Gray in the interior (84 photos): beautiful combinations and bright accents

In the decoration of rooms gray color is gaining increasing popularity. If you decide to experiment, know that the gray gray is different. With the help of this color you can create both elegant and quiet interiors, and gloomy and cold. To gray interior did not turn your house into a dreary home, consider its unique features.

Gray in the interior of the apartment

Functional color

Gray has many shades, ranging from black to white. It is obtained by mixing these polar colors. Designers, on the other hand, rely on the medium-gray color in their work. It is he who balances, calms, brings a sense of harmony and comfort. Is not this what we demand from the house? It is not in vain in color therapy, it is used to achieve relaxation, peace and sound sleep.

Gray in the interior is usually basic. Although designers see it as a greater potential. They create a modern space of the room, playing on its shades, obtained by combining it with different colors. Gamma can range from warm gray-beige and gray-brown to radiant pastel, for example, feminine and romantic gray-pink tone. The connection of various shades of gray in one room will make the interior design multifaceted, dynamic and elegant. Do not be afraid that there will be too much gray, you just need to choose the right "your" tone. Experts know this masterfully. It's difficult to decorate a gray interior with taste, but it's possible.

Gray floor in the interior of the kitchen

Gray living room in classic style

Gray living room in eco style

Light gray interior

Gray bedroom

Interior of a gray bedroom

Gray interior of the living room

Light gray sofa


The combination of gray and yellow

Gray interior design

Gray Kitchen

With what colors to combine gray?

Creating a solid interior, you risk making it boring. It is the combination of gray in the interior with its other shades and colors that will help to embody the boldest ideas.
In fact, gray harmonizes with all colors and shades:

Black and white colors

Gray will reduce and neutralize the black and white contrast. With the help of this "trio" you can create monochrome interiors in the style of minimalism and hi-tech. This design is suitable for the design of a bedroom or a study of a man. Nothing extra.

If the basis is to take 2 colors - light gray and white, you can visually increase the size of the room. Incredibly stylish looks with white and dark gray. In this case, a dark accent can be made only on one wall, keeping a light shade for the rest. This original solution is not suitable for all rooms. In the living room, the wall can be trimmed crudely - as if it were not doshpatlevali. Asphalt, slate or even black - suitable colors for such an element.

With a black and gray interior, it is better to stay on a light shade of gray. Otherwise, the room will visually decrease.

Gray in the interior in combination with black and white

Gray-white living room

Gray and white kitchen

Kitchen in gray and white tones

Living room in gray-white tones

Pastel shades

Combine with gray as warm, and cold saturated shades of pastels: blue, light yellow and even lilac. They give the room not only an additional volume, but also airiness, lightness and a sense of freedom.

Joining it with pink or blue will add to the bedroom feminine ease, and in the gray-pink interior of the nursery - tenderness.

Gray and pastel colors in the living room

Interior in gray and light beige tones

Gray and pale violet

Gray and pale pink

Beige tones

Gray with the addition of beige becomes more cozy and warm. A good choice - a combination with a sand-beige scale. The so-called pudrovye color is the classic of the genre. Two neutral and noble colors create an elegant and consistent interior, which is perfect for a living
room and family bedroom.

Stop not only on the wallpaper on the walls, ceiling, but also on furniture of the same or dark brown color from solid wood. It will look expensive and stylish.

Gray and beige in the interior of the kitchen

Gray beige kitchen

Gray Beige Bathroom

Gray Beige Living Room

Gray-beige interior of the living room

Interior gray with beige

Green color

Successfully combine bright and juicy green accents on a light gray background. A light or too dark shade of green can turn gray in the interior into a faded and prim.

Gray and green colors in the interior of the studio apartment

Gray Living Room with Green

Gray living room with green cushions on the couch

Gray-green living room

Gray living room with green accents

Gray-green kitchen

Purple colour

It is with medium-gray lilac, purple and lilac shades look extremely well. In combination with gray they get rid of all their negative characteristics and can be used without the risk of making the room gloomy and heavy. Most of the walls, ceiling should be light gray, and as an additional color you can enter lilac and purple.
This refers to a rich tone, light as well as possible will look better in the women's or girls' bedrooms.

Gray and lilac colors in the interior of the bedroom

Gray-lilac kitchen

Gray living room with a purple sofa

Living room with lavender walls

Gray living room with lilac sofa

Gray-lilac bedroom


Designers are looking for new solutions in the design of premises. The combination of gray and yellow is trendy and very relevant. What the gray lacks - brightness, cheerfulness - is in the yellow. But there is only one rule, which will result in an ideal combination of these two colors. If you choose dark gray, then shade it bright and juicy yellow. If you use a light gray color in the interior, then in tandem to it go sand, pale yellow and pink-yellow.

