Indian style in the interior (14 photos): beautiful design of apartments

The colorful Indian interior attracts with its bright execution. Colorful combination of shades, cozy furniture, an abundance of textiles and handicrafts - all this is typical for the oriental style. To create a corner in the Indian style in your home, it is important to get acquainted with the traditions of the dwelling.

Bright living room in Indian style


The interior should have warm shades - orange, crimson, pink, brown. For finishing walls, you can use paint or wallpaper, which have a traditional oriental design. Suitable textile wallpaper, imitating expensive fabric. Finishing with wooden panels with thread is also acceptable for Indian style.

Bright decoration in a bedroom in Indian style

The ceiling can be decorated with rich colors. For this, the wallpaper for painting is suitable. Stretch ceilings and gypsum plasterboard structures are also relevant. The most suitable option - to create a textile canopy, in the center of which will be located a huge chandelier.

As a floor covering it is possible to use a stone, a parquet or a laminate, a tile. 3D self-leveling floors with a pattern in the oriental style will also suit.

Eastern design involves the presence of huge windows and doors, thanks to which the room is flooded with sunlight.

Bright textiles in the Indian interior


The Indian style in the interior suggests the presence of wooden and rattan furniture. To decorate the facades of cabinets it is customary to use carving. Furniture made of artificial materials should not be present in the interior.

Tables usually have low legs. The worktops are made of wood, stone or cast iron. Chairs are also low, in the room you can place a rocking chair from rattan, a bench for feet. Furniture for storing clothes in India is replaced by wooden chests. Many pieces of furniture and decor are made of rattan. For example, in Indian houses, wicker pots with compositions of exotic flowers are often found.

Beds with a canopy are also characteristic for the eastern interior. As an option, you can decorate with a cloth place above the head of the bed.

Stylish furniture in the Indian living room

Living room

The main furniture in the living room is a comfortable sofa with velor or leather upholstery. It should accommodate a large number of pillows of different shapes - round, square, in the form of rollers. Convenience is an important feature of the Indian style. In the interior of the room furniture with carved legs is welcomed. In the living room will not be superfluous and chairs, there should be several. They can be woven or go complete with a sofa.

Cozy living room with fireplace in Indian style

In the living room, be sure to place a coffee table where you will treat your friends with drinks prepared according to Eastern recipes. The table should be made of wood with forged or carved elements.

Add the interior design to the shelves - open or closed. The valves can be carved or with traditional painting.

Bright living room with bright accents in Indian style

Bedroom design

Wall decorate the bedroom with paintings or wallpaper. If you think that this will distract you, decorate the walls with monochrome paint - peach, pink, amber.


The bed in the Indian style can be of two types - with a wooden or forged headboard. Cabinets with oriental design perform in the same manner as the shutters on the windows - massive, with carved or painted patterns. As an add-on in the bedroom, you can place a screen behind which the ironing board or desk will hide.

Large bedroom in Indian style

The bedroom floors are carpeted in oriental style. On the windows, hang beautiful curtains with a characteristic ornament, hang the curtains at the very bottom.

For lighting the bedroom, you can use lamps made of forged metal with bright lampshades. Bed linen is also selected in Indian style. In addition to the basic pillows, use decorative ones, in cases with tassels and small ruffles. Several paintings in massive wooden frames also emphasize the Indian style in the interior.

Bedroom in red and orange colors in Indian style


To visually increase the area of ​​the bathroom, use a light tile to finish the walls. Suitable shades for decoration - sand, beige, white. Additionally, use amber and gold colors to create accents. To stylize the interior, create on the wall or floor a mosaic panel depicting animals characteristic of the eastern country - India. For example, a cow is a sacred animal for the Indian people.

Use in the bathroom plumbing gray, white or cream color. The shape of the bath itself should be round, it can be tiled with an oriental pattern or mosaic. The design will complement the wooden furniture and wicker baskets for linen and other accessories.

Large four-poster Indian style bedroom

Large four-poster Indian style bedroom


Entrance to the kitchen can be done in the form of a pointed canopy, which is typical for Indian design. In the dining area, place a table with a table top in the oriental style. Instead of chairs you can use benches with cushions, puffs. For the Indian style is characterized by low, but comfortable furniture.

For lighting, you can use several sources - a chandelier, sconces, lamps, floor lamps. They need to be placed, taking into account the special features of the arrangement of the working and dining areas.

Kitchen apron carry out tile, which has a characteristic oriental design. The rest of the walls can
be painted or pasted with textile wallpaper.

In the kitchen, create niches or shelves for decorating them. The ceiling can be trimmed with a bamboo mat. A simpler solution is to paint it in orange or crimson color.

Since the Indian style in the interior should be based on contrasts, you can use bright textiles to support this idea. Red or orange curtains decorate the windows. On the chairs place decorative cushions of crimson color. In the kitchen you can also use the dishes of bright color.

Open the archway with colored muslin. To zadekorirovat hood pipe, you can hide it behind gipsokartonnoy construction. Batteries paint under the color of the walls, so they do not spoil the appearance of the kitchen.

If you paint the old facades in a bright color, you can not buy a kitchen set.

Bright rectangular living room in Indian style
Bright colors - a hallmark of the Indian interior

Decor and details

Indian design will always help to emphasize the characteristic objects of decor. They can be purchased during a trip to the eastern countries or to look for in city stores. Some kinds of decor can be done by yourself or ordered from the masters. For example, a familiar artist can perform paintings on which Indian deities, the nature of the country, its inhabitants will be depicted.

Beautiful decor in Indian style

As a decor of the Indian interior, you can use beautiful incense holders and candlesticks with aromatic candles, Buddha statuettes, ivory boxes. All this is typical for Eastern culture. In an apartment, objects that are mentally connected with death, misfortunes, and poverty are inadmissible. Since in India the current of feng shui is widespread, they equip their dwellings according to its rules.

The design of the kitchen can be supplemented with ceramic dishes with a characteristic pattern, teapots and trays of bronze. In Indian interiors you can often see statues depicting deities and sacred animals. They are made of wood, ivory, bronze. For storing small things, use decorative caskets decorated with mother of pearl and stones.

In the Indian interior, only those items that are made of natural materials - wood, stone, ivory - are appropriate. These materials have a positive positive energy, which is very important for the inhabitants of the country. Indians also appreciate handicrafts.

Bedroom decoration in Indian style

In eastern houses, you can find such a decor:

  • Cushions and bedspreads with embroidery, which decorate the furniture;
  • woven carpets;
  • decorative screens;
  • outdoor vases;
  • decor "wind music", popular during the Feng Shui;
  • wall panels;
  • Stained glass lamps.

A genuine interest in Indian culture arises from its originality, originality, variety of colors, decor. In addition, the eastern interior design is filled with natural materials, which is highly valued in the modern world.

Fixtures in the interior in Indian style

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