Modern laminate flooring: colors, ideas, features (25 photos)

The floor covering is a significant and significant part of any room. It should be in harmony with the interior of the room and complement it.

Laminate flooring for bleached wood
White laminate in the interior

The laminate is very popular because it is characterized by good strength, low cost and a wide range of models. And its installation is simple even for independent execution: the lock the spike-groove creates a monolithic surface without gaps and differences.

Laminate with old wood texture
Laminated board

The main thing is not to make mistakes with the color scheme and shades. But how do you know which color of the laminate is suitable?

Oak laminate

Characteristic of the laminated coating

The invention of a covering of this kind refers to the 70th years. Sweden is considered a country of origin.

Oak laminate in the interior
Laminate in the interior of the living room

The first laminate can not be called ideal, it had a significant defect - the lack of moisture resistance. Even from a small contact with the liquid, the coating swelled, bubbled, etc. The modern laminating compound solved all these problems.

This laying of the floor is used both in residential apartments and houses, and in office buildings, buildings with increased load on the floor. It is easy to take care of such a surface, moreover, it does not burn out even under direct sunlight.

Laminate in the interior of high-tech apartment

Laminate in the style of country

Main advantages of laminated board:

  • resistance to various influences;
  • high wear resistance;
  • does not fade;
  • heat resistance.
Laminate flooring for mahogany
Laminate in the kitchen

However, you should know that the laminate is not an environmentally friendly material. The coating is a multi-layered wooden structure consisting of:

  • The protective base, the function of which is protection against damage, dampness, deformation;
  • layers - a modified wood strip, which are characterized by strength, soundproofing properties, protect the heat;
  • decorative coating, which is represented by a layer of rubberized paper. Performs an aesthetic purpose;
  • a top laminated panel that consists of a treated resin. It serves to protect and extend the service life.

Moisture-resistant and water-resistant laminate - two different concepts. Waterproof lamination is times more expensive and more efficient, because it is based on plastic.

Laminate in the interior of the apartment

Important values ​​should also be taken into account:

  • thickness;
  • class of the product;
  • the size;
  • Colour.

A competent specialist should advise you on the described criteria.

Laminate flooring in loft style

Color solution

Since the flooring market can boast a rich list of shade variations, buyers are often concerned about how to choose the color of the laminate.

It is the shade of the floor that influences the general mood of the room and even the psycho-emotional state of a person. Therefore, the choice of the color of the laminate should be conscious, thoughtful. Approach this task responsibly.

Laminated walnut

Laminated walnut
Parquet board

Erroneous colors do not exist, but there are failed combinations. Only in the case of color balance is formed the winning palette.

General recommendations for choosing a color scheme:

  • determine the level of lighting. For light rooms, the same coverage is suitable. It will hide microparticles of dirt, dust, stains after washing;
  • the tone of the skirting board and wallpaper should not repeat the tone of the floor, since a homogeneous closed space will leave. If the wallpaper is light, then the cover is darker by two or three tones;
  • When choosing a laminate for a small apartment, focus on one shade palette and texture for the whole area. Otherwise, the space will shrink and disconnect. If there is a low ceiling, give up the dark floor covering. Laminate bleached color will be an appropriate option.
Laminate with striped pattern

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