Gray and yellow colors in the interior

Gray-yellow bedroom

Gray-Yellow Living Room

Gray-yellow kitchen

Gray living room with yellow accents

Gray living room with yellow pillows

Red color

Dark red and burgundy will weight a monotonous grayness, establish a gloomy and heavy atmosphere. The right decision - juicy and bright colors: scarlet and crimson. Such an alliance in any room will look good, it will help add freshness to monochrome design.

Gray and red in the interior

Gray-red interior of a two-level apartment

Gray kitchen with red accents

Light gray interior with red accents

Gray bedroom with red accents

Turquoise and blue colors< /h3>

With a turquoise and bright blue, a fresh combination of different shades of gray looks. It refreshes the interior and attracts attention.

Gray and blue in the interior

Turquoise floor in the gray living room

Blue sofa in the gray living room

Gray-blue interior

Turquoise accents in a gray room

Turquoise accents in the nursery

Gray and turquoise kitchen

Orange color

Incredible company, you think. No, because the orange color will be used only in accents. Carrots, orange and juicy red color will revitalize the interior. Gray color perfectly complements a wide variety of colors due to its universal neutrality.

Gray and orange in the interior

Orange accents in the gray interior

Gray-orange living room

Arrangement of rooms in gray color

An ordinary man in the street who is not familiar with the latest design solutions, will say that in a gray color it is possible to decorate only the hallway. And, of course, it will be wrong, because such a color can be successfully used when decorating any room.

In the kitchen

Gray is elegant and modern, but it is not a mark and practical color. Continue the color scheme of the walls of kitchen furniture, doors and floor. Try a gray laminate in the interior and you'll see how fresh it looks. It is possible that the kitchen will turn out to be too monochrome, but calm. Adds coziness and warmth to the gray kitchen with wooden furniture.

Dilute the uniformity can and with the help of utensils. If the kitchen is decorated in a classical style, then it will look elegant white porcelain. Brighter dishes or metallic accessories will give the kitchen a more modern look.

Kitchen set in gray color

Gray Kitchen

Design of gray kitchen

Kitchen interior in gray tones

Interior of a gray kitchen

In the living room and bedroom

The main room of your house - the living room - can be richer. Gray wallpapers in the interior will be the universal base of the living room, in harmony with the white ceiling. The choice of style and furniture is individual. With the help of gray you can create both a cozy and warm world of your house, and give it a historic glamor, like glamor and laconic hi-tech.

Gray furniture in the living room
Gray wall in the bedroom

Gray bedroom with violet accents

Interior of the gray living room

Gray Living Room

Light gray bedroom

Gray bedroom


White plumbing will look great against the background of gray walls, floors and doors.

Gray-white bathroom

Gray bathroom in modern style

Gray bathroom in loft style

Gray bathroom in classic style

Gray-purple bathroom in Art Nouveau style

Accessories for gray interior

In fact, there are no materials with which the gray would create disharmony. Therefore, it can be safely used with any mate
rials - both with natural and with ultramodern artificial surfaces:


Exquisite, refined and elegant light gray colors perfectly complement silver, bronze, mirrors, glass, crystal, mother of pearl. Silver and glass vases, statues, mirrors on the walls, paintings will be part of your design.

Ornaments in the interior of a white and gray bedroom


Add to this the soft lighting, with which the interior flickers, will play with new colors. Lamps, spot lights, rich forged chandeliers with an abundance of crystal elements - in a laconic gray interior, they will be appropriate.

Luxurious chandelier in a beige-gray dining room


Add a gray color can be a variety of textiles, not necessarily bright. Gray curtains in the interior, for example, the living room, will look cozy.

Gray furniture and curtains in the living room

Bright accents

Decorate the room with bright accents. Let the center of the dwelling become a gray sofa in the interior of the living room, on which there will be colored cushions: in a flower, in a strip, in a box, etc. On the floor can lie a natural warm carpet with a long pile. The use of textiles is especially important for a bedroom and a nursery. These are soft blankets and linens of delicate colors. In the bathroom a bright addition will bring towels. Arrange accents with fresh flowers: bright roses, lilies, callas and orchids.

Bright red accents in the gray interior

Natural materials

Another way to add to the neutral gray interior of originality is to combine it with natural textures: furniture made of wood or rattan, stone ornaments, fur, natural textiles. All this will overshadow the industriality of gray, create an eco-friendly trendy interior and will promote rest and relaxation.

Wooden floor and gray sofa in the interior

Do not overdo it, decorating the home with bright accents. Remember that everything should be combined with each other: pillows with a carpet, paintings with mirrors, furniture with wallpaper and everything in between. Keep track of the style. Otherwise, the gray interior, which is one of the samples and signs of taste, will easily turn into an example of bad taste. Gray color, which was previously synonymous with colorlessness, mediocrity and despondency, can help show the individuality of the owners. At the same time, he repeatedly proves his versatility and functionality.

Gray finish and furniture in the living room with fireplace


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