How to choose the right color for the interior (95 pics): beautiful light and dark combinations

Color is one of the main components of the interior of any apartment. Therefore, the right combination of ceiling colors, walls, doors and even carpet is so important. From what colors will be used in the interior for this or that room, the perception of the room as a whole will depend. The color solution of the ceiling, walls, doors, skirting and carpet is very important when creating a comfortable space. And there are a lot of tricks to make the spacious and high room cozy and warm, and in a small room to breathe space.

Beautiful dark wooden floor with light walls and ceiling

Brown floor in the interior

Brown floor in the interior

Brown laminate in the interior

Gray floor

Dark gray floor with blue and white walls

So the color of the floor in the apartment, which is in harmony with the shade of the ceiling and walls, will visually hide the shortcomings of the dwelling, as well as correctly change its parameters. Therefore, when choosing the shades of the floor, it is important to carefully weigh everything, take into account the various combinations and the possible result. The color of the floors and ceiling to a certain extent should be in harmony with other colors of space, and also correctly correlated with them. Therefore, it is also worth choosing the right wallpaper and color of the ceiling.

White floor, walls and ceiling

Dark gray laminate

Light Brown Laminate

Brown laminate in the bedroom


Beige laminate and green walls

Wooden floor in the bedroom

Light brown wood floor

Laminate in the nursery

Glossy floor in the corridor

Light brown parquet

Sex in the interior of the kitchen

The combination of brown floor and purple walls

White tiles in the interior of the living room

What color is better to choose?

  1. Among the popular solutions, we can choose natural, that is, natural colors for covering the floors in the kitchen. These are all the colors of the tree, brown, light yellow, beige, and also other shades that will be relevant at all times. These colors are perfectly combined with most traditional colors that are used in the interior. They allow you to create a classic and quiet interiors that are not devoid of style.
  2. Floors with shades of red in the interior can also be called a classic option, but they are used today a little less often than before.
  3. The floor of a shade of mahogany or cherry in the interior of an apartment can bring an atmosphere of wealth and luxury, but it will to some extent dominate the space, especially when a very dark shade of walls in the kitchen is chosen.
  4. The black floor in the apartment is one of the favorites of modern interiors, especially the combination of such a floor and walls of white shades or just a very light color looks gorgeous. The floors of this color in the interior of the apartment are ideal for all modern styles, especially for minimalism.
  5. White floors in the kitchen are not a bad option, because they give some airiness, and a combination of elegant furniture and colorful accessories will help create a truly spectacular and stylish interior.
  6. Gray floors are an excellent option in the kitchen, made in a modern interior. Such a floor will look great if you choose the right walls.
Black floor in the bathroom
Brown striped floor in the living room
Light wooden parquet in the bedroom
Black and white room

Brown floor and brick wall

Tile with a pattern in the bathroom

Carpet in the living room

Light floor and gray walls

Dark floor in a bright bathroom

Gray floor and gray walls

Brown laminate in the large living room

Dark gray laminate

Brown glossy laminate

Dark brown laminate in the kitchen

Bright laminate

Selection of the color of the floor depending on other surfaces

  1. The color of the walls and the floor can be as close to the color palette, and radically opposite. Which option for walls and floor is better to use depends on how light or dark the floor is decided to do. If the floor has a sufficiently dark color, then for walls and ceiling correctly apply a light tint. Otherwise, the room will be too gloomy.
  2. Light walls and a light floor - a similar combination will expand the space, as well as make it visually more spacious and spacious.
  3. Classic is a combination when the floor of dark colors is much darker than the walls. Floors can have a completely different color, but a dark neutral shade, for example, the color of natural wood.
  4. If we talk about the combination of the color of furniture and the color of the floor in the interior, then you should follow the rule that they are in the same color scheme. It can be light or dark color.
Brown parquet in black and white interior
Black floor with white walls and gray ceiling
Brown cork floor in the children's room

Brown cork floor in the children's room
Black and white tiles in the kitchen
Black floor with white walls and ceiling
Dark brown parquet with beige and green walls
Concrete floor and walls in the interior
Bright brown parquet with green walls and furniture
Beige tiles and parquet in a classic kitchen
The brown parquet and the frame of the fireplace with beige wallpaper
Black floor with white textured walls and ceiling in the bedroom

Floors and doors

In the kitchen or in the interior of another room, the combination of the color of the interior doors, the baseboard and the color of the floor is important. Many believe that the colors of interior doors, skirting and flooring should be close to each other, and sometimes coincide. However, this is not a mandatory option.

