Laminate color “cherry”: natural shades in the interior (22 photos)

The field of application of such floor covering, as a laminate for cherry, is wide enough. It can decorate both country houses, and spacious offices. Its versatility is due to a unique design that fits easily into any interior and fits any furniture and decor.

Laminate cherry in the classic interior
Laminate cherry in the house
Laminate cherry in the mansion

Laminate "cherry" as a method of floor design has been known for a long time. During his existence he managed to become one of the most popular materials, and it is not accidental. Many foreign and domestic manufacturers specialize specifically in the production of this type of flooring, the sales volume of these companies is growing year by year.

Parquet cherry board
Laminate cherry in the interior
Laminate cherry in the hallway

A feature of wood is the acquisition over time of noble red-brown and light-gold shades. It was on this quality that they played a key role in the profit growth of flooring manufacturers. This feature is especially evident on the laminate of dark tones.

Laminate"вишня" в гостиной
Cherry laminate in the interior of the living room

Laminate flooring is quite versatile. Thanks to the pronounced golden and amber hues, the cherry floor is able to give any room an atmosphere of home comfort and warmth. No wonder that under such a floor it is easy to choose furniture and decor and create an original design of the apartment.

To date, manufacturers have learned to produce a quality laminate board of any color. Now, no one will be surprised at the floor covering imitating the wood of Japanese, European or dark cherry. These rocks suggest a number of features that should be considered when choosing a cherry-colored laminate.

Laminate cherry in the interior
Laminate with red tint
Dark Cherry Laminate Flooring

Multilayer laminate

This material, imitating a woody cherry pattern, like all other types of laminate, has four layers:

  • Stabilization cushion. This layer does not exceed 4 millimeters in thickness. It serves to give the board the strength needed and protect it from the harmful effects of high humidity and high temperature. It is this very thin layer that takes on heavy loads in the form of furniture.
  • The basis. It is equally important and responsible for reliability and durability. If this layer is made of high-quality fibreboard, the cherry laminate will delight its owners for more than a decade.
  • An image of cherry wood. This layer is responsible for the aesthetic appeal of the floor covering. It is important that this layer is covered with a composition that prevents exposure to ultraviolet rays. Otherwise, the magnificent cherry ornament will quickly turn into something pale and dull.
  • Melamine resin. This finishing of the board is necessary to increase the wear resistance. If this layer is very thin, chips, cracks, scratches and punctures will quickly appear on the laminate.

The above layers are mandatory for the production of laminate. For different manufacturers, the thickness of each of them is different, which causes a significant price spread. Some companies specializing in the production of cherry-colored laminate add layers to the standard composition that improve the heat and sound insulation characteristics of the floor covering.

Laminate cherry in the interior of the apartment
Lacquered flooring with cherry board
Laminate cherry

Advantages of a cherry laminat

This material has a lot of positive moments. Among them one can note a unique appearance, a variety of shades and relative cheapness of some models.

  • Laminate cherry color has a huge number of varieties. Often the manufacturers depart from the standard templates and produce truly unique flooring with the original decor.
  • Strength. This board has an amazing ability to withstand the harmful effects of the environment. It will leave no traces after the fall of heavy objects, there will be no dents from the legs of the sofa or table and other large furniture. Even if you want to move an object without lifting it, there will not be a single trace of your experiments on the cover.
  • Uncomplicated. Laminate "wild cherry" does not require special care, it is easy to wash, there are no stains on it. Of course, do not try to check the quality of the coating and pour on it red wine or blueberry juice.

Most people prefer oak laminate, so the cherry color coating looks very attractive
and unusual.

Honey cherry-colored laminate
Laminate cherry with fine pattern

Where is the cherry laminate used?

This flooring is excellent for those who appreciate the comfort and homely atmosphere. At the same time, it also looks stylish in office premises, where the working environment and the mood for productive activities are important. If the main activity of your company is working with clients, the guests of the organization will appreciate the interior with cherry floor.

Laminate cherry in the bedroom
Laminate cherry blossom in the interior of the bedroom

If we talk about apartments and country houses, then here are more attractive and stylish look light shades. You can decorate the floor in pink, yellow-brown and beige. This choice is due, first of all, to the fact that it allows you to visually push the boundaries of the room, making it lighter and warmer. Dark models are best used in hallways and corridors. Also this range is used in classical interiors.

Laminate cherry in the interior of the studio apartment
Laminate cherry with a pronounced texture

In commercial premises designers recommend to resort to other varieties of a laminate for cherry. It will look great red, dark brown and natural shades. Laminate for cherry organically fits into the style of bars, shops and cafes.

Laying a laminate for cherry
Laminate for cherry in the interior of a country house

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