Lamps made of wood in interior design (50 photos)

Surprisingly combining style and proximity to nature, chandeliers made of wood are timeless.

Wooden chandelier in loft style with a lot of light bulbs

Lamps made of natural wood, accompanied by hanging decorative elements of ceramics, metal and colored glass were always in vogue, no one was writing them off as designer scrap. Simply they always belonged to the inexpensive furnishings, and invariably decorate exclusive interiors, which not everyone can afford.

Designer lamps made of wood

About incompatibility

Imagine an eight-carved carved oak array chandelier with wrought-iron candelabra, hanging on a long chain in the cramped living room of the panel house, and everything will fall into place.

If you still want to decorate your interior with such a chandelier made of wood, then let it be smaller, but the brevity and style will remain.

Chandelier in wood in the form of horns
Table lamp in wood
Wooden table lamp
Long wooden chandelier
Wooden floor lamp
Wooden chandelier in the interior

Elite light source

Wooden lamps from a valuable array do not produce in large series, these are unique and most often hand-made products.

Their high cost reflects the uniqueness of the appearance. They are among the elite sources of light, suspended ceiling wooden chandeliers are often executed in a single copy, often complemented by forged metal elements.

Table lamp in the form of a pyramid with a shade

Behind traditional wooden and metal chandelier decorate modern LED light sources. Incredible possibilities of LED technology and electronic control of the lighting system is even difficult to imagine until you see them first hand.

Desktop small lamp made of wood
Chandelier from wooden sheets
Table lamp in wood
Chandelier with a lampshade of wood
Unusual table lamps made of wood

Author's design

Such author's design works are considered works of art. They are created by artists on individual orders for a certain interior, teaches the unique color and size of the future product. Masters who design the luminaires are able to work with wood, make forged parts from metal, make glass for chandelier-stained glass, sculpt and burn ceramic ornaments.

Unusual wooden table lamp

Unusual wooden table lamp

As a rule, they design and manufacture not only suspended wooden chandeliers, but also a whole complex of exclusive lighting fixtures for a specific interior: wooden lamps for installation on walls, table, floor lamps, spot lighting, and street sconces for lighting effects in landscape design on territory of the customer's site. They develop different types of decorative ceiling and wall lamps for the kitchen and bedroom, a children's and a living room, a hallway and a veranda in the garden, but all the lamps bear a misprint of a single design style.

Stylish bright wooden chandelier
Cone-shaped chandeliers with wooden inserts
Wall lamp with wood decor
Unusual stump fittings
A small table lamp made of wood and metal

A familiar environment

Incredibly high ceilings with wooden beams, a spacious room, large outdoor vases, wall tapestries, heavy carved furniture, large dining tables, wicker rattan chairs by the fireplace - this is the environment in which chandel
iers made of natural wood look as natural and organic as possible.

Wooden table lamp with fabric shade

Here, in its place will be vintage wooden sconces with bronze insets, and even wall-mounted point-of-view LED stylish lamps made of wood, directing narrow beams onto the original stained glass windows.

Desktop wooden lamp in the shape of a little man
A table-topped wooden lamp with a luminous material in the dark
Round wooden chandelier
Traditional style of wall sconces
Stylish wall and metal sconces
Fashionable chandelier of wood and metal

In harmony with the style of the interior

Of course, wooden chandeliers are not so arrogant as to illuminate only the chimney halls and stiff living rooms in castles of aristocrats and manors of the rich. After all, they once got there from the huts of ordinary peasants and artisans.

Table lamp from a cut of a tree

There are several styles of interior design, in which wooden lamps fit easily and naturally. Here are the most popular:

  • Country (Anglo-American Village)
  • Provence (french rustic)
  • Oriental styles (China, Japan, Korea)
  • Chalet (simplicity of the alpine house)
  • Rustik (deliberate, crafty rudeness of furnishings)
  • Modern (chic style late last century with antique plaque)
Table lamp in wood and metal

All these styles, born on different continents and in a specific cultural environment, are different in their own way. But the simplicity of forms unites them, the predominance of wooden elements, fabric, ceramics, and stone, creating a genuine and natural ecology, in the decor of the interior.

Black table lamp made of wood

In such interiors, large suspended wooden ceiling chandeliers look natural and profitable to emphasize. The wall will be decorated with a wall from a translucent section of resinous cedar, the headboards of the beds will be illuminated by forged floor lamps with carved inserts, original table lamps made of unusual snags are quite appropriate on the desktop, and smart fabric shades will give soft light in the bedroom.

