Design of the pantry: 6 ideas for organizing space (52 photos)

Most people, becoming full owners of the new housing, are trying to immediately make repairs and equip the apartment to your taste. To expand the space, walls and niches are destroyed. Under demolition, there is also such an important and multifunctional room as a pantry. In the future, many regret their decision. In the process of life, we "overgrow" with things, clothes, utensils and other important trifles, which after a while just cease to be placed in the closet. It is necessary to litter the balconies, construct niches and buy cabinets with mezzanines. But all this could fit in the pantry. For those who decided to save this room, we prepared an article about the competent design of such an important room.

Design of the closet
Wooden furniture for pantry

White pantry design

Storage room with wooden shelves

Oak pantry

Nothing to replace the pantry

It is difficult to say that this room is absolutely useless in everyday life. It can store seasonal things (skis, skates, bicycles), it serves as a grocery store, it can easily be turned into a dressing room. Most often it looks like a chaotic "mountains" in which dust collects kitchen utensils for years with rollers and old winter down jackets. In order that things do not turn into a kind of urban landfill, you need to carefully think over the design of the pantry. And if the availability of this room is not provided for by the layout of the apartment, you can start building it with the construction of walls.

Design of a house pantry
Design of a door to the pantry

Design of a pantry with a refrigerator

Storage of products

Interior of the pantry room

Storage room in the corridor


Pantry with boxes

Where to build a storage system?

Those who are unlucky to have a ready room, you can make it yourself.

  • An excellent solution will be the fencing of a small part of the long corridor.
  • In the Khrushchev, you can distinguish between the rooms, because there during construction often left room for niches.
  • If the kitchen is large, you can build a wall in one of the corners. For this it is enough to install two plasterboard walls and a door.
  • Plan to make a closet from the pantry? Select a place in the bedroom or in the hallway.

The most inconvenient option is the creation of a pantry above the doors. Usually, such a decision is made by the owners of small apartments in panel houses. If you are going to create such a storage place, do it better in the kitchen. It is more convenient to store workpieces for the winter.

Wardrobe in the pantry
Storage in the pantry

Storage in the kitchen

Pantry under the stairs

Pantry in Art Nouveau style

As a storage room can serve as a spacious closet. It can be put in the hallway. A large number of shelves will help to put things of any size and shape without harming the rest of the space and design of the room.

Let's start to repair

Before you take a punch and a hammer in hand, sit down at the table and draw a plan for the future design. And for this it is necessary to know exactly what you will store in this room. If it serves as a storehouse of tools, kitchen appliances, utensils and foodstuffs, care must be taken to have a large number of shelves in the room. Considering the plan of the dressing room, pay attention to the organization of space for long things that will hang on the shoulders and the storage areas for shoes. In either case, do not ignore such important points as ventilation and lighting.

  • In any part of the apartment there is no storeroom, whether it is a kitchen or a bedroom, the design of this small room should be the continuation of the overall stylistics.
  • To avoid returning to restoration work every year, use only durable materials to decorate the room. For example, the optimal solution can be plastic panels. Unlike paint or plaster, they can retain an aesthetic appearance for several years.
  • The floor covering must be non-slip, otherwise there is a risk of slipping and falling, which can have a very negative impact on your health, given the size of the room and the things that can be stored in it.
  • As for the doors, here it is worth paying attention to the sliding systems. Swing doors require a large free space, for example, can not boast of a Khrushchev.
Storage room-cabinet
Design of a pantry in the kitchen
Design of a pantry in an apartment

Small pantry

Pantry with hanging shelves

Storage room with shelves

Utensils pantry

Storage room in retro style

Storage room in the closet

Room arrangement rules

The storage room in the apartment, the design of which you are going to work on, should carry a functional load and meet all the requirements for storage systems. It is from this criterion that the interior of a small room should form.

For the convenience of storing various things, you should divide the room into sections. You need to use every centimeter, because usually in urban apartments, especially in the Khrushchev, the area of ​​this room is negligible.

Design of a pantry under the stairs
Interior of the kitchen in Art Nouveau style with a pantry

Storage in the pantry

Hidden storage room

Design of a pantry pantry

For storage of household appliances, take the lower shelves. Here you can put a vacuum cleaner, a basket for dirty laundry or unused flowerpots. Also here you can put shelves for seasonal shoes.

Medium shelves will take things that you use especially often. Here you can arrange a stack of towels and bed linen, make departments for hosiery, put food processors and utensils that have no place in the kitchen. Remember that functionality and convenience are important in this matter, and that everything is at hand, one should not make shelves more than 40 cm deep.

Storage in the kitchen niche
Design pantry with window

Design of a pantry with racks

Design of a pantry for bulk products

Design of a pantry for technology

Design of a pantry corner

Wine closet design

In the Khrushchev it's very difficult to put bulky cabinets, so in the pantry, if possible, you need to put the maximum amount of things. The upper shelves take what you use extremely rarely. It can be things you do not wear for years, piles of magazines and filing of newspapers, boxes with family photos and any other things. In the cloakroom, the upper shelves will hold suitcases and travel bags, rugs for dachas and extra blankets.

There are a lot of shelves available in stores, but if the pantry has a non-standard shape, furniture for it can be made to order. It's even better, because then you can arrange the shelves as you need.

Design of an open storage
Design of a storage room with shelves

Interesting variants of the pantry design

There are several interesting ideas how to make this oasis of useful and necessary things inside this small room.


If the pantry will serve you as a dressing room, install in it everything you need to store things so that the shirts do not crumple, and the shoes do not lose shape. Rods, hangers, shelves for bags, compartments for underwear, shoe cabinets and pull-out sections for jewelry - every piece of furniture must be involved.

Design of a pantry for utensils
Design of a pantry with sliding doors

The hut-reading room

In Khrushchev's there is very little place, and for solitude sometimes one has to resort to non-standard solutions. Lovers of reading can make their own library in the pantry, on the shelves of which you can always find your favorite book or magazine. If space allows, put a small table or stand with a lamp and a comfortable chair. Is not it a place for spending free time alone with a book?

Sectional storage room design
Design of a pantry with racks


As it was already noted earlier in the Khrushchev and other houses of typical Soviet buildings, it is extremely difficult to find a place to work, especially if you have a noisy family and small children. A small office can be arranged in a pantry, having put there all the necessary equipment. Places, of course, a little, but for the table, chair and several shelves of a spacious room and do not.

Design of a pantry for household appliances
Design of a storage-transformer

Design of a pantry

Design of a pantry built in

Design of a pantry with drawers

Grocery store

Many housewives buy products for future use, make pickles and jams for the winter, are stocked with bags of sugar and flour. All this can be located in the pantry. To save space when storing similar products, make deep drawers. The crayfish storage system should be equipped with a removable container that can easily be taken to the kitchen while cooking.

Corner storage room design

Small garage

Usually, men store tools for repair in garages, but if there is no such room, you can make it a compact likeness in the garage. Thinking smartly the storage system here you can put even unnecessary while winter or summer tires of your car.

Design of a narrow pantry


If the bathroom is too small to accommodate a washing machine in it, install it in the pantry. Along the way, shelves can be placed here for storing powders and means for cleaning the apartment.

Design of a storage room with drawers

As you can see, there are many options for using pantries. The design of this room depends on your preferences and the functional orientation of the room. But that you do not store it, the main criterion for creating a pantry is maximum convenience and comfort.


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