Furniture transformer for a small apartment (53 photos)

Furniture-transformer is a real find not only for the owners of small-sized apartments, but also for people who extremely appreciate the comfort and full functionality in the furniture environment. It is difficult to say with 100% certainty when and who invented this greatest invention of mankind. According to some sources it was Germany that became the country where the first transformer-bed with a built-in underwear box appeared. Then in England appeared chest of drawers, turning into suitcases. Soviet times introduced us to a table-book and a chair-bed.

Unusual transformable armchair and table made of wood and metal

Children's furniture transformer

Computer table transformer

At that time, the main advantage of such furniture was saving space and multifunctionality. At the moment, the functionality of the transformers has remained virtually unchanged. Basically, furniture is used in small apartments to free up more space for a cozy stay and rest for all family members.

But not for everyone, a transformer is a harsh necessity. In our time, the ubiquitous and universal unification on one side, and on the other hand, the opposite of the division, the shape-changing furniture has acquired a new life. Modern technologies that zealously want to automate everything have transformed transforming furniture from the need for luxury. For example, when using a remote control it is possible to make a bar table or TV come out of bed.

Dining table transformer

Transformer cabinet

Glass table transformer

At the moment, the transforming furniture has become quite an up-to-date trend for all well-known furniture manufacturers, which is absolutely not surprising, because in addition to the owners of small apartments interested in lovers of minimalism and full of functionalism.

Modern furniture-transformer can be of different types:

  • Furniture that changes its size
  • Multifunctional furniture, which with the help of simple physical manipulation changes its function.
  • Disappearing furniture.
Transforming wardrobe-bed
Multi-function wardrobe-sofa bed

Cabinet-transformer, turning into a bed
Sofa-transformer in the living room
Bright sofa transformer

Children's furniture-transformer

All parents want their child to have furniture appropriate to his age. But children grow so fast. So, it is necessary to change it quite often. And it takes a lot of time, money and space. But there is a way out. In this situation, the furniture-transformer, which can serve the child almost from birth to the school itself, is useful. The simplest example of such furniture is a highchair for feeding. From 6 months it is used as a table for a child's meal, then it can be used as a table and chair. A crumb will be able to draw on it, play and do its children's affairs. And even write your first letters or numbers. This universal chair will grow with your baby.

Children's green-white crib-transformer
Children's round cot-transformer made of wood
Children's green-blue bed-transformer
Children's small white cot-transformer
Adolescent corner-transformer
Two-level bed-transformer for two children
Children's two-level bed-transformer
Compact furniture-transformer for two children
Comfortable sofa bed for a teenager

Transformer Cabinets

The most popular shape-changing furniture is a closet that transforms into a bed. The design appears only when necessary, for example, at the time of sleep. At other times it can be disguised as a wardrobe or bedside table. And modern technology has helped to make it so that invisible beds can a
ppear from under the ceiling. This requires only a remote control and a special trigger. The design in the form of a transforming cabinet, which allows you to save a huge living space for the joint pastime of the whole family, fell in love with many.

Wall transformer

Table transformer

Transformer chair

The second most popular version of the cabinet-transformer, is a cabinet that changes its internal content. For example, today it is a warehouse for children's toys, and tomorrow - this cupboard can become a repository of books, CDs or other useful things in everyday life. The secret of this uncomplicated design is in the shelves-transformers, which can be inserted, removed, change their location and distance from each other. Similarly, other elements of such furniture can be transformed. And the most interesting is that the cabinet can change even its appearance. If necessary, the design is added "by itself", while freeing up a lot of free space.

A good half of humanity, in most cases, of course - are women who at least once dreamed about how their cabinets "grow", in the full sense of the word. Otherwise, where to add more and more new clothes. However, the dream of the fair sex came true, because modern wardrobes-transformers like a fan can expand in breadth, providing a free space for a new wardrobe.

Cabinet transforming into a bed or sofa
Black and red transformer cabinet
Transformers in the nursery
Wardrobe for a teenager
Multi-functional wardrobe-transformer in the nursery
Gray wardrobe-transformer in the living room
Gray wardrobe-transformer in the apartment
Gray wardrobe-transformer becomes a bed
Closet-bed in the room
Large wardrobe-transformer
Large wardrobe-transformer in the bedroom

Sofas -Transformers

The bed is a necessary part of the furniture. But the dimensions of the apartment do not always allow each member of the family to have a separate place to sleep. In this situation there is a way out - it is a sofa-transformer. The modern furniture market offers models of sofas, which, if necessary, turn into chic 2-meter beds. Some models can be transformed into 2 bunk beds. Almost all the sofas-transformers are equipped with drawers, so you can say that this is a sofa-bed-wardrobe.

Gray sofa-transformer in the living room
Large sofa-transformer in the living room
Green sofa-transformer
Modular sofa-transformer in the living room

Transformer Tables

Transformers tables are very famous for their hospitality and cordiality. Models of such tables can change the dimensions of the countertop, because the holiday at the small table can not fit the whole family. And even more so, if invited, and guests. For holidays, a large wide table is needed, which can be covered in a big way and which will be convenient for all invited guests. But on weekdays such a testing ground is not needed at all, it will only take up space. A compact kitchen table can be expanded from 20 cm in length to 1 m or more.

There are special models of kitchen tables that can quietly masquerade as a coffee table. If necessary, with one hand movement, you can change its previous assignment. There are also invisibility tables, which can hardly be declassified. Only the owner, if necessary, can uncover the dining table, which is concealed in the built-in kitchen furniture.

And some manufacturers even produce tables, in the unfolded form intended for a variety of fun. For example, in everyday life, a regular coffee table can turn into a table for billiards, tennis or other games. That is, you can first eat dinner, and then play. Or vice versa.

There are also models that are not created for fun, but for the workflow, when the table turns into an easel or a drawing board. And for sewing needlewomen, a sewing machine was invented, which at the right time can become a table-curbstone.

Transformer table from coffee to dining room made of wood and metal
White transformer table for living room or kitchen from wood and metal
Brown dining table transformer
Glossy black table-transformer
Dining table-transformer with a bar
White glossy table-transformer with niches
Round wooden table-transformer with lifting shelves
Foldable light round table
Extendable dining table with adjustable height
Table-transformer made of wood and glass
Coffee table-transformer

Furniture for work at home

For people working at home there is furniture, which after a hard day can be compactly folded, for example, into a small bedside table.

When choosing such furniture in an apartment, it is necessary to check whether the mechanism is working. Given that you constantly have to fold and lay out the structure, the main attention should be paid to ensure that the mechanism was also reliable, because each of us wants all the selected equipment and furnishings to last as long as possible. In the rest, follow your taste preferences, and, of course, be guided by your financial capabilities.

As you can see, modern furniture-transformer is capable of much. She is able to satisfy any desire and secret needs of each family member, even if you are the owner of the smallest apartment in the world.

Double workstation and a bed-transformer in the bedroom
Shelves-transformers and a comfortable workplace
Retractable workplace from the transformer cabinet

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