Interior of an apartment or house in the style of Provence (55 photos)

The cheerful and cozy atmosphere of the French province of Provence so inspired designers that they had to create a separate style of interior design with the same name. Today, around the world you can find houses that are furnished in the style of Provence. This design has features for which it is easy to recognize.

Provencal style accessories

Beige interior in the style of Provence

Light shades in the interior of Provence

Blue color in the interior of Provence

Living room in Provence style

The description of the Provence style in a nutshell is simple and beautiful. This design has its own symbol - a beautiful and fragrant plant lavender. Therefore, all the shades associated with it, are actively used in the design of interiors - from juicy violet to tender purple. Other characteristic for provence color - vanilla, light olive, straw, tender turquoise, blue, white.


Let's start from the walls. Welcome plaster decoration, but it must lie unevenly. Thus, the design of the cottage is provincial. The walls of the house should be painted in light colors - pink, blue, yellow. One-color wallpaper of the same color can be used.

The finishing of the room of rough stone and untreated brick is also welcomed. Walls can also be covered with wallpaper in a floral print, in a vertical strip, in a small cage. The cage should be in pastel colors. If you want to create a romantic atmosphere, use wallpaper with images of roses or meadow flowers.

For finishing, you can also use wallpaper with imitation plaster, brickwork. Thanks to them, the walls of the room do not look as rough as natural materials. There are also wallpapers with imitation of wooden panels that will also fit into the interior of the apartment in the style of Provence.

If you apply wallpaper for decoration, they are either paper or textile. Vinyl materials look very unnatural, which contradicts the principles of the style of Provence. Dark wallpaper is also better not to glue on the walls.


For finishing the floor, a parquet board with a pronounced wood texture is suitable. If tiles are used, it is better to choose a "stone" design in natural shades.

Plaster in the design of the Provencal interior

Wooden walls and beams in the Provencal interior
Wallpaper with a pattern in the living room in the style of Provence

Flower wallpaper in the bedroom
Tile and beige wallpaper in the kitchen in the style of Provence

Provence-style armchair

Provencal cuisine

Stairs in the style of Provence

Anteroom in Provence style


In the interiors of houses you can use furniture of two types - from natural wood and painted. You can paint the wardrobe or chairs with your own hands, for this purpose such colors as milk and white, pastel shades will do.

Furniture performs not only a functional, but a decorative role, if you create a style of Provence in the interior. Therefore, try to choose beautiful lockers, chairs and tables. You can use in the interior chairs with curved legs, chipped with textiles with flowers. Furniture with glass doors is also typical for the style of Provence.

Especially valuable is considered vintage furniture - an antique chest of drawers or a rocking chair. All the features of antiquity play only for good, if we are talking about the style of Provence. Furniture with scuffs, chips and cracks are only welcomed, these features help create the necessary color.

If your arsenal does not have antique furniture, you can find such interior items from modern manufacturers. If desired, you can give the effect of the old cupboard or table with your own hands.

Furniture with forged elements is also welcome. It can be a bed with a forged back, legs of chairs, cornices with patterns. In the living room, you can arrange a clothes hanger in this manner. Forged elements should not be cumbersome, but refined.

In the kitchen and in other rooms you can put wooden or brass shelves on which will be books, figurines, family photos and other interior items in the style of Provence. Dear things should be in front of your eyes, for this, there are shelves. After all, Provence is a soulful style.

Light furniture for interior in the style of Provence
Bed with canopy in the bedroom in the style of Provence
Chest of drawers, table and chairs in the style of Provence
White and blue Provence style bedroom
Dining table and chairs for the style of Provence in the kitchen
Cozy kitchen with an island in the style of Provence
The living room with large windows in the style of Provence

Bedroom in Provence style


The style of Provence in the interior is an abundance of textiles. Curtains, tablecloths, napkins, small pads - all this decor is necessary for the house, if it is decorated in a rustic manner. Natural fabrics are welcome. The most popular image for textile elements is flowers. Fit ornaments, a cage, a strip will approach also. Fabrics can have decor in the form of embroidery. Embroidered tablecloths and napkins perfectly emphasize a simple French design. A cute pillow with flowers from bright threads you can create your own hands. To decorate tablecloths and napkins, lace decorations can also be used.

For a bedroom you can buy quilted bedspreads, bed linen in a small flower or cage. Also suitable are single-color sets of pastel shades.

Style Provence in the interior - it's light and weightless curtains. This design is characterized by good natural lighting. Therefore, curtains should maximally open the windows. Window frames are traditionally painted white.

Curtains in the rooms can be replaced with tulle with embroidery. The curtains are the best curtains for the bedroom. If you use them, choose cream or beige.

Curtains in the style of cafes that cover only the bottom of the window, perfectly fit into the rustic interior. Such curtains are suitable for the kitchen. You can also use short curtains of a simple shape up to the window sill. The curtain pattern can be floral or in polka dots. Curtains can have flounces, which will give the interior of the house a special romance.

