Frameless furniture – universal practicality in the interior (24 photos)

Modern design ideas impress with their diversity and originality. More recently, developers have managed to create a category of furniture products that do not have a plastic or wooden base - it's frameless furniture. Recently, it is in great demand, because it can be used in any room: in the hall, in the hallway, in the bedroom and in the children's room.

Frameless child seat
Frameless children's furniture

There are various types and models of such furniture on sale: sofas, armchairs and ottomans for sitting. Such products are called "a seat in a poke", which was invented by two young Italian designers in 1967. The first models had a lot of weight, because plastic small balls with water were used as an internal filler. Such models failed to prove themselves well in the furniture market, but in 1968 one industrialist suggested that developers should improve them by replacing the filler (instead of plastic balls with water, use expanded polystyrene).

Gray frameless sofa
Children's frameless sofa
Frameless furniture in the interior of the house

What is furniture without a skeleton?

Frameless upholstered furniture that does not have a rigid base, is practical, original and stylish. Due to its simplicity and mobility, it is easy to use: both adults and older children can move it from place to place effortlessly. The absence of a rigid frame allows a person to lie and sit on it in any convenient position.

Frameless furniture in the interior of the living room
Frameless furniture in the interior of high-tech
Frameless lounger in polka dots

Modern manufacturers produce armchairs without a frame in the form of various shapes and subjects: a soccer ball, an apple, an orange or a pear. They are more pleasing to children, so the frameless soft headset is mainly used in the interior of children's rooms.

Frameless armchair in the interior of the nursery
Bag chair

Products without a rigid base consist of an internal filler: foamed polyurethane in the form of soft balls, rigid synthon (non-woven synthetic fiber), holofayber (lavsan fiber) and other materials. These fillers have the property of keeping a shape that fully allows you to perform such a headset of their functions. Despite the presence of synthetic substances in the composition, furniture is hypoallergenic, as it is unable to cause allergic reactions.

Frameless armchair
Frameless bed"Тоторо"

Advantages of upholstered furniture without a rigid base

Unlike classic furniture products, frameless have the following advantages:

  • Comfort. A sofa or an armchair-sack can fully take the form of a human body, so it is convenient to sit and lie there. This feeling of comfort can not be felt when using a conventional wireframe headset.
  • Security. Because the seat-bags do not have sharp and solid angles, they are absolutely safe for children - with moving games the child is never injured.
  • Mobility. To rearrange the seat-bag to another place, there is no need to exert physical efforts. Even a six-year-old child can cope with this task.
  • Hygiene. In case of contamination, furniture products are easy to wash in a washing machine or manually with a removable cover. After washing, they acquire a pristine appearance. The interior of the furniture has a moisture repellent property - this prevents the appearance of fungus and mold. If desired, you can change the covers, you can buy them in any specialized store.
  • Original design. A frameless armchair or sofa will decorate the interior of any room, as well as give it a unique style.
  • Practicality and durability. Such products have a long service life, they do not deteriorate and do not break with time, because of the lack of a frame, there is simply nothing to break. The special properties of the internal material do not allow furniture to sag and deform with time.
  • Versatility. Soft products without a frame can be installed both in closed and open spaces (terraces, verandas and balconies).

The main advantage of this type of furniture is to prevent damage to the floor covering, because when it moves there is no mechanical impact. If the cover is damaged, it can easily be sewn with conventional threads or by applying a decorative patch. Unlike classic furniture products (on a frame), the repair of frameless will cost much less.

Frameless bed in the interior of the living room
Frameless couch in the living room
Frameless chair in the loggia

Disadvantages of a headset without a frame

Along with the advantages of this type of furniture, there are disadvantages, but to minimize them it is important to purchase high-quality products. The disadvantages of this type of headset are:

  1. Loss of filler shape. Over time, the granules lose their original form, so sometimes they have to buy extra and fill the chair.
  2. In the process of moving children's games, the cover can tear, and if it is hydro mattresses, the liquid will come out. It is much more dangerous if the child gets the granules from the chair and tries to eat them. However, in qualitative furniture products without a base, an additional cover is provided, due to which it is impossible to remove the granules.
  3. Absence of an additional box for things.

You can make a soft frameless headset with your own hands by purchasing all the necessary accessories in a specialized store. It is not recommended to use a leather or imitation leather for tailoring, since it will stretch and the headset will lose its shape.

Frameless furniture in a minimalist interior
Frameless furniture in Art Nouveau style

Types of frameless furniture

On the modern furniture market, there is a wide range of frameless armchairs and sofas. Due to the huge variety of original styles and designs of such a headset, each buyer can choose the right one for their interior.

Modular sofa
Frameless furniture in the soft area of ​​the house
Soft frameless furniture

The main types of armchairs that do not have a skeleton:

  • Padded stools - ideally fit in both the adult and the children's room, complementing the interior design. The ottomans are light and compact, they are comfortable to rest after a hard day in their own room or in the office.
  • "Sacks" - perform the same functions as padded stools, but differ in shape and size.
  • "Pears" - provide a reliable position of the back, supporting the spine. They can sit in any position or rest reclining behind a magazine, a book or a cup of tea.
  • "Balls". Armchairs in the shape of a soccer ball will be appreciated by true football fans. They perfectly complement the interior of the children's room of the boy, who is fond of sports games.
  • Armchairs-pillows. Due to their small dimensions, they perform the function of both seats and cushions.
  • "Pyramids" - differ original style, and also provide a comfortable position of the human body in any position (sitting, lying, reclining).
  • "Hearts" is an ideal resting place for a couple in love. This kind of soft armchairs will present a romantic mood to the bedroom interior.
  • Upholstered furniture-transformer. Manufacturers can produce it in one piece and consist of separate blocks that are easily interconnected.
  • Hydro-mattresses (for a bed or sofa), filled with liquid.
Blue frameless sofa
Frameless armchair in corduroy upholstery
Frameless furniture on the veranda

Frameless furniture in the interior is presented in various models and designs. When choosing it, it is important to pay attention to the type of material and the quality of the tailoring. The fabric of the cover must be tight, and the seams are double, clear and even. The presence of the eyelets ensures the air outlet from the bag, thereby reducing the load on the seams.

Frameless furniture in a bright interior
Frameless chairs in the interior of a country house
Yellow frameless armchair

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