Metal bed – a complete rest in any interior (23 photos)

Interior items from metal were highly valued in the old days and have not lost popularity and relevance today. Excellent combinations of hardness and reliability with elegance are the main reasons for the attractiveness of metal furniture and especially the beds.

Metal bed with wooden posts
Metal bed in the nursery

The strength and durability of products is determined by the characteristics of the material, the characteristics of care, their advantages and disadvantages.

Children's bed made of metal

Bed of metal in the house

Advantages of metal beds:

  • resistance to temperature changes and damage (difficult to scratch or break);
  • the ability to withstand significant weight loads - suitable for different categories of customers;
  • interior versatility - forged products can correspond to many styles. Original beds look like decorative elements made of wood, glass, stone. Artistic forging emphasizes the individual taste of residents;
  • environmental friendliness, although for many consumers the naturalness of materials is associated only with wood. However, modern metal furniture, manufactured according to all the rules of technological processes, is also environmentally friendly. Metal does not collect and does not emit harmful impurities, therefore it is ideal for a bedroom;
  • stability - some models are very difficult to move.


  • instability to moisture;
  • coldness of the metal - some owners are unpleasant to touch cool surfaces.
Figured bed of metal

Variants of construction

Modern metal beds are made in two ways. Punching is a conveyor process for the production of parts. Forging - complex step-by-step works with metal (at high temperatures), requiring professional skills and individual skill.

Bed of metal in Gothic style

Bed of art forging

Factory bed models

The main material for making furniture is iron. Sometimes brass is used - an alloy of copper with zinc. Iron hollow tubes or steel profile (thickness 1.5-2 mm) are the main materials in the production of factory beds, so a bed with a metal frame is relatively light. Similar designs can withstand weight up to 200 kg (this is an average of two people). Excessive loads can lead to bending of parts or breakage of furniture.

Bed with a metal headboard

Metal bed in country style

Forged models

These beds are made mainly by hand. Since the metal is processed at high temperatures, it is capable of withstanding significant loads. The process of making wrought-iron beds is exclusively manual work using special tools and devices. The works show the style / handwriting of the master and each product is unique.

The cost of beds is determined not only by the way of production. The price is influenced by the choice of material used to make models: copper, iron, iron, aluminum.

For exterior decoration of the product use powder painting technology. Thanks to unlimited colors you can choose a shade for any interior.

Bed on a metal frame
Forged bed in the bedroom

Types of metal beds

Conditionally, you can select several parameters that will help determine the appropriate model of the bed.

By owner

Beds are made for children and adults. With adult beds, everything is clear (the standard length is from 200 cm), but the children's models still have an age division: a cradle (with the possibility of rocking), for children from six months, for preschoolers / schoolchildren (up to 160 cm in length), teenage (less than 190 cm).


By the number of places for sleep

The type of bed is determined by the width of the model: a metal single bed (80-100 cm), a double model. From Soviet times, the term "lorry" - the model width of 140-150 cm remained. However, the definition is now more common - compact double beds.

Typically, the model step of a double bed is 20 cm (140 cm, 160 cm, 180 cm, 200 cm). The choice of the product should be treated responsibly, as it is still necessary to select a mattress.

Red metal bed
Metal bed in the interior of the apartment
Metal bed in Art Nouveau style

Variety of shapes, structures

The most traditional and common form remains a rectangular model. Advantages of such beds: it is easy to choose
furniture for any interior, many manufacturers, different prices (handmade products of complex design are not cheap).

Oval and round furniture look non-standard. To appreciate the beauty of the design and ease of use is better in large rooms.

Special options - beds with canopies or stands for installation of canopy.

Two-tier metal models can be stationary or mobile and installed in children's rooms.

Metal bed in Provence style
Gray metal bed

Headboard Options

This design element can be high, low, solid or openwork. A double bed with a metal headboard can have one solid back or two independent parts.

Stationary headboards are one with the bed. Hinged elements are mounted on the wall above the bed and are more important as a decorative element.

Four-Poster Metal Bed
Bed of steel in the interior

Metal bed in the interior

To make the bed look organic in the interior, it is advisable to think in advance about the style of the room, imagine the model in the room, its combination with the decor, the decoration of the walls.

Harmony of metal in the bedroom

Metal beds - self-contained interior items. However, to create an integrated environment, it is desirable to use additional forged elements or some design techniques:

  • Forged chest will perfectly cope with the duties of a traditional chest of drawers, which is especially important for eastern, Arabian interiors;
  • the pouf with metal decor perfectly complements the bedroom furniture in a classic style;
  • lamps with forged bases, installed on bedside tables or mounted on the walls, will create an interesting "ensemble" with beds;
  • non-standard solution - repetition of forging patterns in interior items, for example, on the mirror doors of the built-in cabinet;
  • forged frames for mirrors, candlesticks, hangers emphasize the mood of the room.
Patterned bed made of metal
Iron bed in the interior

Forging in the environment

It's just to the touch that the metal is cold. Thanks to skillful artisans and creative designers with the help of forged products, special and unique interiors of the rooms are created. Metal beds perfectly fit into different styles.

The most organically forging emphasizes the style of Provence. The lightness of the romantic interior will be given by a bed with a headboard having smooth lines of drawing. Also traditional and popular is the combination of forging and stylistics of vintage or country design.

Gilded bed of black metal

Bed with canopy or canopy - the main detail of the eastern interior. For a low wide model, you can only install a figurehead. Beautiful carpets, a combination of shades of gold, ivory, purple will also give the bedroom an eastern luxury. Exquisite design will not leave anyone indifferent. Bronze and copper things (vases, chests) will make the room cozy. Carved forged lamps will give the bedroom a mysterious atmosphere thanks to the play of light and shadow.

White metal bed

In the minimalist style bedrooms, rectangular beds with chrome / matte finish will be relevant. And the headboards should have simple forms (without patterns). Models with wooden elements will be appropriate.

Metal bed in Art Deco style

The technology of making furniture allows you to embody any shape / pattern for the legs, backrest / headboard. If the bed is purchased for a finished interior, then the area and stylistics, decoration of the room are taken into account. When thinking about the situation from scratch, you can dream up with a combination of metal furniture and interesting design solutions.


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