Chandelier-ball in interior design (25 photos)

Pendant lamps in the form of a ball - a classic lighting option. For many years, chandeliers of this form do not lose their relevance. Why is the chandelier ball so popular?

Chandelier-ball in the form of flowers
Chandelier-ball with decor

Advantages of lamps in the form of a ball

Fixtures of this form - a popular solution for the design of living quarters. And there are certain reasons for this, the essence of which is set out below:

  1. The chandelier in the form of a ball fits well both in spacious rooms, and in small-sized. But the dimensions of the room should be commensurate with the size of the plafond. Volumetric lamps or compositions from several lighting devices are suitable for spacious rooms. A small room will light up and a compact lamp.
  2. Chandelier in the form of a ball, thanks to its design, evenly disperses light around the perimeter of the room, penetrating even into the remote corners of the room. This allows you to create the most comfortable conditions for the eyes.
  3. The design of spherical luminaires implies the use of energy-saving lamps, which saves money.
  4. Lamps of this shape do not require special care, especially if they are made of glass, metal or plastic. Chandelier ball made of thread, paper or woven from rattan requires careful cleaning from dust.
  5. A rich assortment of ball-shaped chandeliers allows them to easily fit in a variety of interior directions. In a room dominated by calm pastel colors, a chandelier made of string, paper, frosted glass, crystal, rattan will look spectacular. In modern bright interiors, color plastic and metal will be appropriate.

The ease of use will depend on the material selected and the size of the ball.

Ball-shaped chandelier design

Chandelier-ball in the interior of the house
Chandelier-ball in futuristic design

Use of spherical lamps in the interior

Chandelier in the form of a ball - exquisite decoration of the interior. The luminaire of such a perfect figure will harmoniously look in any style of design, filling the room with amazing energy, delicately flowing along with the rays of soft artificial light. There are no clear rules for choosing a particular model of the chandelier, but there are several generally accepted recommendations. They will help determine the choice, depending on which room the lamp will be installed in.

Chandelier-ball in the interior of the living room

Chandelier-ball in the living room

For the corridor

A chandelier for a corridor or hallway should be compact, as in a standard layout these rooms are limited in space. It is advisable to use solid glass balls of small diameter. This shape and material will make it easy to clean the luminaire from dirt and dust that easily accumulate on the surface, falling from outside the dwelling.

Chandeliers for the hallway can be monophonic matt or from glass of different shades, drawings or ornament are not forbidden. The design of the lighting device depends on the stylistic solutions of the interior.

Chandelier-ball in high-tech style

Crystal chandelier-ball
Chandelier in the kitchen

For kitchen

Chandelier in the form of a ball should not quickly get dirty, so the kitchen is preferred products of glass, metal, plastic. From the use of textile materials it is better to abstain, because they are more difficult to clean, besides the fabric absorbs odors. Plafonds can be made of ordinary or opaque glass, and also opaque. When choosing the material, consider the required intensity of lighting. For example, the working surface should be well lit. Also, the light source should be above the dining area. An interesting solution will be a composition of spherical lamps above the dining table.

Chandelier-ball in the interior of the kitchen
Chandelier-ball in the interior of the apartment

For the living room

A classical spherical shape is ideal for a living room. If the size of the room is allowed, then a massive chandelier in the shape of a ball will become the key touch of the interior. For an oblong room, several hanging chandeliers are simultaneously used, they are placed parallel to each other.

Chandelier-ball for stairs

The material and appearance of the light source depends on the design of the room.

In the Scandinavian style, the luminaire ball of rattan will fit in harmoniously. For the living room in the oriental style, models with paper shades are suitable.

They can be natural light shades or in traditional red color, symbolizing well-being and luck. A chandelier made of transparent glass or an eccentric bunch of several balls will become an effective element of the interior in loft style. Original models of bright plastic, metal or glass will complement the atmosphere in the style of high-tech.

Chandelier-ball in the style of the loft
Chandelier-ball with frosted glass

For a bedroom

In the bedroom, the original chandelier in the form of a ball will help create a cozy atmosphere that will relax and enjoy relaxation. Maximum comfort will make it possible to obtain a modern model of a lighting device with a remote control panel. Also, such models have several modes of operation, which will allow to vary the degree of illumination. So at any moment you can create a romantic atmosphere, enveloping the space in a muffled diffused light. An interesting solution is a chandelier made of string. Moreover, such a model can be made independently with the help of threads and glue.

Chandelier ball made of metal
Chandelier-ball in the Art Nouveau style
Chandelier ball of thread

For children

Items lighting in this room should be a few. First of all, you need a chandelier, which will be the main source of light. You also need a reading lamp for homework, reading or drawing. Many children are afraid of the dark, so it will not be superfluous and a lamp-night light. All these lighting fixtures can be part of the thematic interior.

Wicker Chandelier
Chandelier ball in modern design
Chandelier in the bedroom

Designers have created many exclusive spherical plafonds. Lamps in the form of a balloon, globe or planets of the Solar system will amaze children's imagination and become a source of positive energy.

Chandelier-ball with a pattern
Vintage chandelier-ball

In conclusion, once again, we note that spherical lamps, thanks to a wide range of models, will fit into the interior of any housing. Pleasant scattered lighting easily creates an atmosphere of coziness. Also, a chandelier in the form of a ball is not only beautiful, but also functional, and in some cases also environmentally friendly.

Stained Glass Chandelier

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