Brown furniture in the interior of different rooms: possible options (51 photos)

Brown color in the interior symbolizes stability, prosperity, reliability and peace of mind in the house. It is natural, it is associated with nature - trees, branches, earth. To shade the color, it is necessary to select the right wallpaper.

Brown furniture in the interior of the living room

Brown wooden furniture

Brown sofa

Furniture of different shades of brown is suitable for a bedroom, a nursery, a kitchen, a living room, a hallway and a bathroom. To design the room was comfortable, take advice on how to arrange your home, from experienced professionals. Here, every detail matters: the color of the walls, the shade of curtains and the use of accessories.

Brown kitchen set

Brown glossy furniture

Brown furniture in the living room

What kind of wallpaper to choose from brown furniture

In any room where brown furniture is installed, it is necessary to competently combine and combine the shades of the walls. Beige, pastel, and gentle wallpaper come here. A calm and cozy atmosphere in the room will help create a wallpaper of neutral color.

Brown furniture and gray wallpaper in the bedroom

Brown upholstered furniture

Brown chest of drawers under the nut


Brown chest of drawers in the bathroom

Brown console table

Thanks to bright walls, the atmosphere in the room will become more cheerful and bright. In the interior, boldly add wallpaper of the classic shade: gray-blue, light-yellow, cream and beige. If you want the living room or kitchen to be brighter and more saturated, use in its design yellow, red-brown, terracotta, dark green. Such elements can serve as paintings, tablecloths, figurines and pillows on the sofa. The room will seem less saturated if the wallpaper is used without a pattern or with small patterns.

Brown furniture and blue wallpaper in the living room
Brown furniture and beige wallpaper in the living room

Brown leather sofa

Brown Armchair

Brown bed

Curtains in the design of a brown room

With brown furniture, curtains of different shades are combined. If the plans of the owners to make the interior more reserved, strict, then you should use a fabric for curtains of light gray, cream-white, pale yellow, neutral beige shades.

Give the design a note of warmth and liveliness curtains, made in warm colors: appropriate red-brown, green different tones, blue and blue. Light curtains on the windows should remain white - for balancing the color scale.

Heavy curtains in the dining room with brown furniture

Brown Kitchen Furniture

Brown table loft

Some homeowners prefer to decorate windows blinds instead of curtains. Select their design follows the principle of selecting curtains and curtains. They are suitable for rooms with a modern interior, look great in the style of high-tech. This blinds are red-yellow, dark green and purple.

Gray and white curtains and brown furniture
Brown sofa in the living room with gray curtains

Brown solid wood furniture for kitchen

Brown furniture in minimalism style

Brown furniture in Art Nouveau style

brown furniture in the bedroom

The bedroom in brown colors is an excellent choice for comfort and comfort of its inhabitants. You can also decorate and nursery. Beautiful and elegantly looks a bedroom in the oriental style:

  • a black-brown bed, made of natural wood in the form of tatami;
  • dressing table with a light glass top of black-brown shade;
  • cabinets having a division into squares.
  • make the interior of the bedroom more soft and pleasant for relaxing beige walls, yellow curtains and the same color cushions.
Brown bed in a modern bedroom

Brown Dining Table

Brown furniture upholstery

Brown shoe

Brown writing desk

If the walls are covered with brown wallpaper, what furniture to choose? Suitable furniture light, soft colors. This combination characterizes the style of minimalism. Avoid excessive blacking - it makes the interior heavy. Brown furniture in the bedroom is combined with gray, apricot, beige, white and light green colors.

The main advantage of a bedroom in the style of high-tech - the availability of modern furniture from high-quality natural wood. It combines the colors of one range of different shades - from dark chocolate to light brown. Dilute the tone of the wall of a gray hue. Bright bedroom will appeal to people of different ages - from youth to the older generation.

Brown furniture in the bedroom
Brown furniture in a bright bedroom

Brown furniture in the living room

Furniture, made of natural wood, perfectly supports the atmosphere of comfort and respectability in the living room. Among the most noble and effective options for the design of the living room, there are chocolate or whitewashed facades. Suitable in such apartments is a sofa with leather or textile upholstery. Upholstered furniture can be any - sofa-transformer, portable, corner or sectional sofa. It all depends on the size of the room. Walls make in gray or beige shades. Add accessories in red and white colors. Curtains - your choice: they are different from the main color or will be lighter on tone.

Brown furniture in the interior of the living room

Brown curbstone in retro style

Brown lockers

Among the popular combinations of brown with other colors are:

  • brown and green - such interior of a drawing room looks easy, softly and naturally, after all such colors often unite in the nature;
  • brown and gray or white - for the living room in a modern style fits perfectly. Add to the room a non-standard decor and bright accessories;
  • brown and yellow - warm shades, which together will make the living room welcoming and ready to receive guests;
  • brown and black - create rigor and chic in the room. To make it not gloomy, apply in the interior bright colors - red-yellow, gray, blue, beige;
  • brown and violet - an unusual and creative combination for the ultramodern style of the living room;
  • perfectly blends brown in the living room with dairy, beige, light chocolate. Chic space will help to decorate blue and turquoise colors;
  • The combination of black, blue and red is considered non-standard, it requires professionalism during the creation of the interior.
Brown sofa in the interior of the living room
Brown shelves in the interior of the living room

Brown wall in the living room

Brown table

Brown furniture in the bedroom

Brown furniture in the kitchen

An important place in any apartment is the kitchen. In creating design kitchens often use brown, which will be central in the room. Dark brown table, red-brown kitchen cabinets combined with gray, light yellow walls, white ceiling, curtains or blinds of red hue.

In the interior of the kitchen, boldly combine brown furniture with green, beige, blue or orange wallpaper, curtains and additional accessories. In the kitchen, as in other rooms, wooden furniture is in demand and desirable. If you want to save money, you can choose furniture from chipboard with MDF coating.

Brown kitchen set in the interior

Brown coffee table

Brown stool

Brown curbstone

Brown Outdoor Furniture

If you chose a table and kitchen cabinets of dark wood - black and brown, the walls are done in light colors. When the furniture in the kitchen is light - the wallpaper on the walls can be brown. Kitchen furniture is decorated with a decoration - monochrome or from several colors. Suitable and strict laconic forms, and carved figured surfaces.

Brown furniture in the kitchen
Brown furniture in the kitchen-dining room

What color scheme is combined in the bathroom with brown furniture

A lucky version of the decor is a bathroom in brown tones. It is practical, noble and exquisite. When decorating a small bathroom, use light tones of brown, white, gray and yellow colors. Add a room of brightness and style red shades, it is permissible to use black and brown furniture.

Brown furniture in a white bathroom

Brown Bathroom Furniture

Brown Vintage Furniture

Bathroom - a room where convenience and practicality come first. Here are some tips on how to improve it:

  • if you chose brown furniture, then give it brightness by lighting - arrange in the bathroom the ceiling lighting, mirrors, place the lamps on the walls;
  • in the classic interior of the bathroom is combined chocolate, olive or blue, wooden decoration is suitable;
  • Green-brown tones are typical for country style. Wooden decor is also appropriate here;
  • By arranging a bathroom, brown can be easily supplemented with pink, blue and yellow shades.
Brown furniture in the bathroom interior

Making an apartment with the help of brown furniture, you can give each room its own style, creating an individual interior. Combining red, black and light brown colors of soft and cabinet furniture, you will make the room pleasant and comfortable for living. Correctly choose wallpaper, the color of curtains and decorative elements. For example, consider photos of finished interiors with brown furniture on the Internet, which were created by professional designers.

White and brown furniture in the bathroom

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