Compact and functional pedestals from solid wood: the features of choice (26 photos)

An excellent accessory for any interior are the pedestals from solid wood. They not only revive and decorate the room, but also give it a harmonious, completed look. In addition, the cabinets are an excellent functional solution, since they contain a large number of small things that are necessary in everyday life.

White curbstone from solid wood
Solid beech bedside table

Choosing a quality curbstone, special attention should be paid to the material from which it is made. Furniture from natural wood favorably differs from analogues made of artificial materials. First of all, it concerns its reliability and durability.

Solid wood panel in classical style

Solid wood pedestal in the nursery

The best characteristics are pedestals from solid oak, ash, birch, beech, pine, alder. They are wear-resistant, practical and harmonious in any interior. The design of the models impresses with its variety, so it will not be difficult to choose a cabinet that will best match any style solution of the room.

Solid oak cabinet
Oak cabinet

Solid wood paneling: advantages

Today, new requirements are imposed on the things that surround the person: naturalness, harmony and reliability. Therefore, furniture from natural wood is in demand among connoisseurs of quality products and has a number of undeniable advantages.

  • Ecological compatibility. Furniture from solid wood is absolutely safe for human health. Treated wood is very pleasant to the touch and does not cause allergic reactions.
  • Durability. The modern wood processing technologies used in production make it possible to make it as durable as possible, wear-resistant and resistant to external influences.
  • Products from solid wood have a stylish presentable appearance and are able to decorate themselves with both classical and modern interiors.
  • Qualitatively made wooden furniture to any house will present beauty, warmth and unique atmosphere of comfort.

Curbstones (an array of oak or other quality wood) is not only an interior item, but also a stylish functional accessory for your apartment. It will serve as faith and truth for many years, keeping an attractive appearance.

Solid wood table in the living room
Solid wood paneling in industrial style

Classification of pedestals from solid wood

Due to its practicality and compactness, pedestals are widely used in living rooms, bathrooms and hallways. They easily fit into any style interior solutions, visually not cluttering or weighting it. In the cabinet it is easy to place all sorts of useful little things that are often used, but do not have a permanent storage: keys, umbrellas, handbags, gloves, lighters, newspapers, magazines and much more.

Solid wood chest of drawers
Solid wood panel in loft style

Cabinet for TV from the array

TV cabinet looks harmonious in any room. This piece of furniture flawlessly fits into the interior of the room and becomes an important element of its design. TV models of stone blocks from the array differ not only in style design, but also in their functional capabilities. On the pedestal you can conveniently place any audio and video equipment, as it is strong enough and reliable to withstand the weight of the equipment, and all kinds of drawers and shelves add practicality to it, since they can place consoles, a collection of disks, newspapers and magazines. The doors and shelves of most modern models are equipped with special closers, which allow to extend the life of the product and make its use as comfortable as possible.

Solid wood pedestal in a minimalist style
Solid wood table in modern style

Many models favorably stand out with their compact dimensions, which is a plus for furniture of small living rooms. The TV-stand made of solid wood can additionally have wheels that make it easy to move. This facilitates the cleaning process under it.

Cabinet of natural wood
Oak chest in rough finish

Bedside tables

The bedside tables perfectly fit into the interior of the bedroom, decorating the furnishings and giving it a pleasant atmosphere. They can successfully arrange everything you need: a lamp, a book, glasses, an alarm clock, a bot
tle of water. Curbstones can be made in various interior styles and have many shades. This allows you to choose the model of the most appropriate color solution for the bedroom.

  • Classical. They have one closed compartment and an additional convenient niche or drawer.
  • Compact. Laconic, small lockers in the style of minimalism.
  • Curbstones-chest of drawers. Such models have several drawers and closed compartments with shelves. Very convenient and functional.
  • Modern open model bars.
Wicker Solid Wood Flooring
Solid wood table with TV

The design of products is diverse: carving, painting, artificial aging of wood and much more. Available classic models, as well as bedside tables in the Art Nouveau style, Provence, retro and country. Drawers in the classical style have a simplified design, natural colors and wooden handles, whereas "modern" is distinguished by the presence of metal elements in the design of drawers and legs.

One or two bedside tables, standing near the double bed, give perfection and comfort to any bedroom.

