Gothic style in the interior of rooms (20 photos)

In comparison with others, the Gothic style in the interior is distinguished by the uniqueness and attractive aura of mystery and magic. Most often, the rooms in this style are decorated either in the historical version of the mysterious Middle Ages, or referring to the era of Queen Victoria with her romanticization of black witchcraft and emphasized gloomy charm.

Living room in a modern Gothic style

If a Gothic design is being developed, the main rules for execution can be called the quirky forms, the sharpness of silhouettes, the expressiveness of the accents inherent in the past centuries.

Beautiful staircase in the living room in the Gothic style
Glamorous Gothic style in the interior

Features of interior "Gothic"

The exact embodiment of the setting of the castle and Victorian mansions in the modern interior is associated with a sufficient number of difficulties, since the "past" is often an expensive pleasure. More often games with Gothic work out in spacious high rooms. But with a creative approach to finishing, arranging color accents, accessories, the gothic design of an apartment or room is capable of amazingly "play" in small spaces.

Dining room in Gothic style

Elements that create the atmosphere of Gothic, necessary for use:

  • forged parts, narrow spiral staircases;
  • the device of the vaulted ceiling, beam structures, "heavy" Victorian stucco molding;
  • furniture and a floor from a natural tree or skilful imitation;
  • objects of antiquity - chests of worn leather, leather black armchairs of the time of Queen Victoria, aged metal in the elements of furniture decor, bronze candlesticks, accessories, forged lamps of simple or, conversely, artsy lines;
  • carved ornaments, colored stained-glass windows.
Large modern living room in Gothic style
Bright living room in a Gothic style

Windows, doors and arches

Windows, arches, door portals play a significant role if you create a Gothic style in the interior of the room. The main goal is not the expensive conversion of the whole apartment into a castle, but the maximum approach to the medieval or English Neo-Gothic direction. This is quite possible if you use modern materials skillfully.

The Gothic effect of the Middle Ages is obtained by framing the portals of doors and window openings with a "living" stone.

Arches in the Gothic style in the interior

Very harmonious in the "castle" style archs of various shapes, decorated with wooden carved panels or again - a stone. The design provides for the presence of "pointed" narrow windows with a stained-glass window without curtains.

Unusually and fascinatingly look the windows in the stained-glass window made of colored convex glass framed with lead tape, as was done in the old days. Light, bursting through them, creates fabulous rainbow glare, filling the space with an eternal sense of joy, even if the rooms are decorated in black, characteristic of the neo-Gothic of England.

The decor will look different if the room is decorated taking into account the atmosphere of "dark Victorian romance" and magic - on the elongated arched windows they use a trellised, so-called Tudor layout, and thick curtains of heavy expensive fabrics with lush elaborate draperies, brushes, fringes or braid .

Stained-glass windows and domed ceiling in Gothic style

Living room with fireplace in Gothic style

Walls and ceilings

Modern design for the old days provides for the installation of ceilings with open rafters, if the height of the room allows, or beams made of wood, which pleases the eye even in low rooms.

Decorative murals on the ceiling are possible for both versions of the gothic design. Convex stucco molding, cast details - a typical decor of the version of Gothic Revival.

Beams on the ceiling in the bedroom in the Gothic style

The basement area of ​​the walls, the fireplace zone is often decorated with a stone imitating a rough texture of limestone, the noble smoothness of granite or the fantastic nature of wild stone.


Successful reception is a game on contrast of textures, when a part of the wall opens an old stone masonry or is decorated with a tapestry carpet with traditional scenes of medieval life. For the decoration of walls in the "castle" version of Gothic design, a natural gray-brown-beige palette with all shades of wood, earth and sand, stone, terracotta is usually used.

Design with black walls - a special specificity of the room in the Gothic Revival. In combination with a pearly white ceiling, black heavy furniture, this option produces a magical impression.

Wallpaper decoration, draping of walls with textiles is an indispensable feature of Victorian Gothic art. Apply a cloth with a pronounced texture, a clear pattern, velvety surfaces. Black and graphite background with a pale gray pattern creates a real gothic color. In addition to black, the use of deep tones of cherry and burgundy, mysterious purple, bottle green, muted blue and blood red is allowed.

The device of the floor in the room "under the ancient castle" provides for the use of boards of solid wood (or imitation), ceramic granite, tiles, and, of course, a parquet board for Victorian interiors. In any variants (both medieval and Victorian) the luxury of carpets will only emphasize the originality of the gothic design.

Black walls in the bedroom in the Gothic style
Bedroom with stained-glass windows in Gothic style


A fascinating and very noticeable detail of the apartment, decorated in the Gothic style of any era - a fireplace decorated with shelves on which are placed copper and bronze utensils, kitchen utensils. Or, if they "create" the design in the Victorian style, they put twisted luxurious candelabra, mantel clock, porcelain figurines.

Harmony and integrity will reign in space, if you give particular attention to the selection of furniture. In gothic it stands out, above all, its massiveness. If the apartment "build a lock", furniture contours can be simple, and the decor is rude. Or, on the contrary, when the preference is given to Victorian Gothic, the design is usually whimsical, complex with exquisite details. Here, carved high cupboards, paneled double-cupboards, luxurious headboards of beds, high backs of chairs are appropriate.

Chair and decor in the Gothic style
Dining room with a large mirror in the Gothic style
Living room with elements of Gothic style


Modern Gothic style will transform any space, if the design of the apartment includes stained glass inserts with traditional for the Middle Ages or Neo-Gothic colors and patterns. They are successfully used not only on windows, but also on closed walls, using interior lighting, in the design of cabinets and doors.

Victorian Gothic means an abundance of accessories, when the decorative objects of "past days" of metal and wood, carved fireplace grates, statuettes in the form of terrible gargoyles and magic attributes in the form of crystal balls, quaint lamps give the room a special charm.

Organic are small and huge mirrors in luxurious frames, like paintings, stone ashtrays, bronze and silver decorations, wondrous caskets, puffs.

Bright living room with white walls in Gothic style
Living room with fireplace and mirror in Gothic style
Contrast interior with a touch of Gothic style
Unusual interior with an abundance of wood in the Gothic style
Cabinet in the Gothic style

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