How to choose a vinyl wallpaper (21 photos): features and beautiful examples of design

Repair takes one of the main places in a person's life, despite the fact that we do not do it often. It is important to equip a house for yourself. A cozy and native nest should be comfortable and not cause negative emotions. Make an ideal interior and choose for him a beautiful, but at the same time, safe material, it is difficult. The choice of wallpaper is one of the hardest things to do.

Stylish vinyl wallpaper in the bathroom

The parameters for selecting wallpaper are simple:

  • price;
  • quality;
  • color solution;
  • resistance to moisture;
  • resistance to scratches, drawings;
  • fire resistance.

Evaluating the quality, you get those or other wallpaper. Demand for different categories of the population use vinyl wallpaper.

Brilliant vinyl wallpaper in the living room

Features and characteristics of wallpaper

Vinyl wallpaper two-layer. The top layer is vinyl and is represented by a variety of color solutions and patterns:

  • monochromatic: light and dark, white, red, purple, gray, blue, beige and other colors;
  • wallpaper striped;
  • Embossed with a pattern;
  • multitone;
  • with an image.
Vinyl wallpaper in the living room

The second layer can be non-woven or paper. Distinguish, based on the lower layer, vinyl wallpaper on a non-woven basis and vinyl wallpaper on a paper basis. This side of the wallpaper is glued to the wall.

Wallpaper can be glued in any room: in the kitchen, in the living room, in the hallway, in the nursery. The interior with such wallpaper comes to life. The room with vinyl wallpaper looks unique and especially.

Vinyl wallpaper for a brick in the living room

Vinyl wallpaper for a brick in the living room

A feature of gluing such wallpaper is the use of special glue. It is important not to rush and glue butt. Be careful and take care that the wallpaper does not stretch.

The surprising properties of this coating include sound absorption, moisture resistance and non-combustibility. In addition, damages, drawings and inscriptions of such wallpaper are not terrible.

Red and cream vinyl wallpaper in the living room


The top layer of vinyl can be of several types. Depending on the thickness, noise absorption, external indicators and features, wallpaper is divided into the following types:

  1. smooth. Durable embossed material. The design of vinyl wallpaper can be brick and stone. Well wash. Smooth vinyl wallpaper is not afraid of light, so do not burn.
  2. solid. Resistant to any damages wallpaper. Dense structure. Capable of imitating various finishing materials. Good air is let through.
  3. silk. Amazing by the texture and look of the wallpaper. Remind silk fabric because of its fineness and strength. The process of creating vinyl is called silk-screen printing.
  4. foamed relief vinyl. The foam layer allows you to breathe wallpaper. At the same time has a unique clear and relief pattern. The material is not heavy and easy to work with. Such wallpaper is good for kitchen design, as they can be considered washable. They are well wiped with a rag, so they are often used as a ceiling finishing material. Such wallpaper can hide all the shortcomings and irregularities of the walls of the room.
Gray vinyl wallpaper with a pattern in the bedroom

Black and white vinyl wallpaper with a pattern in the living room
Cream vinyl wallpaper with a pattern in the classic bedroom


Pros of vinyl wallpaper can be listed for a long time. From this, their popularity grows exponentially. These advantages include:

  • stylish and beautiful design. A large selection of colors and type of topcoat makes vinyl wallpapers special and popular.
  • The ability to look like other finishing materials. Brick, tile, stone, plaster - all these can be vinyl wallpaper.
  • Ability to catch and delay noise.
  • Ability to eliminate visually unevenness.
  • Density of the material.
  • Moisture resistance.
  • Resistance to damage.
  • Safe and harmless composition.
Vinyl wallpaper in the interior of the kitchen

Create a unique interior of the nursery, bedroom or hallway and living room simply. With vinyl wallpaper decor will play a new light. Choose your color: pink or beige, yellow or blue, brown or patterned. Emphasize the individuality of your home and make it more comfortable with the help of such wallpapers.

