Furniture color walnut in the interior (51 photos): beautiful shades and successful combinations of colors

Furniture color walnut - a universal option for most modern interiors. It looks richly and nobly, organically fits into almost any style of interior and blends well with a range of colors and shades.

Wall decoration and walnut table in the living room

Cabinet in the color of a nut in a classic style

Sofa color walnut

Nut wood with a deep tint and expressive pattern is often chosen not only for furnishing, but also as the main material for the entire interior. A rich color range from light honey tones to dark mahogany allows creating an unforgettable color in the interior of any room.

Nut shades in the interior

Furniture walnut is brown with a reddish or grayish tinge. Against this background, dark veins are clearly visible, due to which the material looks volume and texture. Nut has many varieties:

  • Italian;
  • the Greek;
  • Milanese;
  • Brazilian;
  • Spanish;
  • American;
  • pecan nut.
Dining table and chairs of red walnut

Bedroom set with walnut color

Glossy walnut furniture

Designers most often classify all walnut furniture in accordance with the shade: red, gold, dark and light.

Furniture, doors, parquet in the walnut range are widely represented today in the market. However, few people think about how to combine this material with other elements of the interior.

The wall in the living room of their walnut

Cabinet color walnut


Chest of color walnut

Brown-honey shades of walnut fit perfectly with any style of interior. Modern trends in the design of the kitchen or dining room well take the natural warmth of the walnut, against which contrast glossy facades, stainless steel of household appliances, glass surfaces and built-in lighting perfectly contrast.

Bed color walnut

Using dark, deep shades of walnut array, you can achieve a visual expansion of space and a higher ceiling height in the room. However, for this purpose, you should choose low furniture items (chests and other modular options) in combination with light walls and white-painted ceilings.

Walnut furniture suggests that this particular shade will become the dominant one in the design of the room. This means that warm and light shades of brown should be noted not only in furniture, but also in the floor covering, as well as in textiles. In addition, take care of additional lighting to prevent a faded and gloomy appearance of the room.

Designer table from walnut

Round table nut color

Kitchen color walnut

The combination of walnut with other colors and shades

When choosing furniture under a nut, pay due attention to the combination of colors. So the combination of walnut furniture with red, orange or lilac flowers will give the interior extravagance. If you prefer the classic English direction in the decor, then combine the nut with blue, burgundy and bottle-green tones.

Cold walnut shades look better with white, blue, light green, and warm - with cream, yellow, cornflower and khaki.

Partial wall finishing in the bathroom with walnut

Lacquered furniture in color walnut

Solid walnut furniture

The combination of walnut and beech will look very exotic. To such a tandem it is better to select wallpaper of gray color.

For soft armchairs and sofa choose light sand colors. Cabinets and book racks of nut color will be in good harmony with a coffee table under beech.

When choosing furniture walnut for the interior, consider the following:

  • Furniture should not merge with walls. The color of walls, floors and doors should be lighter than furniture.
  • Furniture under the nut looks best against the background of the walls of yellow or green hues. And the palette of shades is very wide: from creamy to ocher and from pistachio to muted herbal.
  • Furniture color walnut will not look organic in cold interiors. Especially if the room is facing north. Walls, accessories, textiles - everything should be in a warm range.
The facade of the dressing table in the bathroom of their walnut

Nut color dining table

Color walnut shoe

Italian walnut in the interior of the apartment

Italian walnut has gained special popularity in Russia not only in the production of furniture, but also in the manufacture of floor coverings. This material is the most capricious, so when designing the interior, you should carefully think over the color combinations. Basic rules for combining:

  • Dark colors of furniture - light walls and floor.
  • The best combination: an Italian nut and shades of yellow and green.
  • No red "neighborhood".
  • Accessories of warm colors.
Sitting from Italian walnut

Walnut writing desk

Kitchen cabinets color walnut

The best place to use the color of Italian walnut is the bedroom. Luxury carved sets, bed headboards will perfectly match with pastel decoration of walls, pale green curtains and milky beige veil on the bed.

While equipping the kitchen, take into account that the Italian walnut will be harmonious in combination with white, beige or yellow walls and a countertop of the same neutral shade.

In a classic living room with luxurious tapestries, curtains and carpets, the furniture in the color of Italian walnut will look great. The peculiarity of the furniture of this shade is that it loves carpets very much.

Corner cabinet from Italian walnut

Cupboard color walnut

Veneered furniture in walnut color

Milan nut: positive mood and home cosiness

Milan nut is a very livable color. With it they perfectly match:

  • products from the same array;
  • cherry, whitened oak;
  • warm and calm shades of another scale, for example, caramel, sand, ocher;
  • gray, greenish, pink;
Dining table and chairs from Milan nut

Amazingly combined furniture of this color with products made of genuine leather.

Milan nut - the color of coziness and tranquility. Interiors, where this color range prevails - warm and domestic.

Beautiful chair made of Milan nut

Nut color walnut

Bedroom color walnut

Burnt Spanish Nut

The Spanish nut (nogal) that came to us from Peru is the darkest of all walnut massifs. Its color is amazing: dark chocolate wood with light strips. However, this is a very hard breed.

