creative ideas, life forces, pouring in new energy. Apathetic people are recommended red-and-yellow wallpaper in the workplace.
  • Kitchens decorated in these tones, increase appetite. And in the rest rooms orange should not be used, because it does not give a full relaxation. In very hot rooms it should also not be used.
  • Orange is a combination of two colors: red and yellow. From the first, he took the activation and stimulation, but is not as aggressive as red. From the second - the warmth, the feeling of happiness and well-being at home.

Given all these features, you can choose the perfect combination for any room and at the same time it will look harmonious and bright. It is recommended to add this color to the northern cold rooms. This color is ideal for working space, nursery, bath and kitchen. Orange color in the interior is necessary so, where there is not enough positive and energy.

Freshness of white and warm yellow-red

Pure white color will express as much as possible any shade of orange, creating a cheerful sunny environment. This combination will create a festive mood every morning, such wallpaper will be appropriate in the kitchen and in the living room. Fresh and original looks when decorated in a minimalist style. This option is great for a bathroom, where white will express the purity of the walls, and a bright orange fill with energy for the whole day.

The combination of orange and white in the living room
Orange interior
Orange interior
Orange interior
Orange interior
Orange interior
Orange interior

Shades of such a bright color are often used in children's rooms, because orange is very suitable for active children. White, however, will slightly reduce the activity of the baby and help to concentrate. Thanks to the addition of white it is possible to reduce the excessive energy of the room, which is good for bedrooms and living rooms. The shine of orange will help to wake up, and the coldness of white allows you to relax and fall asleep.

Bright and slightly pressing red-orange, not all guests can come to taste. However, white at times will soften the situation, and the room will become more comfortable for everyone. Orange color in the interior of the living room is desirable to use for accentuation, rather than the dominant color.

Orange-white kitchen
The cream-orange living room
Orange and white in the interior of the kitchen
Orange interior

With all the seriousness of black

Red-black combination is classic, but for the interior is very heavy. The same applies to the orange-black tandem. They look good when accented, but to stylize these colors all the room to take risks only very active and self-confident people. Thus, you can decorate the kitchen for a high-tech style, but for bedrooms and children is contraindicated.

It is much more harmonious and pleasant to combine a bright orange color with a calm and mature gray. Any saturation of gray will somewhat extinguish the activity of fire, and this repayment will be very harmonious and natural. In such an environment, both active and calm people will feel comfortable. These colors are suitable for the kitchen, if there is a desire to moderate their appetite.

Orange-black living room
Orange, black and white colors in the living room
Orange-black wall in the kitchen
Orange interior
Orange interior
Orange interior

The search for brown and the brightness of the red flashes

Brown of any saturation is incredibly consistent with all shades of red and yellow. It is this combination: brown and carrot, creates warmth and soft energy. It's enough to remember an orange with chocolate to immediately feel all the comfort of this combination. Brown can be very saturated, almost black, or on the contrary very soft. Such walls will look expensive and refined, but not so pressing, as with black. Light brown will be cozier than sterile white. To such a duet you can still add shades of gray, muffling unnecessary splashes of bright colors.

Living-dining room with orange and brown accents in the interior
Orange interior
Orange interior

For a workplace, a brown background with a bright orange pattern is great. In the living room, you can make one of the walls red-orange, and the rest in a brown tone. This will create a feeling of comfort and good mood.

Thanks to such a harmonious combination of these colors, orange blends well with natural wood. Adding wood panels to the interior of the apartment, there is a sense of high cost and naturalness. The tree can be very light tones or dark brown, this coordination can not be disturbed. Also, wood is often used to decorate the kitchen, where brown returns to nature.

The combination of orange, brown and white flowers in the living room
Orange, brown and cream colors in the spacious living room
Bedroom with a combination of orange, brown and white flowers

Synergy of orange with green

Green-orange combinations lead to thoughts of southern fruit trees - mandarin groves, oranges. It is these associations that lead to the use of these lights for the kitchen. And lovers of exotic relaxation and the bathroom. Such a color palette, despite its brightness, is unobtrusive, unlike red. Green wallpaper for the walls are well combined with the orange floor covering of the kitchen.

Bright orange and green accents in the living room

After playing with shades of green and orange, you can find a good combination for the nursery, which should be filled with comfort and tranquility. Children's eyes should not tire of the catchy pattern of the walls, here we give preference to more unobtrusive prints and drawings. If the children's room also performs the function of a children's bedroom, and not just a playroom, then in such a room should prevail green. Orange can only be individual elements. This is good for the development of the still unstable psyche of children, especially if there are symptoms of hyperactivity. Lighter orange tones paired with green will improve the position of the child's nervous system.


Green-orange kitchens have an appetite, but with a propensity for the right food. Experts in ancient Chinese art of feng shui argue that the presence of
a large amount of green color of the walls of the kitchen evokes the desire to eat salads and vegetable food, and orange optimizes the appetite. And this dual effect is useful from the point of view of nutritionists.

Small kitchen with green-orange accents
Green chairs and orange accents in the living room
Light green walls in combination with orange furniture
Combining orange and green wallpaper in the bedroom
Orange interior

Aesthetics of orange with blue

Never this combination was not too popular. But it is very undeserved! Choosing exactly this color range for an apartment, you will never find yourself in the mainstream. This combination is ideal for children's homes. The sheer gradation of color temperatures does not imply an imbalance, but rather, pacifies, awakens creativity. It's not for nothing that you can not take your eyes off the picture of the evening sea horizon against the setting sun, which is just such a color scheme! Of course, it is more correct to choose more muted shades for children's contemplation.

Orange and blue furniture in a bright living room

In other rooms it is quite possible to use juicy shades of orange and blue. For the kitchen, you can use the image of a waterfall at the dawn of a new day. Looking at the wall covering in the bathroom with such a combination, we observe an amazing effect - the colors, complementing each other, acquire greater saturation. Use the bathroom or special water-repellent wallpaper, or for fans to steam in the aromatic steam baths, it is more rational to give your choice to the tile on the surface of the walls. And this will give additional opportunities to create, giving himself up to the flight of his design fantasy. With often high humidity in the bathroom, the combined shades of sky-blue and calm-orange will appear much brighter than there is, it is necessary to consider this when choosing materials for repair.

Orange and blue accents in the studio apartment

Are you ready for clever tricks? Then strengthen the shade of blue in the direction of purple or turquoise and you will see how the result will change! Brightness will no longer hit the eye, but the saturation and positivity of the atmosphere will remain, and in the case of turquoise, orange will even win.

The orange color is the warmest in the spectrum, it is located second, after the red and before the yellow, carrying in itself the properties of each of them. It is very bright and interesting, do not be afraid to bring it into your interiors, but be careful: like fire, it can burn, and maybe also warm in bad weather or a period of life troubles.

Orange and blue furniture in the living room
Orange-black furniture in the bathroom
Orange, cream and black in the living room

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