Curly indoor plants in the interior: care and location (28 photos)

Curly houseplants are an excellent way to decorate the interior unusually, filling it with fresh accents. Such plants are called ampel. They belong to different systematic groups. Do not need special care and are distinguished by a wide variety of choices. Cultivation is carried out in hanging baskets.

Begonia in the interior
Staircase decorated with bougainvillea

There are many species of climbing plants. They can be light-loving and shadow-tolerant. There are also species resistant to drought. In addition, plants are classified into decorative-deciduous and flowering plants. Proceeding from the way of mastering the surrounding space, highlight climbing, catching, climbing flowers.

Ficus in the hall of a country house
Stefanotis in the interior of a city apartment
Ficus pumila

Each plant-convolvulus is beautiful in its own way. Juicy-green leaves with a variety of cuts or with a simpler shape are planted on stems of different lengths.

Ornamental-deciduous houseplants


This kind of indoor plants is in high demand. They have long shoots, leaves of various shapes. Consider the most popular of them:

  • Ficus was pumila. The trunk of this plant is small, but the shoots grow well in length. Leaves are small and have a bright green color. The diameter of the leaves does not exceed 3 cm. This plant is thermophilic, it needs generous watering. It must be protected from winds. If it is an orange ficus, then it is advisable to protect it from the effects of ultraviolet radiation.
  • Ivy. The branched shoots of this shade plant can reach up to ten meters. The leaves look like small stars and look beautiful. They are dark green and smooth to the touch. This plant is convenient in care. It can be used for landscaping rooms of different sizes.
  • Chlorophytum. Ampel plant, which is collected in a socket. The length of the rosette can reach 50 cm. On one bush, many young shoots can grow over time. The plant blooms with small white flowers. The plant does not impose high demands on the composition of the soil. You can water 1-2 times a week.
  • Scindapsus. This is an attractive plant with long curly shoots. The length of shoots can reach up to 5 meters. This is an excellent solution for vertical landscaping.
  • Tradescantia. A ground-cover plant with long shoots. The color and shape of the plant, depending on the species, can be very diverse. The plant is unpretentious. Once every three years you need to update the bush. Cuttings that are cut off must be rooted.
  • Rowley's ragwort. This plant has another unusual name for "string of pearls". On the shoot in the form of a thread there are beautiful leaves of small size in the form of balls. In natural conditions, the flower grows in a continuous carpet. The ragwort requires regular watering, does not tolerate extreme heat and low humidity. It must be carefully looked after.
Ficus pumila

Ficus pumila

There are many deciduous and deciduous plants. Each species is able to add personality to the interior of the room.


Ornamental flowering house plants

Stefanotis on the windowsill in the living room

Decorative and flowering plants are valued for an attractive and abundant flowering. Currently, you can find a variety of flowering vines with small flowers. The most popular of them are:

  • Begonia. This plant has long and drooping shoots with medium-sized leaves. Bright double colors and the original shape of the bush attract many florists. The length of shoots can reach 45-50 centimeters. Begonia does not like dry air. It should often be watered, especially in drought.
  • Gloriosa. Has shoots that beautifully curl, hanging down. The leaves are slightly curved, elongated and pointed. The flowers are large, bright pink. The length of the petals can reach 8 centimeters.
  • Jasmine. Exquisite, decorative plant is characterized by the presence of spectacular, white and fragrant flowers. The light for jasmine should be dispensed with, it should be watered regularly. Also, special attention should be given to the humidity of the air.
  • Stefanotis. The shape resembles a vine, which is a color of white flowers of medium size. Leaves are green and leathery. The plant is contained by attaching to the support. Stephanotis should grow in rooms with a high level of humidity.
  • Bougainvillea. This plant is rarely found in apartments, as it requires special care. It needs frequent pruning. If this is not done, then the plant is greatly expanded.
Composition of begonia in front of the window of a country house

Flowers of gloriosis on the table of a cottage


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