Design of electrical outlets: conspicuous details (55 photos)

Although the electrical outlets do not take up much space, they play an important role in the interior of the home. Experienced designers know how important every detail is, so when designing the interior, consider everything. Sockets, as well as switches - an integral part of the surrounding space. They should fit organically into the design of the apartment without getting out of it: be invisible, or, on the contrary, serve as an additional decorative decoration. However, the design of the sockets should not infringe on their basic function of the source of electricity for those living in the house.

Power socket

White power outlet

Block of electrical outlets

In the article we will consider the features of decorative use of sockets in the interior, we will find out how to better organize these details necessary for each house, we will also consider other questions on the topic.

Power socket

Electrical socket under the tree

Electric socket decoration

Types of sockets

By the method of installation, the products are divided into:

  • embedded;
  • invoices.
Power socket

Double electrical outlet

Electrical outlet


Electric socket

The electric socket in the living room

Embedded models merge with the wall, are drowned in it. If such an outlet is chosen for the color of the walls, it will be almost invisible. Modern designers often use this concise reception of registration of dwelling.

Power socket

Electrical outlet chrome plated

Circular electrical outlet

Electric socket in the kitchen

Installation of an electrical outlet

Overhead models, as the name suggests, are superimposed on the already finished wall from above, so they stand out against its background, stick out. They can be selected to match the color of the walls or, conversely, to emphasize the contrasting decor. It looks interesting, for example, when the walls are white, and the sockets are black, and vice versa.

Power socket

Electric socket for marble

By functionality, the products are divided into the following types.

  • Waterproof. As you know, these electrical appliances have an external protection against penetration of water and damp.
  • Dustproof. In this case, the products do not absorb dust.
  • On the remote control. Remote control is a convenient thing, especially when there are children in the house. It allows you to disconnect the sockets or, vice versa, to turn on at the touch of a button.
Power socket

Ceiling decorative rosettes are also an excellent variant of decorating a home. They perform a purely decorative role and are excellent with it. This decoration of the ceiling can not be ignored, it becomes a real semantic center of the interior composition. This outlet - in fact moldings, so organically fit only in the appropriate interior.

Power socket

Electric socket outlet

Wall outlet

Ceiling sockets in the interior fit the historical styles: Empire, Rococo, Baroque, classical. If the apartment is decorated in the style of minimalism or hi-tech, this ceiling decoration will look inappropriate.

Power socket

Electrical outlet original

Electrical outlet portable

Exterior decor and interior styles

Let's consider ways a
nd receptions of external registration of sockets and switches, accepted in modern design of interiors.

Designer steel switch

It should be noted that when buying a power outlet, you should immediately take care of how organically this product will fit into the interior of the apartment. It is better to think over the shapes and size of products in advance, so that you can go to the store purposefully, clearly presenting the final design of your apartment. Otherwise, there is a risk of getting the wrong thing.

Power socket

How to choose the outlet for the most popular interior styles?

Power socket

Electrical outlet in the floor

The electric socket hidden


If the house or apartment is decorated in this relaxed "rustic" style, appreciating everything natural, we recommend buying models with an eco-friendly top coat of leather. The skin can be both natural and artificial.

Power socket


This interior style is very common in the design of modern housing. For him, perfect suits laconic products of dark colors: gray, black, beige. The shape of the sockets and switches is a square with rounded corners.

Power socket

High tech

Power socket

This modern design will decorate the models with chrome trim or tempered glass, transparent. Sensory high-tech switches also fit perfectly into the high-tech style.

Power socket

Socket outlet

Built-in electrical outlet


Power socket

In the interior in the style of Art Nouveau, fine bright geometric shapes fit perfectly. The color spectrum is wide: red, yellow and green triangles, squares and circles will "come to court" in a similar dwelling.


This American style, which implies large, deliberately rough spaces, is becoming popular in the megacities of our country. Sockets and switches in the interior of the loft should be made of thick frosted glass, reminiscent of the production finish. Models with a finish of colored glass and metal will also look quite harmonious.

Power socket


For this "natural" interior style, the natural origin of materials is very important, therefore the best models for it are the models of outlets and switches that are stylized for the following materials:

  • cherry;
  • mahogany of a dark shade;
  • light maple wood.
Power socket

In addition, the ethnic style implies a variety of paintings and ornaments, and therefore the rosettes in the interior of the ethnics can be decorated with a similar decor. Including ceramic and models made of wood.

Empire, Baroque, Rococo

These historical styles mean luxury, wealth, chic and beauty, so they love all the pompous, catchy, reminiscent of the design of palaces. The design of sockets and switches also should not lag behind the general magnificence, therefore in this case it is possible to use the gilt models decorated with rhinestones, stones, graceful decor, ornaments.

Power socket



This interior style implies rounded shapes and rather large sizes, so the sockets in this case should be decent in size: round, square or rectangular.


Switches are designed accordingly and have characteristic small keys. The color of the outlets is neutral, often dim, vintage, with the effect of scuffing.



Consider what materials make modern rosettes.

Power socket

Plastic. The most popular and practical material for such products. Plastic models are very comfortable and cheap.

Power socket

Metal. These options are ideal for apartments, decorated in modern styles: minimalism, high-tech, loft.

Power socket

A rock. Models from this natural material will organically fit into "natural" styles: country, ethnic, rustic.

Power socket

Tree. Products from this natural environmentally friendly material will perfectly fit into simple, uncomplicated styles, close to natural.

Power socket

Glass. Elegant glass models look great in modern interiors. They can really decorate the home, sometimes representing almost a work of art. You can pick up rosettes of glass, decorated with beautiful decor, rhinestones.

Power socket

Now, in the wake of the general enthusiasm for the "green" design, the layout of the outlets also remains. So, the designers have already invented a kind of decoration with their stylized mosses, lichens, green grass. It looks, of course, unusual, but it can decorate the now fashionable "eco-house".


If you choose a product for the children's room, stop choosing bright models with a cheerful color scheme, and do not forget about the stubs for them. Modern manufacturers also produce special versions designed specifically for children. Such products are safe, have built-in protection for curtains from curious fingers.


If you want the design of outlets and switches to match the individual style of your apartment, you can decorate them to your own taste. Now on sale there are all kinds of stencils for painting, various stickers, other devices for decoration.

Power socket

If you need a socket for the bathroom or kitchen, we recommend that you stop the selection on models with moisture protection. The fact that the product has such protection, notifies the special marker on its packaging.

Power socket

Electrical outlet pull-out

If you want to control the flow of electricity into the house, choose the option with a timer. It allows you to adjust the time during which the socket will function.

Power socket

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