  1. The first win-win option is to choose the right door and skirting board in the interior of the same color as the floor covering. This option will look great in the kitchen. For the vestibules this option is good, especially in the case of several doors at once. If all the doors and skirting boards are installed from the same material, th
    en the floor in the hallway should be chosen according to their tone.
  2. If the room is dark or small, then the color of the floor, skirting and furniture should be selected in a light color.
  3. Another way to select doors, floors and skirting boards is to create a pronounced contrast. For a floor it is possible to pick up dark, and for a door and a plinth already light or white colors.
  4. The color of furniture should be selected based on the color of the door and skirting. However, it must be taken into account that the contrast of the door, skirting and flooring should be well pronounced.
  5. The color of the floor, door, skirting and furniture in the kitchen should be cold or warm colors. The combination of cold and warm looks just awful. In addition, remember that if the color of the door and skirting is light, and the floor is darker, then the color of the plinth is recommended to match the color of the door. If everything is the opposite, then the color of the door and skirting can be made to the color of the floor.
  6. You should never use three different colors for the floor, door and skirting.
Light floor and doors
Light tiles, parquet and wooden door
Light floor with glass insert and doors with black frame
Wooden floor with a geometric pattern and light doors in a classic interior
Light brown floor and white doors

Gray floor and white doors

Light brown floor and white doors

Brown floor and dark brown doors

Brown laminate and dark solid doors

Light gray floor and dark doors

Beige floor and brown doors

Dark floor and dark doors

White floor and brown doors

Light brown floor and gray doors

Turquoise floor and dark doors

Carpet color in the interior

  1. The accent carpet, which does not rhyme with anything - is quite interesting, but a risky option.
  2. In a room that has white or dark colors, to attract attention is to put a bright carpet without a pattern or carpet with beautiful graphic images. You should see how the carpet looks against the ceiling and walls. If the color of the carpet harmonizes, and the carpet on the background of wallpaper looks organic, then this is an excellent option. If it seems that the accent carpet in the interior does not fit, then complement the background of the carpet can not very large decorative elements: a lamp, a vase, sofa cushions.
  3. A carpet of white shades. You can buy a carpet of white shades, then it will expand the space, for example, a small living room. This color of the carpet removes the feeling of tightness.
  4. Do not put white furniture on a solid carpet.
  5. You can choose the color of the carpet in the same color as the walls. To prevent the excess of basic white flowers, you should dilute the color of the carpet with different shades of furniture and decor elements.
  6. The color of the carpet in the tone of the interior. If the room has colored elements, then the color of the carpet can be selected for them. For example, a carpet can match the wallpaper, the color of a tablecloth, a wall, a ceiling, chairs, chairs, and the like.
Light carpet with a geometric pattern in a black-and-brown interior
Small carpets in a bright interior
Beige carpet in the interior
Red carpet in a brown-white interior

White carpet on a light brown floor

White carpet on a gray carpet

Black and white carpet on the beige floor

Gray carpet on a dark brown floor

Blue carpet

Red and beige carpet on the white floor

Dark gray carpet

Red carpet on the beige floor

Color carpet

Multicolored carpet on the brown floor

Selection of wallpaper colors

  1. The choice of wallpaper is a responsible business. Therefore, you need to consider the type of wallpaper, their color. The color gamut of wallpaper, ceiling and floor in many ways determines how a person will feel in the room. The color of the wallpaper, ceiling and floor will determine your mood, emotional state and performance. Therefore, we must try to make the color of the wallpaper and ceiling create the most comfortable environment.
  2. The choice of the color of wallpaper for the ceiling is a very important stage in the repair. Quite often color of a ceiling try to pick up to wall-paper, selecting the similar color scale. If the color of the wallpaper is white, the ceilings on the background of the wallpaper will not be very expressive and faded.
  3. Wallpapers of different colors can be combined in many ways. For a small room, bright wallpapers are perfect. Such wallpaper visually increase the space. The wallpaper of dark and harsh colors, on the contrary, will make the room smaller. Also it is necessary to take into account the natural illumination of the room.
  4. Wallpapers with frequent and large colors visually reduce the room, small and rare wallpaper significantly expand the room. In addition, wallpaper with a large floral pattern dominates within different styles. The wallpaper with a small pattern is used mainly as a neutral style background.
  5. Green wallpaper in the room convey the beauty of nature. Such wallpaper is perfect for almost any design, as it combines with wooden elements and many colors.
Monochrome gray wallpapers complemented by bright furniture
Patterned and striped wallpaper in the interior
Wallpaper with a picture for an old paint
Blue wallpaper with white floor and furniture

Brown floor and beige wallpaper

White floor and pink wallpaper

Beige floor and green wallpaper

Beige floor and gray wallpaper

Brown floor and blue wallpaper

White floor and lilac wallpaper

Light floor and gray wallpaper


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