Lamps in classic style in modern and classical interiors (50 pics)

Stylish and luxurious, the classic style in the interior is always popular. After all, he is not subject to the tide of time - no matter what year on the calendar, the classical style is invariably relevant. And all thanks to their eternal values: the use of expensive and high-quality materials, a decent and beautiful appearance. Of course, this style is also adorned with classic chandeliers and sconces, which, for all their external attire, are not devoid of functional qualities. In the article we will consider - what features are LED lamps in the style of the classic, how to choose and how to place them in the apartment.

Classic chandeliers in the dining room
Classic chandelier in the bedroom
Classic chandelier in the living room

Value of fixtures

A little about the importance of lighting in the design of the apartment. What role do fixtures play in the design of any dwelling:

  • The first task for any lighting device is to provide light in the room. This is its main purpose, and why they are needed first of all, whether it be at least point variants, at least overhead, even table tops.
  • Correctly selected and appropriate lighting fixtures create a wonderful atmosphere - give the room a cozy, make it comfortable, warm and homely. In a dark, unlit room, even in the most luxurious, there will be no longing for a long time, and the mood from the kind of such a room can be significantly reduced.
  • Directional light can highlight or hide certain zones in the apartment. So, you can select a small sconce in the classical style of a beautiful picture on the wall, and turning off the light in a certain area, hide, for example, unsuccessful niches. Suspended ceiling chandeliers give diffuse light to the whole room, and desktop and point instances have a narrow spectrum of action.
  • The choice of lamps in the style of the classic is so rich that the difficulty can arise only from the fact that you like several models at once and it will be difficult to make the final choice. Especially elegant can look suspended ceiling models, which are sometimes used even by the bathroom.
Classic chandelier made of metal and fabric lampshades
Wall sconce in the style of a classic
Golden table lamp with a red shade

Golden table lamp with a red shade
Beautiful classic chandelier
A large chandelier in the style of a classic

Sconce in neoclassic style
An unusual chandelier in the classical interior
Floor lamp with a stained glass dome in the style of a classic
Spotlights in a classic bathroom

Features of classic lamps

What features can have lamps in the style of the classic:

  • Like furniture and decoration materials used for decoration of a classical room, lamps of this direction are also distinguished by nobility, simplicity, elegance - both overhead, and ceiling, and hanging.
  • Apply most often natural materials, but only high-quality and not the cheapest, including for bathroom lighting. Often used glass, high-quality crystal, metal, ceramics, etc. The classical style is not "afraid" of the widespread use of gilded and silver-plated elements. But it does not look clumsy, but "in moderation", that does not spoil the kind of room.
  • Lamps are a sample of an elegant product, clearly demonstrate the taste and respectability of the owners of the house, even if they are placed in the bathroom.
  • Buying suspended or ceiling lamps in the classical style, you can be sure that they will serve you for many years, remaining relevant and not obsolete. Perhaps your children will also use them, giving their home a touch of classic vintage.
  • Luminaire in the classical style is certainly inherent in quality performance. Expensive materials and quality - these are the main "trump cards", on which the unrelenting popularity of these products is maintained, which are suitable for any room.
  • Despite its tradition and some conservatism, the modern decorative interpretation of classic lamps can be very diverse. Such a wide range of different decorations will satisfy any tastes and requests.
  • Most often in the classic lamp, the plafond has a metal base - strong and reliable, often - forged.
  • As for the color range, the most popular shades for the decoration of classic lamps can be considered white, black, gold, gray and brown. These are the basic colors of the neutral range, they look appropriate in almost any interior, not even in the same name. This circumstance makes both a point and an overhead lamp universal.
Classic table lamp antique
Table lamp with white lampshade
Classic chandelier-lantern on chain
Wall sconce with a beautiful fabric shade
Chandelier with classical elements
Wall sconces with flower shades
White classic chandelier with golden elements
Unusual fixtures in the kitchen
Metal lamp in the style of classic
Classical bedside lamp

Types of classic lamps

What products can boast the classic direction of lighting:

  • Classics of the genre - ceiling suspended chandeliers with numerous crystal pendants, including multi-tiered. Everyone has seen such luxury products in stores or in films. This is the real "classic" lamp. By the way, for suspensions not only crystal is used. The cleverly cut glass can look no worse than crystal and also be poured into the light by all facets. Outside of competition, of course, the beautiful crystal Swarovski, which gives such a splendor to the lamp, that he becomes a real work of art, being a decoration of the room.
  • Another, no less popular and common kind of classic lamps for a living room are carob chandeliers with elongated horn lamps, which form a little like candles - they imitate them. Such chandeliers can also be multi-tiered. Now they are more often replaced by point models in the classical style, more modern ones.
  • Wall. These models are diverse and very beautiful. Fixtures will help to allocate functional zones, bring comfort to the bedroom and kitchen, and will suit the bathroom.
  • Table lamps. Without this model, there is not a single desk. They remove tension from the eyes, brightly illuminate the workspace. For fixtures that are located on the bedside tables, it is desirable to use a soft, diffuse light. Suspended ceiling models must also have this light.
  • Street lighting in the classical style is also an excellent option to make your home territory more comfortable. Most often, for the production of such models, forging is used as a base and matt plafonds.
Built-in classic lamp
Classical golden chandelier
Large classic chandeliers in the interior
Bronze chandelier in the style of classic
Street Lantern in a classic style
Street sconces in a classic style
Beige chandelier in classic style
Black chandelier in classic style
Unusual design of classical chandelier


What materials are most often used to make lamps in the style of a classic, consider:

  • Crystal. Unique, beautiful material, specially treated glass. Rarely used in the bathroom, more often designed to decorate the living room. Crystal can be overhead and table lamps, even pencils.
  • A rock. Often there are classical lamps that have a base of natural stone, for example, onyx, malachite or jasper. This semi-precious design makes the models quite expensive - but this thing can eventually become a real rare antiques. In addition, for a bathroom or hallway, a marble or granite base is often made. Such fixtures are most often desk or overhead - the stone is too heavy to make ceiling pendant chandeliers out of it.
  • Glass. Of course, in the manufacture of exquisite items of decor is not used bottle glass or the one from which make faceted glasses. No, for luminaires in the style of the classic use only expensive glass - for example, Murano - colored or transparent. Often it is possible to meet models made of several types of glass - one wall-mounted or surface-mounted lamp can combine both colored glass, and transparent, and matte or textured. Murano glass is
    remarkable in that for the production of its color options do not use chemical paint, but only natural bright minerals, which are added in powder form to the glass alloy. This lamp is suitable for the bathroom and the hallway.
  • Metal. Suspended ceiling chandeliers and sconces, made with graceful forging, always attract attention. They look exquisite, give the room a unique charm. In addition, such a point or wall lamp will be almost "eternal". Often forged models complement for contrast with soft shades of thin colored glass, often painted. Can be used for lighting and decorating the bathroom and the hallway.
  • Gilding and bronze. Methods of gilding and bronzing, less often - silvering is often used in the manufacture of classic lamps. Most often these techniques are used to decorate the base of the lamp, as well as for decorative painting of plafonds. Coating with sputtering (galvanic) is also a common technique. With its help, point, overhead or table lamps can become nickel-plated or chrome-plated. This technique is used, first of all, in a more modern neoclassical style. Especially well look hanging and ceiling models, designed in this way, they are suitable even for bathroom and hallway.
Classic chandelier in the kitchen
Wall-mounted recessed luminaire
Classic wall sconce
Classic bedside lamp with embroidered shade
White designer classic chandelier
Elegant sconces in the style of a classic
Chandelier in classic style in modern design
Beautiful classic floor lamp
Classic bedside lamps in the bedroom

Classic bedside lamps in the bedroom


Useful nuances that will help to more competently approach the issue of choosing a lamp in the classical style:

  • Do not forget that the appearance of the luminaire must echo the design of the room. Therefore, if the room is decorated in a rich and luxurious style - and the classical style is exactly this, then choose the lighting "in the same spirit." And a point, and waybill, and a wall-mounted copy must clearly correspond to the main interior.
  • In pursuit of external beauty, do not forget about the main purpose of the lamp, its functionality. Do not choose a luxurious copy, if it is not practical - for example, if you have to spend every month or more often for several hours to wipe a thousand crystal pendants. Modern urban residents can not afford such luxury, so it's better to think about ergonomics and practicality. A point, an invoice or a wall-mounted copy - functional and convenient - will become a much more comfortable acquisition.
  • The most important thing - before you go to the store for new lighting devices, carefully and thoroughly think over - where is the kind of lamp you place. Will there need to be suspended ceiling chandeliers - and which ones. Where a point or an overhead lamp will be placed, a floor lamp will be required. Having decided on the types and number of models, you can safely and purposefully go to the store, just knowing what you want. Be sure to consider the functional areas in your room - they need to be highlighted with lighting. Perhaps this will require spotlighting, also consider - LED or conventional lamps you will use. Of course, the first are preferable - they last longer, are more ecological and safe.
Wall lamp
Classic chandelier in a small living room
White classic chandelier
Classic chandelier made of metal and fabric lampshade
Classic chandelier in the living room
Classic chandelier in the bedroom
White and blue classic chandelier
Golden Chandelier in Classic Style
A golden floor lamp in the style of a classic
White table lamp in classic style

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