Bedside table from solid wood

Sink for solid wood sink

The curbstone under the sink perfectly complements the bathroom interior and will be an excellent solution for storing cosmetics, towels and household chemicals. It is an indispensable part of the interior. Solid wood models are best for spacious, well-ventilated bathrooms.

Solid stone in a Provence style
Solid bulkhead with sink

The curbstone under the sink may have different design solutions:

  • on legs;
  • on wheels;
  • with a socle.

The pedestals with the base are very simple to install, but they are completely unprotected from contact with moisture, which is inevitable on the floor in the bathroom. The curbstone under the shell of solid wood on the legs is very convenient, because thanks to them the product is protected from water on the floor, and the legs themselves can be easily protected with special rubber pads. If the bedside table is equipped with wheels, this makes it easier to move and clean in the bathroom.

Carved wooden cabinet

The footwear stand

An array of natural wood will organically look in the hallway of any house. According to the design and style solution, the pedestals for shoes can be divided into:

  • Classic - compact and concise models that have one or two compartments.
  • Curbstones-chests, having several convenient sections and capacious boxes.
  • Benches-benches combine in their design a special seat and a large compartment for shoes.
  • Vertical, compact, narrow cabinet-cabinets, designed for small hallways.
  • Exclusive, unique models with original design and decoration.

In addition, the shoe can be narrow and wide, high and low, with openable and swinging doors, with straight and oblique shelves, floor and hinged, combined.

Solid wood frame in rustic style
Solid wood paneling

In the cupboards it is convenient to store shoes intended for everyday wear. With the help of such furniture in one place can be placed from 12 to 36 pairs of shoes, while significantly saving the space of the hallway. The number of drawers and shelves in the shoes depends on the particular model and varies from one to five.

Also, the cabinet can be equipped with additional drawers and niches for storing all sorts of trivia: from gloves, keys, umbrellas to shoe brushes and creams, and a mirror that will help visually increase the space.

A narrow pedestal for shoes will be the best option for a small hallway, as it does not take much space and will keep the appearance of shoes in perfect condition.

A curbstone made of solid pine

How to choose the right wooden box from the array?

In order not to make a mistake with the choice, when buying a cabinet, you need to pay attention to a number of points.

  1. The most versatile stands, having a simple uncomplicated design. Triangular or oval models are original, but not enough functional, because for them it is not always possible to choose a convenient place in the apartment.
  2. In a small room it is better to choose a small cabinet, so as not to clutter up space with unnecessary details.
  3. The TV cabinet from the array should not be as large as the size of the equipment, but it is better if it is slightly larger. It is both practical and beautiful.
  4. Choose a TV cabinet that is capable of withstanding a greater load than you need.
  5. Before buying a nightstand, estimate the area of ​​the space in the room that you have underlined for it. This is necessary to make sure that the purchase of its size fits perfectly into your interior.
  6. Shelves TV-TV must be securely fixed, and the drawers are easy to slide out and have a reliable grip on the handles.
  7. Thanks to a wide range, you can choose a model of any style solution and shade with the use of different accessories. It should ideally match with the situation and serve as a harmonious addition to the rest of the furniture.
  8. The cabinet for the bathroom should preserve the stylistic unity of the room and be combined with sanitary equipment. It must necessarily have several offices, capacious boxes and shelves. In addition, if a "warm floor" system is installed in the bathroom, it is better to give priority to a bed table with legs, which will prevent heating of the product and thus prolong its service life.
  9. The shoe must be as compact as possible so as not to occupy a large area of ​​the hallway, and at the same time it is spacious enough to allow the removal of all members of the family's shoes.
An old solid stone curbstone

Solid stone tables, presented in a wide range in the modern furniture market, can become an elegant decoration for any room. TV cabinet will transform the interior of the living room, filling it with warmth and comfort. Bedside tables perfectly complement the situation of the room, without violating its style of unity and restraint. Shoe stores will liberate the hall space from numerous shoes and footwear accessories.

TV cabinet from solid wood

The cabinets are very functional and convenient, since they occupy a minimum of a place in an apartment, but they have a maximum of internal space for placing all sorts of necessary trifles.

Cabinet of solid wood with boxes

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