Corner fireplace in the interior (50 photos): stylish options and beautiful design

The presence of a corner fireplace in the living room of the house is an excellent stylistic solution that decorates the interior, and in addition, it also heats in the cold. Angle models for many reasons may be preferable to conventional ones, if only because they are more functional and ergonomic - they neatly occupy a small angle, without taking away the free space of the room, they can even be used as furnaces. What other advantages and features has an angular fireplace - consider in the article.

Corner decorative fireplace in the living room
Corner wood burning fireplace in a bright interior
Wooden shelf and stone facing of a corner fireplace


Such variants are more functional than standard models. After all, the corner fireplace ideally takes an empty part of the room, while performing all the stylistic and practical functions of a conventional fireplace. It is suitable for both country houses and for use in an apartment.

The corner fireplace in the interior can be a very stylish element, giving it a modern touch, focusing on those details that owners of a private house want to emphasize. A room with a fireplace, even if it's just his imitation, always looks more cozy and attractive.

Corner electric fireplace in the living room in country style

The walled corner option, like the usual, can perfectly heat the room, filling it with warmth and comfort. Of course, if this is not a purely decorative, artificial specimen.

Decoration with a corner model will help to hide design flaws in houses and poor-quality decoration of buildings. Uneven walls and exposed communications in the hall or living room can also be hidden by a decorative chimney. White fireplace can be a stylish element of the interior, and glass - to impart weightlessness to the room and harmoniously fit into the high-tech style.

Corner electric fireplace in the living room in a modern style

A variety of modern finishing materials allows you to choose the design of a fireplace or stove, which will best decorate the interior of the house, making the decor of even a small room more stylish, pleasant and comfortable.

The corner fireplace is also good because it can be watched from any part of the room beyond the enchanting fire. This kind of design is very convenient, because you do not have to place the sofa exactly in front of the fireplace - the design allows you to arrange a place to relax anywhere in the room.

Corner wood burning fireplace in the living room

The obvious plus is space saving, since the corner wall fireplace occupies an empty, low-functional corner, leaving much more "profitable" and easily accessible parts of the room free. Thanks to this space-saving ergonomic device, corner models can be inscribed even in a small room. And their elegant and stylish facing perfectly fits into the interior of any villa.

A modern corner fireplace, like the usual one, can create a special room in the room - warm and friendly - the microclimate, improve the air, fill it with dry and pleasant warmth.

White corner fireplace in the bright living room

The classic wall-mounted fireplace is a very romantic interior detail. Therefore, if you install such a design in your living room, you can be sure that a lot of pleasant evenings will be held near it.

Angular models heat at once three rooms - those to which directly adjoin. The living room, dining room and kitchen can be fully heated.

Angular wood burning fireplace in the beige-red living room

Corner electric fireplace with wood trim
Gray-white corner fireplace
Corner fireplace with a lining of wood and stone
Angular wood fireplace with stone facings
Corner Classical Wood Fireplace
Corner traditional wood burning fireplace

Types of corner fireplaces

All angular models can be divided into two large types - symmetrical and asymmetric. More about each of them.



This corner fireplace will require a living room or kitchen to observe a certain style: it needs a specially arranged furniture, a worthy frame. In this case, the fireplace - white, neutral color or brick - will play a central role, and all the rest of the environment around - its shade.

Symmetrical corner fireplace

Symmetrical models are distinguished by excellent heating capacities - next to such a fireplace it will be especially pleasant to find yourself in a dank autumn evening. Wood-burning models for dachas and houses are often symmetrical.

Symmetrical corner fireplace in the living room

A corner fireplace made of bricks or wood is considered a traditional option, an excellent choice for classical interiors. His cladding is usually also in the traditional spirit. Modern fireplace of this type often has a semicircular or flat shape.

Beautiful corner fireplace in a wooden frame
Corner fireplace with stone shelf
Electric corner fireplace
Unusual stylish corner fireplace in the living room
Gray-white corner fireplace
Beautiful finish of a corner fireplace


Most often used as a way to zonate room space. With the help of this model, one zone can be separated in an original way from the other - for example, if the living room should include a separate workplace and a rest area. The fireplace between these two zones will serve as a boundary - this design will be unobtrusive and appropriate.

