Curtains of a veil: interesting combinations of transparent fabric (23 photos)

Traditionally, for manufacturing curtains for windows, transparent and translucent fabrics such as tulle, organza and veil are used. Their use is so wide that these air fabrics are used by designers to decorate windows of rooms of different size and style. Spectacular and beautiful veil curtains can decorate the living room, children's room, kitchen and other rooms in the house.

Such curtains will not only become a harmonious complement to the interior, but also help to adjust the natural lighting of the room. And the wide color scale of veil fabrics gives a huge scope for creativity in the process of window decoration.

Beige veil curtains

White veil curtains

What is the fabric-veil?

Modern veils are made of materials of artificial origin, mainly of polyester. However, you can find a veil made of silk or wool of high quality. Such fabrics belong to elite types and are very expensive. In the list of advantages of curtains from a veil it is possible to name:

  • The transparent structure of the fabric lets in the sunlight and creates a feeling of fullness with the air of the room;
  • the matte surface of curtains made of veils makes it possible to smooth out the shortcomings of the interior and make the view from the window more attractive;
  • the material reflects the sun's rays, so it allows you to reduce the light flux penetrating through the windows located on the sunny side;
  • soft fabric structure is perfectly draped, forming beautiful folds of different volume;
  • possibility to combine several layers of fabric;
  • a wide color spectrum, including fabrics, in which up to three color shades can be combined;
  • use of any methods of finishing curtains: embroidery, etching, applications and even photo printing;
  • space in the care, after washing such curtains very often do not need to be ironed;
  • affordable price.

Specialized retail chains often offer single-color varieties of veils of a variety of colors or fabrics that combine three or more shades. The theme of printed prints, as a rule, are natural or lacy motifs. There are other technologies that make it possible to make the range of veils more vivid and diverse.

Veil curtains in eco-style

French veil curtains

Curtains from a veil with a geometric pattern

Curtains of veil in different rooms

Romantic and light curtains of an air veil will organically fit into any style decoration of the room. To correct some spatial shortcomings of the room, several recommendations should be considered:

  • For narrow spaces it is recommended to choose the vertical arrangement of the pattern on the fabric;
  • for a room with low ceilings, a fabric with a horizontal arrangement of the pattern is best suited.

Veil, in comparison with organza, will be able to protect more from sunlight.

For windows overlooking the shady side of the building, short curtains from micro-ons are best suited. This is a modern version of the veil, which has the finest structure of the fabric and the surface shining under the sun's rays.

Gray veil curtains

Curtains from a veil with a pattern

Curtains from a veil with flounces

Like organza, veil fabrics are widely used for sewing curtains for a variety of purposes in the house. Using a veil in the interior of different rooms, it is worth paying attention to some nuances that will make each room harmonious and individual.

Blue veil curtains

Curtains from the veil in the living room

Curtains from a veil in an interior


For the kitchen, veil curtains will be a very suitable option, while:

  • it is best to make short curtains or curtains, the length of which can be adjusted;
  • As a decor for kitchen curtains, depending on the style, you can use braids, organza flowers, beads, metal or wooden decor elements;
  • the curtains, combined from several colors of fabric, will look good.

Two-color range of curtains allows you to bring in the room element of diversity. Such curtains will create comfort and dynamism in the kitchen at the same time.

Curtains from a veil with a print

Straight veil curtains

Pink veil curtains

Living room

The living room is the most front room in the house. And the veil is the material that can emphasize its special status. Using curtains from the veil for the living room, it is necessary to remember several rules:

  • a monochrome or two-tone veil for the decoration of the window in the living room should match the color and pattern of the curtains;
  • add solemnity to the placement of veil curtains with embossing;
  • Natural shades in the interior will add two-color curtains of a green hue.

Choosing curtains in the hall, it is worth considering that their color should not merge with the coloring of the walls. The window should be a separate decorative element, so in the living room it is appropriate to use a wide variety of lambrequins.

Brown veil curtains

Short veil curtains

Red veil curtains


A special atmosphere of peace and relaxation can create in the bedroom curtains of a veil of two colors. Create a light and soothing atmosphere will help simple recommendations:

  • The use of a combination of beige and green natural shades will make the atmosphere in the bedroom more peaceful;
  • so as not to disturb early sun rays, in the bedroom should be provided in addition more dense curtains, suitable for the colors to the veil;
  • that the harmony of the curtains and the interior of the sleeping room were final, you can use two-color veil curtains as a canopy for the bed.

The veil has a lower light permeability compared to the organza, so a smaller amount of direct sunlight will enter the room. Organically looks on such curtains trim of taffeta, embroidery threads or sequins.

Curtains from a veil with a lambrequin

Curtains of veil in the style of Art Nouveau

Curtains from veil of peach shade

Children's room

The room where the child spends time should be as positive as possible. And multi-colored curtains made of veils are most suitable for creating such an atmosphere:

  • very simple look in the child's room simple models of curtains from a veil on the eyelets;
  • curtains, decorated with applications for children's themes, will add to the interior coziness and a sense of joy;
  • elements of the design of seashells, colored beads and organza will become appropriate decorations on the windows in the children's room;
  • air curtains of blue or green shades of color spectrum will create a creative atmosphere in the children's room.

Such curtains will awaken the imagination of the child and at the same time bring in the space of the room calmness and airiness.

The veil is a unique material for window decoration. It is perfectly combined with other materials and is suitable for windows of various purposes. Correctly selected curtains from a veil already by themselves become a decorative element decorating a premise.

Curtains from a veil

Japanese veil curtains

Yellow veil curtains


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