Blue furniture in the interior (20 photos): interesting combinations

Blue color in the interior is used quite often. This noble shade has a rare property - it is appropriate in any room of the apartment. Its different tones and combinations with other colors always look interesting, bright and exquisite. In the article we will consider how blue furniture is used in the design of an apartment.

Blue sofa in the living room


This color has many shades - from blue to purple. Therefore, if you come to a furniture studio and order a blue-colored set for a children's room or kitchen, you need to discuss what kind of shade you want. The difference in one or two tones can play a decisive role - soft blue or dark blue furniture looks quite differently in the bathroom and in the bedroom.

Blue sofa in the white living room

It is the color of tranquility and peace. It relaxes, but also promotes mental concentration. Therefore, ideal for a bathroom, looks great in the bedroom. And in the children's room, he will reduce the level of "hooliganism" of the child, calming him.

Set with a blue facade in the kitchen

Psychologists say that blue can exacerbate all our sensations - both visual, and tactile, and even taste. Therefore, it is appropriate kitchen furniture of this shade, it will look good in the interior of the bathroom, and in the nursery. Blue also awakens sensuality - than not an occasion to put furniture in the bedroom blue.

Blue furniture, decor and finish in the living room

It is not recommended to furnish an apartment with blue furniture to those people who are inclined to long reflections, are passive and depressed. Blue furniture in the interior of the apartment can further strengthen their pessimism.

Blue large sofa and olive curtains in the living room
Brown-blue furniture in the living room

Blue furniture in different rooms

We'll figure out what features there are in using blue furniture when decorating different rooms of the house.

Children's room

  • In this room, this color is used quite often - all shades of blue have soothing properties. In addition, color helps concentration and helps children to master knowledge faster and more confidently.
  • In this color in the children's room can be decorated completely different pieces of furniture: a bed and a wardrobe, and tables with chairs, shelves and other items.
  • It is necessary that this color in the interior of the nursery is diluted with some other or several more vivid and positive colors. If the children's room is furnished with only blue furniture, and in addition there will be still the same curtains and wall cover, then the room will cause a depressing impression.
  • Children's room ultramarine or blue color promotes good learning, because these shades directly affect the brain centers, which are responsible for attention and concentration.
  • If the child is quiet and listless, then it is better to not use blue furniture in his bedroom. Prevailing blue can make a child even more apathetic. But if you have a hyperactive spinster, then he blue furniture is very recommended.
Blue furniture in the nursery

Living room

  • In the main room of the house, blue furniture is also appropriate, but in a limited number. Do not make the living room set, consisting of entirely monochrome shades. Too cold conditions will make the space of the room not comfortable enough.
  • Best in the interior of the living room is a combination of blue and another shade. It can be orange, gray, white or other, more unusual colors. Such combinations, as a rule, look very stylish, make the living room austere, but, at the same time, a cozy and refined room. In these colors can be made as cabinet, and soft furniture for the living room.
  • To design this room, use not one shade of color, but several. Thus, the design will become more interesting.
  • Gray and beige are wonderful "companions" when decorating a living room. The room will look noble and elegant. Upholstered furniture of the appropriate color is a wonderful solution in this case.
Blue furniture in the living room

Blue sofa in the living room


Kitchen furniture is blue - a stylish and original solution. In addition, such a premise will contribute to your desire to lose weight - this design of the kitchen does not cause great appetite.

  • In such a kitchen it will be nice to be - a turquoise or ultramarine room is able to soothe and pacify. Kitchen furniture can be absolutely different blue shades - from light to dark. However, too cold, ice tones for the kitchen is still not recommended.
  • As in all other rooms, it is not recommended to use a fully monochrome design for the kitchen. It is enough to buy a furniture set of blue color and stop at this. Tables, wall coverings, curtains, accessories in the interior of the kitchen are better to use other colors - perhaps, contrasting.
Blue suite in the kitchen


  • Blue soft furniture is an excellent solution for a bedroom. The soothing effect of this shade contributes to relaxation and quick, comfortable sleep.
  • Do not use too dark shades of blue in the bedroom - they are capable of overcoming melancholy and causing melancholy. The best option - light, clean and light shades: blue, turquoise, azure. This recommendation is also relevant for the bathroom.
  • The combination of beige, chocolate
    or white is an excellent option for decorating a bedroom. The room will look stylish and cozy, filled with freshness and peace.
  • Complete the design of the bedroom with large mirrors - they will expand the room and make it lighter, give it transparency and lightness. In the bathroom, this method will also look great.
Blue furniture in the bedroom

With other colors

With white

This is a classic of the genre. Reminiscent of the sea style. Particularly well in the sea fervent style is the children's room of the boy.

This combination is very fresh and light. There is a sense of spaciousness, coolness, the sea and the sky with clouds come to mind. In the bathroom and the bedroom will look very appropriate and harmonious.

The combination is rather cold - therefore, in order not to turn the room into an ice cave, be sure to dilute the interior of the bathroom or kitchen with bright colors - red, yellow and orange.

Blue and white living room

With black

In the interior of the apartment this combination looks bad. Not recommended. Creates a very gloomy, depressed mood. Not suitable for the bathroom, nor, especially, for the nursery.

Blue-black furniture in the living room

With yellow

Great combination. But the main thing here is not to forget that only shades of one scale will look good and harmonious: cold blue with cold yellow and also warm tones. The combination looks good in the bedroom and the nursery.

Straw and cornflower blue are suitable for decoration in a rustic style. Give the room kitchen or bathroom comfort and warmth, but a little forgive the interior.

Blue and yellow furniture in the interior

With orange

The most winning combination. The perfect combination in any interior. Children's room and living room especially benefit from this combination.

Do not choose too bright shades for these colors. Neon orange and screaming turquoise create a combination that is too tiring for the eyes. Choose muted colors, especially in the bedroom.

Blue-Orange Bedroom

With red

This is a disturbing nervous system combination. In such a bedroom, you can hardly fall asleep quickly. It is recommended to use only if one of the colors is dominant, and the other in much lesser amounts complements it. For example, blue soft furniture with orange armrests.

Blue and red accents in the living room
Red-blue dining room

With green

Not a very good combination, because these two shades merge with each other - from afar they can not be distinguished at all. To harmoniously choose furniture for the kitchen or bathroom in these colors, the shades should be bright, and between them you need to designate an explicit border. Be sure to use bright accessories of warm colors.

Blue sofa and green decor in the living room

With gray

A wonderful combination - strict and elegant. Excellent option for decorating the living room. The combination of gray and blue gives the room a style and nobility. Nice looks and in the bedroom.


Useful tips for the correct selection of furniture blue in the apartment.

Since this color is of the cold spectrum, it is better to furnish such a furnished room, where there is abundant natural light. In the dark gloomy interior of the kitchen or living room, purple or blue furniture will only aggravate the situation.

A blue and white bed in the bedroom

It is extremely important when decorating the room with blue furniture, and correctly select the lighting. It is desirable to use in the interior of several lamps located at different levels. This can be a ceiling chandelier, sconces on the walls and a spotlight around the perimeter of the room. Such lighting will make the room cozy, and the blue furniture - both soft and cabinet - will not cause gloomy associations.

Blue-and-white modern kitchen

Walls are best painted in a warm neutral tone. Gray, beige and sandy shades will do. Thus, soft and cabinet blue furniture will look harmoniously on the background of the walls.

If you do not want the room to resemble an office or an office, dilute the interior of the kitchen or the children's room with active, cheerful colors.


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