Floor lamp in wood

Brown-beige, white and pastel colors are easily combined with wooden lamps, forged elements of lighting fixtures, patches of colored glass of plafonds and lampshades.

Table lamp in dark wood
Overhead chandelier made of wood, metal and glass

The deceptive simplicity of Provence and Country

Provence, like country, professes simplicity and a warm countryside. It fills the house with the scent of a forest and a relaxing atmosphere.

But Provence is not that simple. This is the stylistics of significant details. As a suspended ceiling chandelier, a well-processed array is often used, revealing the wonderful texture of wood. Horns for lamps are also made of wood, they can be covered with woven shades in the tone of the situation.

Unusual lamp made of wood

Look very well for spotlights from polished birch chaga with miniature LEDs. Their natural charm is that each chaga has a unique shape, placed on a wooden wall, it seems to be a natural growth until it reveals its secret by clicking the switch.

A wonderful material for decorating chandeliers - the foundation of old fruit trees. Where the roots go to the trunk, the wood shows amazing patterns. When creating unique products, this part of the tree is also used. Particularly valuable and beautiful cuts give an array of walnut, chestnut, cherry, Karelian birch, white ash and acacia wood.

Table lamp made of wood and fabric
Sconce from a tree

Chalet: mountain hut

The chalet does not focus on the elegant little details of the Provence. Accepted in this style are rude, often uneven forms of a wooden massif, turning into suspended ceiling chandeliers the most usual things: old kegs and ladders, beehives, vegetable baskets or simply peeled logs.

Horns under light-emitting diodes in the simple and unpretentious style of the chalet are made from the most real horns. They are equipped with shades and fixed on the wall as a sconce, with mounted optics horns and bizarre rhizomes serve as spotlights.

Wooden chandelier in the form of horns in the interior of the bathroom

A room with an indispensable for an alpine house with a large fireplace can be illuminated by lamps, which are shaped like torches on the wall.

Rustic style is in many respects indistinguishable from the style of the chalet, and yet he even more frankly neglects the smoothed forms. Here, the wood of the luminaries is processed deliberately roughly, and may even be completely untreated.

Simple wooden table lamp
Wooden chandelier in medieval style

Eastern philosophy of grace

Popular stylistics of interiors with an oriental accent involves not only chiseled wooden chandeliers, fine carved details of wall-mounted wooden lamps. Here in the course goes the vine, rattan, bamboo, thin metal and even a palm bark reminiscent of fur.

From this variety of natural decorative materials lampshades of table lamps, floor lamps, ceiling chandeliers can be skillfully woven.

Chandelier in wood in a marine style

In interiors with an oriental note, elegant chandeliers from a curved mass of wood, forged and cast metal with faience painted shades are very beautiful.

No less intriguing are the lamps made of wood and rattan, woven into spherical plafonds, fragile in appearance and durable in use.

Designer wooden chandelier
Wooden chandelier with fabric shades in marine style

Retro Beauty

Such retro lamps are in demand by the design of interiors in the Art Nouveau style.

The Art of Art Nouveau was offered to European society by young bohemian artists in the late nineteenth century. It was an explosion of ideas, a reaction to the astonishing progress. Just now Edison invented an electric bulb and launched the world's first electric power station under New York. With the advent of electric lighting and lighting fixtures required modernization.

Rectangular wooden chandelier in medieval style

Ceiling chandeliers, table lamps and wall lights have taken on new futuristic shapes.

This is the atmosphere that Art Nouveau brings to the interior. Under the ceiling it is lit by an old wooden chandelier.

Unusual wooden chandelier

Only in its wrought-iron candelabra do not burn candles, from which the founders of modern had time to refuse, and electric lamps, for which the then designers had not yet come up with a decent outer shell.

Table lamp made of stone and wood

Village Chic in the apartment

Do not think that the beautiful interiors with wooden chandeliers and lamps are available exclusively for the decor of spacious country estates.

They can decorate a city apartment. Look at how many successful examples of apartment interiors with the use of wooden lamps are on the web. Especially popular is the style, close to the provence and country.

Original pendant lamp made of wood

Light, but massive-looking false beams, fixed on the ceiling, in a moment will make the room more comfortable. A few more design tricks will give the apartment a village raid.

But do not forget to pick up the main element of the interior - a wonderful wooden chandelier. It will fit in almost any style, because a tree can be given any shape when making a lamp.

Hanging lamp with a wooden insert
Creative chandelier made of wood
Small chandelier in loft style
Large unusual chandelier made of wood

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