Furniture made of cardboard for the doll house: we master the interior from the handy tools (54 photos)

Toy furniture, made by hand from cardboard, will not only please the kids, but also help parents to get close to their child during joint creativity, to understand each other better. On the one hand, such an occupation contributes to saving the family budget, because, as a rule, prices in specialized stores do not differ loyalty. On the other hand, doing handicrafts teaches children assiduity, accuracy, patience, helps the development of spatial thinking.

Cardboard furniture for Barbie
Puppet from white cardboard

Decor of cardboard for a doll house

Children's furniture from a cardboard for a doll's house

Dollhouse of cardboard

Cardboard toy furniture for living room

Refrigerator from cardboard toy

So, it is decided, we make furniture from cardboard with our own hands: further we will tell what materials and techniques will be in place.

Furniture for doll house made of paper

Furniture for doll house made of colored cardboard

Dollhouse from boxes

Cardboard toy chair

Bed of cardboard toy


Toy cardboard house with roof

Kitchen from a cardboard for a doll's house

Overview of the available materials that will be found in every family

If you want to supplement toys and small houses with "real" headsets, give dolls comfortable and original furniture sets, do not throw away the following usual household waste:

  • matchboxes - they will be needed in case you want to make full drawers in cupboards, toilet and bedside tables, chests of drawers;
  • plastic bottles;
  • scraps of plywood and wooden brusochki;
  • foil, flexible wire of different thickness;
  • thread for knitting and embroidery;
  • cardboard boxes from cosmetics, household appliances, shoes;
  • sponges for washing dishes, viscose wipes;
  • skin trimming, tissue - the more beautiful patches, the better;
  • food containers made of plastic, cells for eggs.

If the house has people engaged in needlework, furniture for dolls from cardboard can be decorated with beads, rhinestones, polymer clay, beads, lace - all this will help create a bright, colorful interior of the doll house.

Wooden furniture for doll house
Sofa from cardboard for dolls

Kitchen furniture from a cardboard toy

Multi-story dollhouse of cardboard

Furniture from a cardboard multilayered for a doll house

Upholstered furniture from a cardboard for a doll's house

Puppet house made of cardboard and wallpaper

For example, shreds will be needed to sew soft doll furniture in addition to the cabinet. From a variety of triangular trimmings, you can collect a motley seat-bag, so in demand in real life. The same material will be needed to create sofa and bed cushions, sheets, blankets and bedspreads. A room with a cardboard furniture set can be decorated with an LED garland - this illumination is appropriate in the game, besides it is fireproof.

Dollhouse of cardboard
Two-story doll house

Dollhouse from shoe boxes

Puppet house made of cardboard with windows

Furniture made of cardboard papier mache toy

Cardboard furniture carved toy

House of cardboard with a picture

Dressing table from boxes

Crafts made of paper and cardboard - this is the easiest option for decorating the toy interior, they will become a kind of warm-up before the elaboration of complicated projects. To make such furniture for dolls own hands, you will need:

  • A small box, for example, from under the hair dye;
  • pencil and ruler;
  • glue;
  • stationery knife and scissors;
  • foil;
  • colored paper or white (the product can be further colored with pencils, felt-tip pens or paints).

First of all, it is necessary to find out the future height of the dressing table, it should be such that the doll could be planted before the improvised mirror. If you take into account the standard parameters, the box should be cut at a height of 6-8 cm. From the remaining material, it is necessary to form a workpiece for a mirror 15-16 cm high, it can be either rectangular or figured. It must be glued with glue and fixed on the bottom of the table. The whole construction should be pasted with white or colored paper, draw doors and drawers (they will not open). In the area where the mirror will be located, glue the foil.

Cardboard furniture for doll house
Dollhouse out of the box

House made of cardboard homemade

Cupboard from a cardboard toy

Bed of glued cardboard

The subtleties of the production of three-dimensional functional models

If you are interested in the question of how to make cardboard furniture, to make it soft and to match real couches and armchairs, it is worthwhile to adopt the corrugated material that is commonly used in the manufacture of packaging boxes. If you take as an example a chair, the first step here is drawing up drawings of parts - side panels with armrests, bottom and back. By gluing together several identical cut pieces, you can achieve the required volume and proportionality, then you just need to pasted the assembled article with a thin foam and wrap it with a cloth.

