Lamp of Edison: soft glow in the interior (26 photos)

The electric bulb that was used since childhood was invented by the American inventor Thomas Edison and was named after him. The Edison lamp is an artificial light source, in which under the influence of an electric current the body radiates light. The most commonly used for this purpose is a tungsten spiral filament. To isolate the light source from external exposure, it is placed in a glass flask. Special holders fix tungsten so that it does not come into contact with the outer shell.

Lamp of Edison in the bedroom

The Edison lamp in the dining room

Lamp with Edison Lamp

The first samples were made in a vacuum version - air was pumped out inside the glass vessel. Now they do this with low power lamps. In models with high power the inert gas is pumped. It reduces heat loss, makes the work of the lighting device more rational and profitable.

LED Edison Lamp with shade

Lamp of Edison from cans

Advantages and disadvantages

The ingenious inventor came up with a lighting device with a number of advantages, which until now, after 100 years do not lose relevance.

  • Cheapness. This is one of the main advantages in comparison with other lighting devices.
  • Easy to install. Even the child screws the light bulb into the socket.
  • Lamps have a long period of operation.
  • Available - can be purchased at any store.
  • Universal - suitable for all household lighting products, and until recently, consistently used in production. Chandeliers, table lamps, sconces, small spotlights of ceiling type - incandescent lamps are suitable everywhere.
  • Environmentally friendly. Natural external components and glass insulation of internal contents allowed to create an environmentally friendly lighting device. In the early twentieth century, it was a revolutionary discovery, which allowed to abandon kerosene lamps and candles, known for their soot and smoke.

Sconce with Edison lamp

Lamp of Edison under bronze


There is nothing ideal in the world, and lamps that have served for many years have also a number of negative qualities.

  • Friability. A thin glass bulb requires careful handling of such lighting devices.
  • Low strength of the tungsten helix. Incredibly thin filament easily fails at the slightest fluctuation.
  • Poor economy. Before the invention of LED lamps, a simple light bulb had no alternative. With the advent of competitors, the question arose that most of the energy of old lamps was spent on heating a tungsten spiral. Today, this is the main shortcoming of lamps.
  • Poor quality of light. The yellowish shade, which accompanies even a lamp of high power, badly affects the eyes.

The lamp can not be viewed, since a sharp and bright light cuts the eyes. However, based on the fact that this is the cheapest and affordable kind of lamps, the popularity of Edison's invention is not in danger.

Lamp Edison black

Lamp Edison on a wooden stand


The discovery of Edison burst into everyday life and industrial spheres. Replacement of old light sources passed quickly. For convenience in everyday life, lamps were worn on the lamps, lampshades that scattered the light, made it not so sharp and more pleasant to perceive. For this purpose, metal, cloth, frosted glass, and other materials were used. They made the use of lighting more comfortable.

The top of the decor for lamps was crystal chandeliers. Incredible shapes of ceiling lighters in several tiers, with a large number of crystal plates made the room in which such a chandelier is set up solemn and radiant.

Depending on the need, lamps of different power were used. From this indicator, the size also changed.

Edison's Table Lamp

Edison Lamp Lighting

Lamp of Edison pendant

For the time elapsed since the invention, the Edison lamp has not changed the design. This is a glass bulb, inside which there is an incandescent element. Only the outer part of the fixtures changes - depending on the fashion and new technologies, the ceiling lights, floor lamps and wall lamps change. The lamp remains unchanged, which is screwed into the lighting fixture. For use in special conditions, the design of the lamps varied depending on the need.

Narrow and long lamps for industrial use, small with low power for optical instruments, hand lanterns and technology, conventional table lamps, microscopes, alarms - this is not the full range of use of Edison's invention. The phrase that it is impossible to imagine our life without the invention of a talented American is not a formality, but a statement of fact.

The Edison lamp of unusual design

The Edison lamp in the living room

Innovations for greater efficiency

Today, the lamps of the last century gained a second wind. The lamp with the Edison lamp refers to the style "retro", it creates a warm, cozy atmosphere in the room. New technologies made it possible to make the work of lamps more efficient, reducing the energy consumption for heating the tungsten filament. The alloy of tungsten and osmium makes the filament more durable, and pumping into the flask of inert gases reduces the loss of energy for heating the alloy.

Edison ceiling lamp

Edison's bedside lamp

Edison Lamp in retro style

Do not disassemble the lamp yourself and unscrew the base.

Decorative decoration of luminaires in combination with new technologies allows creating an intimate and comfortable atmosphere in the room. The Edison lamps in the interior of the modern house have not lost relevance and are not going to give up positions. These devices, made with the use of new technologies, are more economical and effective. The soft, golden light that they radiate, wins lovers of home warmth and comfort.

Industrial Edison Lamp

Lamp Edison in the kitchen

Edison Lamp

Paying tribute to the fashion and opening of Thomas Edison, modern designers created new LED lamps, in a style that imitates the beginning of the last century. LED retro lamps Edison perfectly fit into the interior of the room, aged in the old style. Creating a general atmosphere of the early twentieth century, these lamps have the advantages inherent in standard LED light bulbs. As a rule, these are table lamps, lighting structures with special holders, made in a single antique style.

Lamp Edison in the style of the loft

Chandelier with Edison lamp

Lamp Edison incandescent

Despite the fact that the invention of the American engineer for many years and today is called his find a retro lamp Edison, although thanks to modern technology, its relevance, it does not lose. A new principle in the production of lamps allows it to compete with popular LED lamps. Even the inventors of LED lamps in many ways repeated the development of Edison. The basis of all lamps is the principle of the famous American - under the influence of an electric current the source gives light to the environment. The new lamps use a different source, but it works in a glass flask, like the first lamp.

Floor lamp with Edison lamp

Edison lamp of pipes

Edison's Vintage Lamp


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