Chest of Spanish nuts

Dark chocolate shades of walnut mass look very expressive, contrast, so these elements in the interior of the bedroom should not be too much. If you choose a Spanish nut for a dressing table, bedside tables or for decorating a working area in a bedroom, then place this setting on a light background. Pastel and even a snow-white palette of finishing all the surfaces of the room will be very appropriate here.

Wall made of Spanish walnut

Table color walnut

Coffee table color walnut

American walnut: luxury and respectability of the interior

American walnut - a symbol of luxury and respectability. This kind of walnut has a more even and saturated texture. American walnut, distinguished by its hardness and resistance to deformation, is used for making elite furniture.

American walnut parquet

The range of colors of the American walnut is very wide: from light brown to chocolate tones. When decorating a room, combine furniture with light, gentle tones. You can add a warmer beech in the decor: it will add piquancy to the interior.

American walnut worktable

Cupboard color walnut

Nut color dining room

Furniture walnut in the interior of the bedroom

One of the best options for furniture is a sleeping set of walnut. Usually it is decorated with a complex carving, gilding, mirrors with sandblasting. The interior of a bedroom with such furniture should not be overloaded with unnecessary details. Ideal f
illing - light walls and floor, olive curtains and beige bedspread on the bed.

Nutcase furniture in the bedroom

Fans of minimalism should choose for their interior a simpler version of walnut furniture. However, even an unpretentious wardrobe, a bed or chest of drawers looks stylish.

The original way of decorating a bedroom is the use of wall panels behind the head of the bed. The accented wall, created with the help of walnut panels, will serve as the semantic center of the room for sleeping and resting.

Flooring and walls of walnut

Bathroom color walnut

Table color walnut in the living room

Nut Food

In the interior of the kitchen, walnut furniture in the English style will look very impressive. You can choose a refined suite with natural facades and expensive handles, or you can choose a simpler solution. Any furniture of nut color will create a cozy atmosphere in the kitchen due to a natural warm shade. The room immediately filled with light.

Kitchen furniture in walnut

To decorate the walls of the kitchen you can choose beige, yellow or light shade of brown. Want a more rigorous interior - stop at the gray version of the walls. Remember that the nut does not combine with red. However, with a great desire, you can place in the kitchen a few red accessories. Buy, for example, dishes of Bordeaux color.

Worktop in the kitchen of walnut

Nut in the living room

All walnut breeds have a pronounced structure, so in the production of furniture for the living room, simple and laconic forms are usually used. Classic, strict facades without decor can become a highlight of the interior thanks to the beautiful texture of the material. As a background, it is better to choose monochrome light shades.

Floor and shelf in the living room made of walnut

Honey shades of the nut look organic with orange, light green, yellowish-buffy, mustard color. Nut furniture in the living room is a luxury that is acceptable only for spacious and bright rooms. If your living room has panoramic windows, then in addition to furniture you can use the walnut finish of walls and even the ceiling. But even in a spacious living room, leave at least one wall with a light finish. Let it become accentuated within the framework of this room. For finishing the floor, use a board made of natural walnut wood. Harmonious completion of the image of the living room will be a coffee table, matched to the color of the laminate.

Chest of drawers with walnut facade in the living room

Another possibility of using walnut wood in the interior of the living room is the space around the fireplace:

  • built-in racks;
  • frames for paintings, mirrors or photographs above the hearth.

The luxurious color of the tree and the fire in the fireplace together will look very harmonious.

Coffee table from walnut and glass

Nut-shaped furniture in the study, hallway, dining room

And in these rooms there is a place of nut furniture! The cabinet can be decorated in a classic style. To do this, choose for walls beige paint or wallpaper, lay a low-key carpet on the floor, put a few vases and get a classic interior.

Working table from walnut

Any elements made of walnut wood, whether the chest of drawers in the hallway, dining groups in the dining room or furniture in the office - are real works of art. And they demand a decent environment. Furniture under the nut is perfectly combined with:

  • carpets;
  • heavy curtains;
  • tapestries in gilded frames;
  • Chinese vases,
  • expensive porcelain.

If you want to recreate the traditional English style in the interior of the cabinet, combine walnut furniture with blue, bottle green, emerald shades. Warm shades of furniture will balance the cool palette of the finish, and together they will create a harmonious, but original design of the workplace.

Light table from walnut

Shades of nuts in the bathroom

The bathroom in the chocolate-honey range is the area of ​​relaxation and tranquility. Natural shades are pleasing to the eye, they will relieve stress and clear thoughts. Nut shades of furniture and finishes will create a unique atmosphere.

Bathroom finishing with walnut

So, the furniture walnut is quite versatile and will look great in the interior of any room. Nutty tones favorably stand out against the background of light walls, while they do not combine with the red and pink palette, as well as with dark and red woods. If all this is taken into account, then with such furniture you will certainly get a cozy interior.

Cabinet for a sink from a walnut

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