Vinyl wallpaper in the style of Provence with a vegetable pattern
Black and white vinyl wallpaper in the nursery

The cons of vinyl wallpapers

Are the vinyl wallpaper harmful? What are their disadvantages? Like other artificially created materials, vinyl wallpaper has its drawbacks:

  • possible toxicity. Not all manufacturers perform quality work on the production of wallpaper. Quite often a low-quality producer produces light wallpaper of low quality from cheap an
    d chemically dangerous raw materials. It is important to check the availability of the GOST certificate of conformity.
  • wallpaper does not breathe. Choosing vinyl wallpaper, we do not always look at the bottom cover. It is responsible for air permeability. Buy wallpaper on a non-woven basis - they are better than air.
  • difficulties sticking. For the inexperienced and first encountered with such wallpaper builders work brings little trouble. Vinyl wallpaper on paper often shrink. In order to avoid lumens, glue them to the back.
  • Vinyl wallpaper - not the cheapest. But the price justifies the quality.
  • wallpaper on paper basis are afraid of temperature drop and condensation. It is not recommended to glue the kitchens and bathrooms. Choose for this non-woven base.

These wallpapers have cons, but with attentiveness and painstaking work, the disadvantages of unnecessary troubles should not be delivered. Repair will be a great success. Beautiful house and wallpaper - the face of the owner.

Modern vinyl wallpaper in the interior
Cream striped and monophonic vinyl wallpaper in the interior
Gray vinyl wallpaper in the interior

Choose the wallpaper correctly

And how to choose a vinyl wallpaper? Not only paint or glue is difficult to choose. Finding the right wallpaper is also a difficult thing - you need to take into account many nuances. There are questions: what basis to choose, what will be the top layer, to choose blue or yellow, black or pink, embossed wallpaper or wallpaper? Let's figure it out.

Light vinyl wallpaper in the living room

Kitchen and bathroom - places of high humidity and temperature. Washable wallpaper or polyplenes are suitable here. In addition, excellent vinyl wallpaper on the ceiling. It is important to pay attention to the sign of the wave, indicating the level of moisture resistance. So, for example, one wave indicates the water resistance of medium strength, wallpaper is not afraid of wet cleaning. Two or three waves indicate good properties and stability of a higher degree. The symbol of the comb and waves simultaneously indicate that the wallpaper is not afraid of brushes and sponges. Such wallpaper is also in the form of photo wallpapers.

Olive vinyl wallpaper with a pattern

For children's room foamed vinyl is great.

The wallpaper on the fleece is suitable for bedrooms. They are perfectly ventilated. Picking up a combination of monochrome wallpaper: black and red, gray and purple, you will emphasize your taste and create coziness in the room.

Attention! Good breathing wallpaper has small holes - perforation, in both layers.

Before buying, smell a roll. The smell of acetone should alert you. Quality wallpaper should not smell. Refuse to buy and in the event that the wallpaper has an oily surface. This vinyl is dry.

Vinyl wallpapers and tiles in the bathroom

Care and advice

Wallpaper, like any decor and furniture in the house, need care. Vinyls refer to washable wallpaper, but there is no need to overdo it. Pay attention to the label, it indicates the degree of wetting (number of waves). Based on the information, choose the suitable detergent and cleaning tool. Cleaning rules and tips:

  • The relief wallpaper should first be wiped dry with a dust cloth, and then use a damp cloth. Be careful not to allow excessive moisturizing.
  • Water, detergent solution, alcohol - great for wet cleaning and wallpaper cleaning.
  • The wallpaper is washed from the bottom up.
  • The product is excellent for dyeing.
  • Remove wallpaper from the walls in 2 stages. First, remove the top layer. Brushes, knives, spatulas will help. Then the bottom with water and spatula.
Black and white vinyl wallpaper in the bedroom

While doing repairs, it is important to pay attention to the selection of wallpaper. Vinyl wallpapers though have their nuances and difficulties in their work, but give the interior an individuality and wealth. The master of the house will catch the envious glances and admiration of the guests. Do not save on beauty.

Beige brown vinyl wallpaper in the living room
Floral vivid wallpaper
Vinyl wallpaper in country style

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