A chair for dolls from a matchbox
Washing machine made of cardboard for doll house

Walls of cardboard in a doll house

Table made of cardboard

Table from toy cardboard

Cardboard toy chair

Stool of cardboard toy

As a result, you get soft furniture made of cardboard, from which you can assemble a real set: a pair of armchairs, a sofa, an ottoman. The latter, by the way, can also be glued together from the same parts, pasted with cloth and foam rubber. To achieve a greater similarity with the "original", a small quilted cushion filled with cotton should be placed on top.

Furniture made of cardboard can be decorated with a refined and unusual addition in the form of a wicker back or bent legs made of wire. The hard seat of a chair or bench joins with openwork elements, the entire composition is painted in a single scale - so you can make an improvised garden composition or a home set in a Victorian style. In the same way, you can create "forged" backs and legs for a baby doll's crib, as a frame will serve as a cardboard blank, the mattress and bedding are made of rags and foam rubber.

Furniture made of cardboard for dolls

Dressing table made of cardboard

Cardboard toy pedestal

Bathroom from a cardboard toy

Cardboard lock

The possibilities of
using plastic and aluminum bottles

They allow you to make figured and three-dimensional elements, for which the cardboard base does not work. In particular, children will be interested in chairs made of plastic bottles of 0.5 liters: a soft seat will be located at the bottom, the backrest and curved armrests are performed seamlessly. To do this, cut the neck, cut the front of the workpiece in about a third of the "circle" - this is the place where the doll will sit, on both sides of it, the armrests are bent and the formed "rollers" are fixed with a stapler and the oval back is cut out. At the bottom of the bottle put a high soft pillow-seat.

Dining table made of cardboard for a doll house
Windows made of cardboard in a doll house

Almost the chairs from aluminum bottles are also assembled, but here you can perform openwork and more complex additions, because the material is perfectly bent and keeps the shape. Such products will become successful companions for cardboard furniture, and to make artifacts fit into the toy interior, all the fabric elements should be made in a similar style from one material.

Carved doll house of cardboard
Chair of clothes pegs for dolls

Table with mosaic table top

If you do not know how to make furniture for dolls, start with this option - it's quite simple, and the result will please with brightness and eccentricity. The shape can be rectangular or round, in the first case the standard legs are glued to the table top, they can be cardboard or openwork wire, in the second case it will be more convenient if you make a leg of two pieces of cardboard connected crosswise.

For the decoration of the upper plane, a conventional colored cardboard is suitable: small elements must be cut from it, which later, with an arbitrary gluing, form a beautiful ornament on the table top. By the same principle, you can collect a table with checkers (a rectangular surface mimics the playing field), the acting elements in this case can be replaced by a large beads of corresponding colors or flat beads.

It looks interesting furniture for Barbie, decorated with weaving. The frame is made with the help of toothpicks, instead of the vines, knitting threads of medium thickness are used, for additional fastening the PVA glue is used. To hide joints and seams, craftsmen decorate these areas with rope pigtails.

Chairs for a doll house made of wire from a bottle of champagne
Bedroom from cardboard in the doll house
A bed and a chest of drawers from matchboxes

Toy chest of matchboxes

Such doll furniture by their own hands is very easy to make: only boxes (4-6 pieces), cardboard and glue will be needed. First you need to decorate the front surface of the "boxes": they are removed and pasted from one short end with colored cardboard, scraps of cards or cloth to choose from. Empty shells are connected to each other and trimmed with cardboard on all sides except for the area into which the boxes will be inserted. Handles are made of beads (they can be planted on glue), they will also become perfect legs for the chest of drawers.

Table from cardboard for doll house
Table and chairs from cardboard

To furniture for the doll house and interior crafts served as long as possible, they can be covered with acrylic lacquer - it is safe for children, does not wash off when dry, gives a glossy sheen and strengthens strength. A mandatory security measure is a strong fixation of all small and decorative elements on the surface of products - this will reduce the risk of injury to children. It is important that moisture does not get onto the toy's own toy environment, and to keep the original color it should be kept away from direct sunlight.


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