Corner shelves in the interior: save space with benefit (26 photos)

The interior of any room is difficult to imagine without shelves. It would seem that in the design of shelves it is already difficult to come up with new forms or combinations. However, the restless design idea does not stop there. Creative solutions create new models, help to manifest themselves in them unexpected advantages.

White Corner Shelves
Decorative Corner Shelves

Advantages of corner shelves:

  • practically do not occupy the area and do not clutter up space;
  • improve the functionality of the situation;
  • Simplicity of manufacture, possibility of assemblage of models independently from improvised materials;
  • complement the interior of any room;
  • It is easy to choose a model for all design styles.
Corner shelves for decoration
Corner wooden shelves

Descriptions of materials for shelves

Thanks to a variety of technologies and design solutions, today there are no boundaries for the use of any material. The combination of several textures, giving materials new properties and qualities, contribute to the embodiment of creative ideas in creating interiors.

Corner shelves in the nursery
Corner shelves from chipboard

Wood is an excellent natural material for the manufacture of exclusive corner shelves (as an option - a corner shelf for icons). Advantages of products from the array: environmental friendliness, naturalness of the cut image. Thanks to interesting combinations of wood with glass, metal, various corner bookshelves can be selected for the interior of any style. Wooden shelves, shelves look great in the kitchen, living room.

Corner shelves in the style of eco
Corner shelf

Glass corner shelves are a thickness of 10 mm or more. Products are produced in various bent shapes and harmoniously fit into the interiors of modern styles (minimalism, loft, high-tech).

Advantages: easy installation, easy maintenance, resistance to changes in temperature and humidity. Glass gives the interior freedom, lightness, shine.

Angular shelves are almost invisible in the environment, although they can withstand significant loads.

They are produced from transparent and frosted glass. Due to its excellent performance, the corner shelf in the bathroom is the most common product (special attention should be paid to the quality of the glass).

Corner shelves from plasterboard
Corner shelves near the fireplace

Metal corner shelves are quite an interesting accessory. Chromed products in combination with glass inserts complement the atmosphere of the premises, decorated in minimalist, hi-tech styles.

Metal is distinguished by its reliability, durability, ability to withstand a significant weight. Products for bathroom and kitchen are better to choose from stainless steel. A forged corner shelf is a stylish solution for installation on a balcony for flower pots.

Corner book shelves
Corner shelves in the kitchen

Types of corner shelves

These pieces of furniture not only allow convenient placement in "useless" corners of the book, decorative trifles, dishes and souvenirs. Each room is decorated with a variety of corner shelves:

  • wall, floor (using a floor support);
  • Built-in (corner shelves from plasterboard) and suspended (the design is fixed to the ceiling thanks to cables or vertical racks);
  • shelves and shelving.

In the nursery it is desirable to install floor types of shelves (depth not more than 20 cm), which create a good overview of objects. From the narrow shelves the child will be more comfortable getting things. It is preferable to install corner shelves from wood - ecological and safe.

Corner shelves in laconic design
Corner shelves in loft style

Corner shelves in the hallway and bathroom are better to choose wall and install at a comfortable level for use.

Book shelves are the most common models, so they are made of different types and are installed in the living room, bedroom, kitchen, office.

The corner shelf for flowers can have a different design, the shape of which is determined by the methods of attachment and installation, the size of the pot. Single flowers can be placed on open products, glass, wooden. Under flower arrangements it is desirable to use metal shelves or racks.

Corner shelves from solid wood
Wall Corner Shelves
Corner shelves with lighting

Variants of use of shelves in different rooms

Angles for most rooms are complex areas in terms of fillability. However, the desire to use the area of ​​any room is completely natural. Corner shelves in the interior look good everywhere: in the kitchen near the sink, in the bedroom next to the window and on the balcony, decorated with flowers.

Corner shelves for dishes
Corner shelves in the style of Provence

Bathrooms: rationality and decor

Corner shelves from glass - the most convenient and simple variant of storage of different jars, creams, shampoos. For convenient use, shelves with frequently used items are set at a height of 80-150 cm. Below and above, you can put objects that are less necessary in everyday life. Corner plastic shelf is not subject to moisture, temperature changes and is most often installed above the bathroom, near the shower stand. Thanks to a variety of options for design, shades, you can choose a model for every taste.

Mount shelves better on wall anchors and stainless steel screws.

Corner shelves in the bedroom
Corner shelves made of glass

Corner shelf in the kitchen: functionality and style

This piece of furniture is a particularly good solution for the kitchen, as it adds functionality to the workspace and introduces an element of novelty into the design of the room. Particularly popular are multi-level kitchen shelves not more than 25 cm deep, on a small area of ​​which you can place a lot of useful things, and chrome shelves for storing dishes near the sinks.

Open shelves turn the usual kitchen into a corner kitchen when the design is placed in the corner between the cupboards. In this case, you can experiment with color: set shelves of one shade with cabinets or prefer a bright contrast.

Corner glass shelves

If the kitchen has a free angle, it will be perfectly filled with a set: hinged open shelves and a corner table with a door. On open shelves it is convenient to arrange jars with spices, and in the nightstand you can hide household trivia.

Corner shelving

Corner shelves in the bedroom: comfort and comfort

This is a good option for rational use of empty spaces in the corners of the room, where it is difficult to install other furniture. For small bedrooms it is better to mount glass decorative corner shelves, this will give the room a lightness and visually leave the area free. In large rooms, radial wooden shelves look spectacular, on which you can put flowers, vases, statuettes.

Corner shelf in the bathroom

A non-standard solution for the design of the bedroom is the installation of corner shelves with books. And it looks unusual as a symmetrical arrangement of objects, and asymmetric (when in one corner of the bedroom set a bookcase, and in another - a cozy chair with a floor lamp).

Corner shelves in the bathroom

Corner structures in the living room

Oversized rooms are rationally furnished with multifunctional storage systems - corner shelves. On wooden, metal shelves, you can safely place a library, TV (the heaviest things are placed below). If the load on the shelves is negligible (souvenirs, photos), you can use glass products. Always be aware that the corner shelves on the wall must match the style of the room (this applies to furniture, materials and colors).

Shelves on the outer corner

Often happens, that in a drawing room it is necessary to place some zones: a working corner, a dining room, a zone of rest. When you do not want to erect partitions, you use the techniques of visual division of the area according to purpose. The cabinet in this case is rationally arranged near the window, and the wall corner shelf will help create a business mood and will be convenient to use.


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