Forged tables and chairs in the interior and on the site (20 photos)

Exquisite and luxurious forged tables and other interior items have long been an attribute of noble houses. They combine a special elegance and solidity, durability and strength. And today forged chairs and tables do not lose popularity, they decorate the interior, giving it beauty and chic.

Forged table and bench in the interior

Forged interior items are a real work of art, especially if they are made by art forging. On sale there are various models of forged tables and chairs, they should be selected to style of the premise.

Elegant wrought-iron table with a glass top with rounded corners

Forged tables in the interior of rooms

This furniture is an independent detail in the interior, it is elegant and unrepeatable. Forged tables and chairs decorate rooms in any style: classical, modern, country, art deco, high-tech, etc. Often such items are made to order, they embody all the imagination of the master and the wishes of the customer.

Beautiful forged table with wooden top

Forged tables carry a different purpose in the room:

  • they can become a central detail in the design of the room - any room in the house;
  • at the table in the kitchen, you will gather the whole family together for dinner or dinner with friends;
  • they are claimed as a coffee table in the living room - will benefit and decorate the room;
  • in the bedroom, such furniture will find a place near the bed, on the table you can arrange cosmetics and a mirror;
  • install such a product in a gazebo in the courtyard - behind it you are going for a fun gathering with friends.

To the table, choose the forged chairs of identical design - they perfectly complement each other and create a unique furniture set.

Large forged table with glass top
Forged table with oval glass top
Round forged table with glass top

Variety of forged tables and chairs: choose the right furniture

The choice of the type of forged table and its model depends on which room in the dwelling you have planned to install it. This furniture is assigned different functions and tasks, it differs in size, design, material of the countertop. Manufacturers offer forged tables of any kind:

  • magazine with a glass top - an exquisite object of the interior of the living room. They can be oval, round, square or rectangular. Coffee tables are convenient to use for tea and for working with a laptop, to put on them newspapers and magazines;
  • glass forged tables - an ideal choice for a kitchen or dining room, they can be used instead of a dining table. Transparent glass and white or black metal - a very successful combination, these materials complement each other in one product;
  • a table with forged legs will decorate the wooden countertop. Such a piece of furniture will be a highlight in the study. In the kitchen, too, many people buy wooden forged tables;
  • Forged dining table, equipped with a stone table top - a modern invention for a noble kitchen interior.
Rectangular wrought-iron table with glass top

The tables differ in size - there are big and small items. A large table with a glass or wooden surface will fit into the interior of the living room, and a small coffee table is suitable for a bedroom. The legs of such furniture are beautifully curved, have curls and unusual decor.

Round forged table with stone countertop

Luxury forged table with glass top

Forged table and chairs in the country and garden

Often used forged tables and chairs for cottages and gardens. They become an indispensable element of decor, creating the perfect composition for decorating the garden, resting and eating. They can have a white or black color, they are painted in bright shades - the choice depends on the wishes of the owners and on the general kind of the country plot.

Wrought round table and chairs in the country

Garden tables and chairs, made by forging, are very durable, they are not afraid of the vagaries of weather, moisture and sunlight. Table-tops of garden tables are often made of durable glass, they can also be wooden or stone. Beautiful tables and matching chairs are what you need for the cosiness of the site. Behind a large forged table you can receive guests at the dacha, organizing a lunch or tea in the fresh air.

Wrought round table and chairs in the garden

The white garden table is exclusively looked in the greenery and bright flower beds - it will be a highlight in the garden or on the site. For a summer residence the set of forged chairs will approach, it is easy to transfer from a place to a place and to put there where it is convenient to owners.

Large forged table and chairs on the terrace
Forged table and chairs in classic style on the terrace

Forged chairs: a kind of furniture

They will find a place in the interior of the kitchen, such chairs most often have a backrest, and some models - and armrests. The seat of the product is most often made of wood, can be decorated with a contrasting soft pillow. Chairs are also used on the summer veranda, because they are not afraid of precipitation, and they can be left outdoors.

Beautiful forged chair with mosaic

There are chairs with forged legs and without backs - in the form of stools. This is practical furniture that will find a place in the apartment or in the country. Also for the house you can buy forged bar stools. They absolutely do not look like standard massive chairs. They differ in complex design and exquisite appearance. Metal forged legs complement the seats made of wood or soft seats with leather top - white, black, red, blue, etc.

Beautiful forged bar stool
Black high forged bar stool
Square forged table and chairs on the plot

Features of wrought furniture and care for it

In favor of the choice of forged tables and chairs there are indisputable arguments:

  • their durability, functionality and practicality in application - furniture will look like a new many years, if it is properly cared for;
  • allowed to use such products both indoors and outdoors;
  • convenience in operation - forged tables and chairs, unlike wooden ones, do not swing and do not break;
  • modern, elegant and very refined appearance;
  • pieces of furniture with elements of forging are made in a single copy, this is a non-standard and unique furniture;
  • Forged chairs and tables decorate the room in any style, harmoniously fit into its design.
White forged furniture in the garden

Forged furniture requires a special approach. You need to take care of it properly, so remember these rules:

  • regularly clean the tables and chairs from dust;
  • Wash away any dirt if the furniture is in the garden or on the plot;
  • if you are going to install forged products on the street, better treat them with an anti-corrosion compound.
Golden forged furniture in the interior of the house

To clean the furniture use ordinary water, adding a little detergent. Do not use a cleaning or detergent powder. Wipe the products dry so that no water remains on them, and forged furniture will last for a long time to serve you.

High forged table with wooden table top and bar chairs