Chairs from a file: luxury and grace of forms (24 photos)

Chairs are a permanent attribute of any room. Exclusive chairs from solid wood with a reliable design and original design can not afford to buy each, but if they appeared in the house, they will serve for dozens of years, delighting with beauty, comfort and coziness.

Bamboo chairs in the interior
White solid chairs

Features of the tree array

The main difference between the manufacture of furniture from solid wood from the manufacture of other materials is the absence of additional impurities that affect the quality of raw materials. Made from an array of chairs advantageously complement the interior, giving it the elements of luxury. Wooden furniture, including chairs from solid wood, is valued for energy, which has a positive impact on people's health and emotional state.

Chairs from solid birch

Chairs from solid beech


Many millennia furniture was made traditionally wooden. The chairs from the array have a number of indisputable advantages:

  • Naturalness. Ecologically clean material contributes to the restoration of people's energy and energy.
  • Reliability and durability. Especially appreciated wooden chairs for a long period of operation. Characteristics of the strength of chairs from the array is much higher than from cheaper fiberboard and other materials.
  • Prestigiousness. In addition to strength and reliability, wooden chairs look respectable and noble, even kitchen.

In addition, chairs from solid wood, especially kitchen chairs, create an atmosphere of coziness and warmth in the room.

Chairs from solid wood in classic style
Beech chair

Array Types for the Basics

Wooden chair, of course, will suit any interior. However, when choosing furniture, you must always consider that each tree has its own, different from other qualities.

For the manufacture of light furniture, the most suitable is the beech wood. Accessories, as a rule, are produced from solid pine. The most durable material for the production of solid wood furniture is oak.

Chairs from solid wood
Wooden chair in the interior of the house

Chairs from the solid in the living room


Chairs from solid pine are the most inexpensive option among many others. Pine differs from other trees in a pleasant yellowish color and a slight aroma of resin, which remains for a long time even after processing and painting the stool. Pine has an aesthetic appearance, so it is not always painted, only covered with a protective layer of varnish.

The resininess of the tree has healing properties, especially useful for people suffering from respiratory diseases. Resin does not allow the tree to rot, protects from moisture and temperature changes. Thanks to resin, chairs and other furniture made from solid pine do not crack and do not mutate.

The disadvantage of wooden chairs made of pine is their sensitivity to even slight mechanical damage. For this reason, such chairs from solid pine should sometimes be painted or primed.

Oak chairs


By the cost of chairs from the array of birch almost do not differ from pine furniture. But the wood of the birch is somewhat firmer, serves a longer time and is very environmentally friendly. Manufacturers consider the birch tree to be whimsical, as the breed is sensitive to humidity and easily exposed to rot. Due to temperature and humidity drops, the chairs from the birch mass can swell, then dry for a long time, after which the bending occurs. It is not bad to use chairs from the birch array for the kitchen, in which it is warmest. The exception is the Karelian birch, which has a special strength and original pattern, so it is highly valued.

Wooden chairs in the interior


The breed is solid, strong and heavy, which is great for making different furniture. When processing beech wood with paints or varnishes, it does not lose its qualities. When processing chemicals beech furniture, the incompetent person does not distinguish from the furniture of the most expensive breeds. A beechwood chair may have curved, intricate shapes, since the breed is very pliable.


The disadvantage of beech is its susceptibility to putrefaction, so it should be treated with antiseptic means. When chairs are placed in a damp room, they can warp, and then crack, drying out.

Chairs from solid wood in country style


Specialists deservedly recognize this breed of wood as a leader among others. Extremely strong and serving for a very long time the breed in terms of hardness can be compared with metal or stone.

The chairs from solid oak have a kind of noble and luxurious, having a perfect pattern. Over the years, oak chairs become stronger and can last for centuries. Over time, the chairs from the solid oak become darker, which not only does not spoil them, on the contrary, gives them uniqueness.

Chairs from a file with a round back

There is a shortage of oak wood: it is very expensive because of the complex processing and coloring. The most suitable room for oak chairs under the old days is a chic lounge or business room. Such chairs will give the interior additional luxury and respectability.

Kitchen chairs from solid wood

Manufacture of chairs from solid wood

For the production of chairs and other furniture from solid wood there is a special technology with its own subtleties. Used special technical equipment and special skills. Careful selection of the tree is considered one of the most critical stages. The drying is carried out, then the roundwood dissolves onto the boards, is again dried and cut into blanks.

Solid chairs in a laconic design

According to the design chairs from a tree are divided into two types: with integral rear legs and with rear rear legs.

Chairs made of natural wood

Most often wooden chairs are made with the use of footboards, which strengthen the strength of the structure. In general, the strength of the product depends on the cross-section of the parts and the size of the studs for the connection. The components of the wooden chair are:

  • legs back and front;
  • back;
  • seat;
  • footsteps;
  • wall bars;
  • kings.

Legs and footsteps of the product are made in various shapes: round, square and others. Seats, not less than 36 cm in size, also have different shapes: a square, a rectangle, an oval, a circle, with rounded corners. Seats can be overhead, overhead on the kingpins, or between the czars. Seats can be soft, for this purpose special materials for a lining and exclusive upholstery from fabrics are used.

Dining group from solid wood
Chairs from the array in the style of Provence

When assembling the first type of chairs after all the elements have been cut, the products with studs and nests are assembled into a frame including the front, back and side blocks. Details of the chair must be cleaned and glued together. The seat is attached with glue or screws.

Chairs from solid wood with thread
Rustic style chairs

In the production of a second type of chair with pedestal legs, first the legs and footsteps are attached to the seat, then parts of the shield or latticed back are assembled. The backrest is attached to the seat by dowels.

Wooden chair with removable seat
Chairs from solid pine

Using different methods of processing the array, it is possible to produce a variety of ornaments in the form of carvings, linings, to make chairs under the antiquity with figured and curved shapes. You can make a chair with armrests from the array, differing ergonomic. Masters can "grow old", apply gloss on it or make it matte.

Chairs from an array in an art nouveau style

Places for the application of wooden chairs are very different. Made kitchen chairs, used only in kitchens, where it is always warm and dry. The chair from the array perfectly fits into the interior of the living room. Cafes and restaurants look good bar stools from the array.

Light oak solid chairs

The properties of the tree array, which has a wide selection of textures, allow you to create solid and elegant furniture, including chairs with the longest possible service life. Sturdy wooden chairs can easily be restored and changed appearance by staining. Furniture made of solid wood is reliable, eco-friendly and beautiful.


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