Angular false-fireplace is usually asymmetrical.

An asymmetrical corner fireplace

For an asymmetric model, there is enough free space, so only a large area is suitable for it.

The design of such a fireplace for a dacha or apartment can be absolutely anything - some projects may not at all resemble the traditional option, but, nevertheless, perform all its functions correctly. This variety gives a lot of room for imagination and allows you to equip a fireplace with any room in the house.

Black Metal Corner Fireplace

The elegance and singularity of asymmetrical patterns is very well in harmony with modern interiors, this type of design fits perfectly into the space and decorates the design of even small rooms in the house.

The asymmetric design of the corner fireplace will make a fresh touch in the design of the living room, make it more stylish, modern, respectable and original. And large wood-burning models will be able to really heat the room.

Black decorative corner fireplace
Corner fireplace with stone and wood trim
Corner rectangular fireplace
Corner modern fireplace
Corner fireplace with a blue and white finish


The corner decorative fireplace can also be used as a cooking appliance. Now such models - electric and wood - are becoming very popular, because they combine several functions at once: they heat the room, their decor makes the interior beautiful and stylish, and they also allow cooking. Features:

  • This type has a built-in hob equipped with glass, and even an oven that allows it to be used as a full-fledged place for cooking in dachas or in a country house.
  • This wall-mounted fireplace-oven is usually installed in kitchens combined with a dining room or living room.
  • For a similar design, a good, reliable chimney and a strong lining are needed, so this option will not fit into the apartment, like wood-burning models.
  • Such a fireplace and its special design will make the kitchen-dining room really cozy, it will be a pleasure to gather the whole family, prepare food, socialize and entertain.
The stove-fireplace in the interior
A stove in the living room
A stove in the orange living room
Corner fireplace oven
Corner fireplace in a bright living room
Corner compact fireplace-oven
Black corner stove-fireplace in the bright living room


A few useful recommendations that will help to best "fit" the corner fireplace into the interior of the room.

When choosing the angular model, first of all, pay attention to its dimensions. It is clear that in a spacious living room will look good size projects, and for a small room is better suited some compact type. Simulation of the fireplace perfectly fits into a room of any size.

Corner fireplace in the Scandinavian interior

The shape of the design also matters. In a house with a modern interior - with strict, emphatically functional furniture and a pronounced tendency to geometric and concise - it is better to install the same strict and precise small fireplace of neutral color. In this case it can be glass. But if the room is decorated in a decorative style - for example, in the style of Provence or country, then the option in it needs a suitable style - it can even be artificial, perhaps - white or brick.

Corner fireplace in the interior in the style of the chalet

Be sure to pay attention to how much the corner fireplace is functional. Can it be used for its intended purpose - as a heater, or it is artificial and has a purely applied, decorative purpose.

Making the appearance of the fireplace for country houses is also very important. Think about how harmoniously chosen option - closed, open or imitation - will fit into the existing interior of the living room.

White corner fireplace in the living room

If you want to equip the corner room with a living room in an apartment, rather than in a private house, then only electrical design options equipped with a special protective glass are suitable. Although this option "eats" a decent amount of electricity, but on a cold winter evenings near it you can get warm well, like near a real flame. In this case, the corner false fireplace will do, however, it will not heat.

White corner fireplace in the gray living room

The angular type of fireplace - large or small - can be located on both the outer wall of the house, and on the inside. But if you are inclined to place on the inner wall, then in advance, consider where the chimney will go - the construction of some houses does not allow you to equip the chimney wherever you want.

When installing a fireplace on an external wall, you need permission from the appropriate authorities to bring the chimney to the street. Installing a corner fireplace - both classic and non-standard - be sure to provide all the rules of fire safety. The facing, which protects the walls from sparks, will be necessary.

White angled fireplace
White stylish fireplace
Corner fireplace with place for firewood
Bright corner fireplace in the white-blue living room
Corner fireplace in a beige-white interior
A square corner fireplace in the living room
Corner fireplace in the living room in Art Nouveau style
Corner fireplace in a minimalistic living room
Corner fireplace in the white-turquoise living room
Corner fireplace in beige brown living room

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