Flower curtains and a monochrome canopy in the bedroom in the style of Provence
Living room in Provence style with dark green sofas
Kitchen with an island in the style of Provence
Floral wallpaper and aged furniture in the bedroom in Provence style
Beige and white textiles in the bedroom in the style of Provence
A spacious bedroom to creamy colors in the style of Provence
Anteroom in Provence style
Cozy little kitchen in Provence style


The interior of the room will help transform the beautiful crystal chandeliers. The rough decoration of walls and vintage furniture requires a refined decoration. This role can fulfill a luxurious lamp. Chandeliers with a lighting control - ideal for a bedroom.

To illuminate the house it is desirable to use lamps under the old days. They fit perfectly into the provincial French interior. Chandeliers of white painted metal are also suitable. Irregular lamps with modern details, made of steel alloy. Bronze chandeliers are covered with a special patina, which gives an aging effect. Fixtures made of brass and aluminum alloys significantly reduce the cost of interior decoration.

Sconces, chandeliers, lamps, lampshades with shades in peas only emphasize the style of Provence in the interior. Also suitable are lighting fixtures that have forged decor. Chandeliers can be made of brass, painted metal. Ceramic fixtures also fit into the interior of a country house. Forged details of a chandelier can be with such decorative elements - butterflies, leaves, a vine. Choose fixtures with horns pointing upwards. For small rooms, chandeliers with a minimum number of plafonds are suitable.

It is also important to properly place the lights in the room. Chandeliers are suitable for the living room, they need to be placed above the central zone. In the bedroom you can hang sconces that will help create an intimate setting. Lamps with lamps in the form of candles will add to the aristocratic interior.

If you decorate the kitchen with your own hands, choose for it a simple chandelier - with a fabric shade in a floral print, a decorative lamp of interesting shape.

Large curved chandelier for a bedroom in the style of Provence
Elegant chandelier for living room in the style of Provence
Beautiful forged chandelier for a bedroom in the style of Provence
Candles, wall lamps and chandelier in the living room in the style of Provence


They can become an important accent of the living room. Fireplaces in the style of Provence have the same features as the rest of the interior elements. They should have a simple form, without a hint of luxury and sophistication. Fire
places in the style of Provence can be decorated with bricks, plasters, tiles. Additional decorative elements - forged parts, ceramic tiles with the corresponding images. Fireplaces should be finished in a muted color.

Characteristic decor

The village entourage of a country cottage allows you to create interior items in the style of Provence:

  • paintings with a picture of wildflowers will help decorate solid wallpaper interior. Also suitable are still lifes, images of nature, portraits. Especially valuable are paintings painted on canvas with oil. You can draw them yourself. Lavender fields, landscapes with virgin nature - all this is appropriate in this style. Pictures with vegetables and fruits can be hung on the walls of the kitchen. For a bedroom images of provincial streets will suit;
  • An additional decorative element can be a cage for a bird of round shape. Its design can be laconic or with openwork weaving. Cells are used as a candlestick or have floral arrangements in them. In addition, they can decorate artificial birds, elements in the form of a grapevine;
  • great attention to the French Provence design pays to the flowers. Each provincial hostess in the yard with her own hands grows roses, poppies, lavender and other representatives of the flora, with which she can decorate the house. This feature can somehow be recreated in a city apartment. Flowers in the interior can be both live and dried;
  • other popular interior items in the style of Provence - vases and statuettes. The rooms can be decorated with empty decorative vases or with fresh flowers. Kitchen decor can be complemented with various jars of spices, whiskers from dried herbs, dishes with floral patterns. Pottery is also appropriate in the kitchen in the style of Provence, because clay is a natural material. Wicker baskets, cardboard mottled boxes are suitable for storing various trifles.
Living room in Provence style with rich floral decorations
Provence-style bathroom
Provencal cuisine
The living room is in beige-gold tones in the Provencal style
Bedroom in Provence style with floral print on bed linens and curtains
Spacious kitchen in Provence style
Provence-style kitchen with dining table in the center
Cabinets in the bedroom in the style of Provence
Apartment with unobtrusive elements of Provence style
Bright, spacious bedroom with Provencal wood flooring
Living room with decorative panels in the style of Provence
Light living room in Provence style
Entrance hall with mirror and flower curtains in the style of Provence
White-blue living room with a mirror in the style of Provence
Provencal children's room

Design of cafe

Since Provence is designed to create a cozy home atmosphere, it is often used to decorate the interiors of cafes. This design has many charming elements that can attract regular customers - fresh flowers, a pleasant palette of hues. The windows of the institution can be decorated with beautiful textiles with a floral print. The furniture is suitable for small soft sofas, which can be supplemented with original pads with embroidery. Provence in combination with French cuisine is a no-lose option for a cafe. The smell of coffee and croissants will attract an audience that does not mind starting your day with an invigorating drink and sweet baking.

Modern Provence design exists for people who value family comfort, surrounding nature, simplicity of relationships and spiritual closeness. His energy fills the house with happiness and love.

Restaurant with a panoramic view in the Provence style
A small Provence style café
Accessories for cafe in the style of Provence
Cozy Cafe in Provence style
Cafe with bright elements of Provence style
Cafe with bright walls in the style of Provence

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